How to Master Reels

How to Master Reel Ft. Roxanne Chinoy – Pepper Spotlight: Episode 24

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Posted on 14/07/214 min read
How to Master Reel Ft. Roxanne Chinoy – Pepper Spotlight: Episode 24
In this episode of Pepper Spotlight, Roxanne Chinoy, the Strategic Partner Manager – Reels Content at Instagram talks about the growth of reels and how to master them.

A few changes to any platform can define a new generation for them. Remember the introduction of Instagram Stories? It’s hard even to fathom a time when Instagram did not have this feature. 

The most recent game-changer from Instagram has been Reels. If you are on the platform, you understand its dominance this past year. 

It’s been a whole year since Reels came to India, and to celebrate this landmark, we had a chat with Roxanne Chinoy from Instagram. She is the Strategic Partner Manager – Reels Content for Instagram. Her insights on Reels are a goldmine for all creators.

Here are some of the highlights from this conversion: 

The Major Change On Instagram 

Adam Mosseri from Instagram, on a recent IG Live, said: “We are no longer a photo-sharing app.” If you think back to the application from many years ago, there is one very evident change. 

This evolution is towards a video boom. Instagram has become a robust video-first market. Especially with Indian users, this trend has taken off more than ever before. 

According to Roxanne, videos and short videos have to lead to the democratization of creators on the platform. You do not need an art gallery to showcase your creations or a music label to kickstart your music journey. The fluidity and the reach from the platform have allowed creators to build a brand for themself. 

The other change is the growth of independent creators. They do not need a crew or expensive equipment to make the work reach people. Just the tools on Instagram and a good phone can help you gain incredible eyeballs for your art. 

Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

Two Tips For Better Instagram Growth 

You come across many growth hacks and tips that claim to give you success on Instagram. We ask Roxanne what the two things that can help creators make a change are. Here is what you need to do: 

Authenticity With Creations

“The more authentic you are, the more power you give to your voice,” she said. The approach gives people a reason to discover and follow you. 

If we notice, all users who recently found success on the platform have a signature style, which makes people click. Creators must ask themself, “What are you doing differently on the same trend?” — Therein remain the answers. 


Growth without consent posting is impossible. You might have noticed a shortfall in the reach of your stories when you take a long break from the app. The more often you serve your following with creations, the more Instagram will incentivize your reach. 

“This is a marathon and not a sprint; building a brand means you need to show up more for them,” she adds. 

What Made Reels a Phenomenon 

As we celebrate one year of Reels in India, we would be remiss not to decipher what makes this feature such a massive hit. 

According to Roxanne, India is a video-first market, and short-form videos are making a massive boom. The users have warmed up to making short videos faster than ever before. 

The first advantage of Reels is discoverability. While they are all about entertainment, using Reels to grow a fanbase has been a massive encouragement to creators.  Instagram does not have any geographical restrictions. So, Reels can help them gain fans worldwide.  

Some popular creators also moved to Reels to communicate with the community. It also became an incredible tool for collaborations and fast-paced content. “We have seen creators around the world make remixes and share content,” said Roxanne.  

The other reason Reels has been so attractive is the ability to harness the power of music and kickstart trends. “People from small cities from all over Indian come and use Reels in their own ways and spark trends among people,” she added. 

The Indian masses remain drawn to Reels so much that the most used hashtags are local tags like Keralgram.   

Reels are a stage—a space for you to come and showcase your talent, for the whole world to see.  Reels do not demand a high-production crew, just a few proper practices. 

Best Practices for Reels Success  

Are you looking to use the Reels on Instagram but do not know what practices to keep in mind. Here it is from the expert herself: 

  • Consistency. As mentioned earlier, collabs are the most powerful tool on Instagram. If you do not show up each day to make content, reply to people and remain relevant on the platform, it will fail you. 
  • Collaboration. Do not forget Instagram is also a social media platform, and being social pays. Collaborate with other users and creators. Use the Remix feature to make collaborative Reels.  
  • Engage. Merely posting like a robot will not help either. You will need to make an effort to engage with the community.  
  • Make trends your own. Instagram trends pop up every day. It’s not about jumping on the bandwagon but giving them your unique spin. Ask yourself, What sets you apart when you make the same Reel trend?
  • Experiment, Instagram is a playground to try new things. Do not stick to a routine and bore your users. Think outside the box, start trends, be creative on the platform that demands it.  
  • Thumbnail, Use a thumbnail with a good text message to draw attention. The better the visual appeal of the thumbnail, the more you are sure to attract. 

What’s Next? 

It established that Instagram is an ever-changing platform, so what can we expect next from them? 

Without giving away too much of the surprises, Roxanne was able to hint at two massive additions. The first would be an affiliate tool to help creators monetize their work and help add a new stream of revenue from the platform. 

The next is a focus on merchandising. Many Instagrammers are leaving into these options and only wise to make this process smoother with in-app integrations soon. 

Before we part, you must know we also asked Roxanne about the repetition of trends on Reels. The overdose of a single song or a single dance move. Her explanation to this effect is worth the listen. 
Check out the whole episode of Pepper Spotlight to fully understand the power of Reels for creators and leave us a comment.