30 Hospitality Blog Ideas to Boost Your Brand Image

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Posted on 25/01/228 min read
30 Hospitality Blog Ideas to Boost Your Brand Image

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Confused about how to increase the reach of your hospitality brand? We’ve got some ideas for you that might get your creative juices flowing. The hospitality industry is vast and has a list of endless ideas and ways to increase your reach through your content. Read on for some great ideas.


30 Hospitality Blog Ideas

1. A listing of local events

A list of local events is a popular blog post as tourists are always looking to enjoy a place’s culture and diversity by exploring the local areas and famous events. This is a great method of hospitality content marketing, as you can be the one to make the process of enjoying famous tourist attractions easier for people by providing a well-planned itinerary or a well thought out list of activities to engage in. 

2. A culinary bucket list

You can never go wrong with an article on the best eating joints and options in town. You can add information about the best spots in town to get vegan food, or vegetarian food and even authentic local dishes for that matter.  

3. Provide travel tips

Tourists and travelers have many questions about the place they are visiting. So write a blog that answers questions regarding the essentials they might need to carry while visiting famous attractions around the destination, the weather, how to get tickets, or book activities around town.  


4. Provide budgeting tips

Most people travel with a fixed budget in hand. Writing a blog about how they can budget their trip and make the most of it is a great idea. You can list the best places to visit, cafes to eat at, local attractions to explore and how to travel.

5. Recommend articles and blogs

Trying to look for relevant information and going through various books and material on the Internet can be extremely overwhelming for a tourist. To make things easier for them, you can recommend blogs and articles with updated and accurate information about the destination and activities for travelers. 

6. Latest hotel updates

Writing a blog about the latest news related to your hotel can be pretty engaging. Include a list of festivities or activities to indulge in at your hotel, any famous events that might have taken place at the hotel can be advertised, or even something as simple as new dishes and signature drinks added to the menu.  

7. Design the perfect Instagram guide to the area

Travel bloggers, food bloggers, and even tourists love to visit new destinations and places and make sure they click loads of beautiful pictures to make their trip memorable. So, creating a guide catering to the photography needs of the tourists will attract a lot of attention. List all the famous picturesque destinations, cafes, and hot tourist spots to visit to get the best shots.  

8. Publish an interview with a local business

Pick the most famous local business in town and get yourself an interview with them. Engage in conversation, ask about their establishment and what makes it special. This will make their business seem more attractive. They can post about the interview with your hotel on their social networks or website and boost your reach.  

9. A day in the life of an employee

To help your guests feel more involved with your brand on a personal level, you can arrange short meetings with essential staff members to show your guests what a day working with you would look like. Add some humor and spice and make it interesting for your guests! 

10. Fun facts about the area

You can also write about some fun facts about the chosen destination. You may have a passion for traveling and might have explored all the local areas in town. Tourists love to know about funny, unusual, or even partly scary facts about a new location before they go out and explore!

11. Short language guide

If the place that people are visiting is a foreign country with a different language, create a short and crisp local language guide for your guests to make traveling and communication easier for them.  

12. Most popular bookshops 

This blog will be an eye-opener for all the bookworms who love to collect books from different locations in the local language instead of souvenirs. List the best bookstores in town and add the names of a few famous books.  

13. How to spend the weekend in town

Many people prefer traveling over the weekends to visit new destinations and might not have a lot of time to plan their trip. So having a short and crisp itinerary available for them will definitely drive some traffic to your blog.  

14. Local monuments and historical sites

Suppose the destination your hotel is in has various historical sites and monuments with legends and stories attached to them. In that case, it’s a great idea to write about them to engage your audience. For example, a scary legend revolving around an old mansion will attract a lot of people. 

15. Visiting celebrities

If there are any celebrities from your town or one who might be visiting, people would like to know. You can write blogs like “spots to visit a celebrity” or “look out for these celebs while visiting us.”

16. Photos and videos 

Most of the content out there these days is visual, and it attracts people the most. So, make sure you capture all the scenery your destination has to offer, all the beautiful places and spots to get clicked, and famous locations. Caption these pictures and provide some information about them. Don’t forget to click pictures of your property! 

17. Your values and beliefs

If you are immensely passionate about something, take some time out and write about it. Chances are there’s an entire community that is also interested in the exact same thing; this will help you reach a larger audience through your content.  

18. The best summer activities

Write about the best summer festivities to indulge in during the peak visiting season in town. Talk about the famous ice-cream stores, swimming pools, or beaches around town.  

19. The best winter activities

You can also write about the best winter activities a tourist can participate in while visiting in the colder months. Ice skating, skiing, or snowboarding provide relevant information on booking these services and how your guests can have a fantastic time. 

20. Adventure sports 

Are you located at a destination that is famous for adventure sports? The tourists would love to know about any sports they can participate in. Give your audience an adrenaline rush through your writing!

21. A list of the best travel apps

Make a list of all the travel apps out there that will make traveling a stress-free experience for your audience. For example, apps that help you maneuver your way around town or that can create an itinerary for you that fits your needs. 

22. A Facebook live video tour

Make your blog interactive by posting a Facebook live video tour about an event that might be taking place at your hotel or near it. Let your audience interact and make sure you capture their comments and reactions. 

23. Customer experience corner

To make your customers feel more involved with your community, you can add a customer corner where they can give remarks, share feedback, and indulge in entertaining activities like “name your favorite dish or drink” or participate and win different prizes.  

24. An amenities tour

Offer an amenities tour of your hotel with mesmerizing pictures of the gym, spa, pool, fitness center, and dining hall. To make it more relevant, you can also add a few details of each of the services provided with their price range.  

25. Awards and features of your hotel

If your hotel has won any awards or been featured in the news, it’s definitely worth mentioning. Add newspaper clippings and award titles in the description. You can also mention any changes the resort or hotel might have made recently to keep your customers updated.  

26. Sustainable measures taken

With environmental degradation comes a certain responsibility for the hospitality industry to produce less waste and get more sustainable. This will provide great information for content marketing in the hospitality industry and give your hotel a good reputation.

27. Highlight differences between your hotel and others

You can also write a blog that highlights your services and the difference between your hotel and others around you. Don’t forget to mention what makes you stand out!

28. Introduce a new menu

Does your hotel serve dishes that are unique and authentic? Write about how they were created and all the effort and time put in by your chefs to create the dish. Also, announce a brand new menu. 

29. Seasonal dishes and drinks

Write a blog interviewing your chefs and ask them to talk about famous dishes or seasonal dishes the restaurant offers. 

30. A day in the kitchen

Have your chefs showcase what a day working in the kitchen would look like and make it lighthearted and humorous with their stories about funny mishaps in the kitchen!

Key Takeaways

  • Choose the type of blog you would like to write about wisely so that you can see it through. Choose a topic that falls within your forte, and you personally would love to write about. 
  • Make your content as engaging as possible by adding information that will cater to a wider range of audiences and connect you with as many people as possible.  
  • Research your article or blog well before you start writing, make the information provided as relevant as possible and keep it up to date. 
  • Try to take some time for yourself to brainstorm various ideas and think about those ideas in detail. Create a structure for your blog and try to stick to it as you move forward; this will help you have a baseline that needs to be followed.  
  • Take your time and think about the topics and schedule your blogs accordingly. Avoid making impulsive decisions and get a second opinion if you’re still confused.  


As we all know, practice makes you perfect! Be patient and give thought to the content you would like to put out there. Start small and increase your reach over a period of time by posting regularly and building a community. This will help you monetize your blogs in no time! Take some time to explore the different ideas and think about adding a personal touch to each idea to make it unique. The sky’s the limit! 


1. How do I blog about a hotel? 

Try to create a personalized experience for your guests through your blog and provide information that promotes the services and amenities provided by your hotel.  

2. What should I post on my hotel page? 

Create “top 10” lists and share fun facts about the destinations in and around your hotel. Talk about famous attractions and local tourist spots. 

3. What makes the hospitality industry unique? 

The hospitality industry is unique as it talks about the services provided, and there can always be changes that can be made to this aspect to cater to a larger audience. 

4. What do hotels post on social media? 

To increase engagement on social media, you can take polls, post stories, and take short surveys to give you an insight into your customer base.  

5. How can I promote my hotel? 

Tap into the power of social media to promote your hotel and be active, engage with other hospitality pages and hotels. Write blogs that fit your brand and create an engaging web experience.  

6. What are the major segments to write about in the hospitality industry? 

The major segments to write about that attract customers are “accommodation,” “travel and tourism,” and “food and beverages,”