6 Tips on How to Name a Blog

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Posted on 7/01/225 min read
6 Tips on How to Name a Blog

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When you start a new blog, deciding its name is the most important part. Your blog’s name is quite important, as it is the first thing that people see. Coming up with a good blog name can be a difficult task. It will decide what people think and feel about your blog.

There are more than 600 million blogs on the internet. It takes effort to decide a blog name that will stand out from the crowd. If you want to grow your blog for the long run, its name should be quite attractive. Before you start writing content, you have to think of a great blog name that people are going to remember, the one you can use in the future as well. There should be something unique about your blog, which people should remember. This blog shows you how to name a blog.

Tips to Come Up With Catchy Blog Names

Here are a few tips that you can use to decide on your blog name. 

1. Decide the niche of your blog

Decide what your blog is going to be about. Pick a name that can explain the main objective of your blog. Your blog name is going to represent your unique thinking and standing in the industry. Your blog’s name should be descriptive of the content you are going to write.

Some people keep their blog’s name as their own name. Now, how do you decide whether that is a good idea? If your blog is going to be about you, your life, struggles, services or work, then it is a good idea because people can find information about you by just searching your name. 

For example: Syed Balkhi uses his own name as his blog’s name to share his entrepreneurial journey with others.

2. Conduct research

Start with a simple Google search to check which names are already taken. Once you find a name that is free and is suitable for your blog, get it registered to protect it. A catchy blog name helps your brand to be perceived well in the market, and be promoted. 


Try searching for other blogs, and try to find out what prominent blogs are doing in your industry. Make a list of the things that you like and dislike about those blogs. Assume those blogs as a reference of what readers like to read these days. This can give you useful insights into what your blog should be and how you can name it. 

For example, if your blog is about technology, try to research content on TechCrunch. It is a well-known blog about startups and technology. Its name is short and unique, and explains the essence of the content. Try to have a name that is different from others, and readers will remember it. Checking your competitors’ blog names will also help you brainstorm names for your own blog. 

3. Think about what you want to convey

Decide what you convey to the audience. This goal should be consistent now and in the future as well. You can try making a five-year plan for your blog. Ask yourself whether the blog will stay relevant in the future. 

For example, BuzzFeed’s YouTube channel has millions of subscribers. It has grown exponentially over the past few years. As the company grew, they started expanding their content on YouTube. BuzzFeed has many YouTube channels, each catering to a different target audience. Two of them include BuzzFeedViolet and BuzzFeed Multiplayer. 

4. Try using a blog name generator

You can use a blog name generator to decide the name of your blog. If you are tired of thinking of catchy blog names, just write down the key words, phrases, and niche of your blog. Input these in a blog name generator and you will get some good blog name suggestions to decide from.

A few tools you can use are Themeisle’s Blog Name Generator, Domain Wheel, Zyro, and Panabee. These can be a starting point and can help you create a catchy blog names list. 

5. Consider your target audience

One of the most important tips on how to name a blog is that you should determine what your target audience is like. The first thing you need to think about is your target age group. Who is going to read your glog? Are the people reading your blog going to change or remain the same? Will people grow with your brand or not?

For example, The Children’s Place targets parents of young kids. While those kids are going to grow up one day, their target audience will remain the same. So, your target audience may or may not change with you. Your blog name should be versatile enough to go with every age group and should grow with your audience.

6. Pick an easy name

Make sure that your blog name is easy to spell. It should be catchy and simple, and everyone should remember it easily. Your users should be able to recall your blog name in a matter of minutes. A few examples of catchy blog names are Belly Over Mind, The Wandering Lens, Temptalia, The Write Life, and Oh My Veggies. 

Key Takeaways

  • A blog name should be catchy and simple. 
  • It should be versatile and relevant to the content. 
  • It should clearly explain your niche. 
  • In order to come up with catchy blog names, you can use a blog name generator. 
  • An important tip on how to name a blog is to decide what message you want to convey to your audience.
  • Before deciding your blog’s name, you should conduct proper research.


In this ever-evolving world that is teeming with digital properties, it can be pretty easy for a user to forget about your blog. Therefore, your blog name should be best in this competitive world and it should be catchy enough to attract the audience. There should be some unique thing about your blog that helps it stand out. For ideas or inspiration, you can always look up tips on how to name a blog. 

A blog name is one of the first things people see. Your blog’s name should be so attractive that readers remember it for long, and it should explain the ultimate goal or niche of your blog. In other words, your blog name should be self-explanatory. It should also be in sync with the growing audience. Conduct proper research and try to find out what your competitors are doing and take ideas from their work to come up with an engaging blog name. 


1. How should I name my blog?

Try reading a good book to find good blog name suggestions. Try using humour in names, as that will make your blog name even more memorable.

2. What points should be kept in mind while naming a blog?

Think about what your name wants to convey. Your name should grow with your business. Try to keep a catchy and simple name.

3. How important is the name of your Blog?

Blog names are extremely important. 77% of marketers say that branding is an important part of company growth. Difficult names can be hard to spell and hard to remember.

4. How to check domain name availability? is one of the best domain registration portals in the market. Other than this, you can search on Nameboy, BlogTyrant, Bluehost and Network Solutions.

5. Should I name my blog after myself?

If your blog is going to be about yourself, your journey or your struggles, then naming a blog after yourself is a good idea.