How to Blog and Make Money in 5 Ways

Team Pepper
Posted on 29/08/223 min read
How to Blog and Make Money in 5 Ways
Here are some tips if you are wondering how to blog and make money from it. To monetize blogs, one can fall back upon different avenues of income. New doors are open for bloggers and businesses.

Can you make money blogging? This is a question many bloggers, both experienced and amateurs, seek an answer to. And the response is a resounding YES! You can monetize your translation blog with the help of a few easy tips discussed in this article.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing


Probably the easiest way to monetize blog writing is through affiliate marketing. The barriers to entry are relatively lower compared to other ways. Affiliate marketing is simple. You need to gather referrals through your blogs and get them to purchase some products or services through links you share. Every time they do so, you earn money. 

The link will take them to a website where you have probably reviewed or recommended the product. To do this, getting associated with a domain or product-specific website is best. 

For example, if your blog is about pets and you write a blog about “Pet-friendly treats,” you can include the link of the associated brand. When the reader goes through your blog, they will click on that link, and if they make a purchase, you will earn a percentage of the sale value.

2. Advertising



Another effective way to monetize your blog is through the advertising channel. It is pretty straightforward to implement. But it depends on higher traffic for your blog. You may earn very little money through this channel if your audience is not widespread. So, it is crucial to choose the ad network wisely.

You can do this in two ways: 

  • Per click: When visitors click on the ads that come up on your blog post, you earn an agreed amount of money per click. These clicks can be monitored through the use of cookies on the site.
  • Per impression: You can also earn money when people see the ads on your blog. This is called impressions. So, the more the number of people viewing your blog, the higher your income.

3. Sponsored Posts

 Sponsored posts


The third way to monetize blog writing services is through sponsored posts. Sponsored posts entail an agreement between you and a brand, where the latter pays you to write about their products and services. It can, however, work most effectively when you have a hold over an audience willing to spend money on the brand your blog talks about. 

A precursor to sponsored posts being successful in monetizing your blog is to ensure that your blog page has a decent number of views per month. Otherwise, finding brands willing to pay you for sponsored posts might be difficult. But if it works, it can benefit not just the brand but your brand too, as a blogger. You can also start building a viewer base through this channel.

4. Products and E-Books 

Selling products through your blog is also an efficient answer to whether you can make money blogging. Most of your efforts, in this case, will be focused on creating digital or physical products and selling them online through your blogs. 

You can even partner with an e-commerce site to do this. If you want more control, you can create a dedicated website for selling these products.

5. Donations


This is a less popular way to make money blogging, but an effective one nevertheless. You can add a “Donation” button to your blog. Ask readers to donate if they like your content and want it to grow. But remember that you will need to tie up with online payment platforms for this to be safe and secure.

In the End

These are some of the most tried and tested ways to monetize blog writing. But ultimately, the true power lies with the quality of content you produce and how well you market yourself as a brand.


1. How to monetize blog writing through e-commerce?

You can easily blog and make money by selling products through e-commerce. 

2. How to make money blogging through affiliate marketing?

Through affiliate marketing, you can get paid for purchases made by your referrals, who would have come to a particular site by viewing your blog first.

3. Can you monetize your translation blog without donations?

You can monetize your translation blog without donations. A donation is the least popular method of blog monetization.

4. Is coaching an excellent way to monetize blogs?

Coaching or consulting can also be an effective method to monetize blogs.