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10 Failed Products due to Poor Marketing

Team Pepper
Posted on 23/03/224 min read
10 Failed Products due to Poor Marketing
Launching a product may seem like a game-changer for a brand, but they can also end up as epic disasters and lead to failed products due to poor marketing.

Did you know about the Microsoft Zune, Amazon Fire Phone, or Crystal Pepsi? Most of you will say no because, although these products were the brainchild of renowned brands, they failed to impact the consumers’ minds. One of the reasons for their failure was poor marketing. 


It is undeniable that surviving the fierce competition in the markets is challenging, and hence, companies have to take risks and keep introducing innovative products. While pouring a large amount of money into advertising campaigns can lead to tremendous successes, it can also result in colossal failures. There are numerous such examples. Read ahead to know about 10 failed products due to poor marketing. 

Companies launch different types of commodities intending to capture the consumer’s attention. The majority of them successfully meet the customers’ expectations. But, many products have failed because of poor marketing. Hence, they were unceremoniously withdrawn from the market. 

Let us look at ten products that have failed due to poor marketing. 

1. Segway 

Do you remember this two-wheeled transportation device called Segway? It was welcomed with incredible fanfare. 


But despite the grand launch and marketing tactics, the product met its doom. General consumers wondered why they needed to buy it? They could walk, cycle, buy a two-wheeler or a car.  

2, Microsoft Zune

The Zune by Microsoft is the first product that features in our list of products that failed due to poor marketing. It was introduced as a competitor to the iPod five years after it was already an established product. 


Furthermore, it had no distinguishing features that made it different from the iPod, which contributed to its failure to attract consumers.

3. Google Glass 

Getting information displayed in the field of vision and giving voice commands were some features of Google Glass. However, consumers disapproved of it for its unfashionable design. 


Also, a feature that allowed videos to be recorded without others noticing raised privacy concerns, not to forget its exorbitant price. These factors combined with ineffective marketing led to the downfall of what seemed like a futuristic gadget. 

4. Amazon Fire Phone 

The e-commerce giant announced its entry into the smartphone market with the Fire Phone. 


But, the product met its demise the next year because consumers found the phone mediocre and overpriced. Further, it was only available on AT&T (American Telephone & Telegraph Company), which restricted the number of consumers who could buy it. 

5. Google Plus 

The next one on the list of 10 products that have failed is Google Plus, better known as G+, a social media platform launched by Google. It aimed at transforming the way people communicate online. 


Another purpose of creating this network was to compete with other social networks like Twitter and Facebook (now called Meta). However, it never received much fanfare and collapsed. 

6. Cheetos Lip Balm 

Cheetos, the much-loved crunchy and delicious snack is everyone’s favorite of all time. The company introduced the lip balm, expecting their loyal customers to welcome it with open arms. 


However, the idea backfired as customers could not digest the concept of snack-flavored lip balms. Cheetos pulled it from the shelves soon. 

7. Crystal Pepsi 

While the idea of clear cola seemed quite revolutionary, what bothered the fans of this brand was the weird taste of Crystal Pepsi. 


Also, the masses, who were accustomed to the brown color, were disappointed with the drink’s clear color. So, even though the creators had good intentions of launching a caffeine-free drink, its shelf-life was cut short due to defunct branding. 

8. Volkswagen Phaeton

Volkswagen has always been in-demand for making affordable cars catering to the masses. So when the car company announced a luxury car called Phaeton, the target demographic was confused. 

They could not fathom the idea of purchasing a high-end Volkswagen car when other brands had affordable cars. It is in the list of 10 failed marketing products because of insufficient understanding of the demographic and inadequate marketing.

9. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 

Another great product in the top 10 failed products is Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Soon after it was launched, everyone was talking about the explosive episodes of this phone. 


The phone hardly lasted a year, and there were content complaints from customers mentioning overheating and exploding batteries. So, considering the safety of the consumers, the electronic giant had to recall more than 2.5 million phones and ultimately stop its production.

10. HP Touchpad

The final product in the list of top 10 failed products is the HP Touchpad. It grabbed a lot of attention with its expensive product launch. However, the industry experts were surprised when consumers started facing issues like a slow operating system and bugs. 


It soon became apparent that HP had released the product in a hurry. As a result, the sales crashed, and stores with excess inventory slashed prices. The company had to bear a loss worth millions.  

These failed products due to poor marketing caused severe damage to the brands’ budget and reputation. Irrespective of the brands’ popularity, the products or the marketing strategy did not succeed. 

Brands across the globe face enormous pressure because of countless products hitting the markets each year. But, taking sufficient time to research the market, target demography, and the product’s efficiency can prevent such potential failures in the future. 


1. What are some of the key reasons behind a brand’s failure?

1. Poor product 
2. Excessive marketing
3. Declining brand recall
4. Lack of innovation 
5. Increasing competition
6. Bad customer service

2. Are there any startups in India that were unsuccessful and shut down?

1. Jabong
2. BimaPe
3. Starsky Robotics
4. Quibi
5. Monkey Box
6. OFO
8. Stayzilla

3. How crucial is it for a brand to connect with its customers?

Connecting with your customers is not just communicating. It is the effort that goes beyond this. Connected consumers often become repeat consumers, which plays a key role in the success of a brand.    

4. What are the different methods to revive a failed product?

Analyze your products and the causes behind their failure. Some ways that can help you revive your product can be:
1. Rename the product.
2. Change the tagline.
3. Use a media strategy that you did not use earlier.
4. Change the sales plan.
5. Offer a discount or free samples.
6. Target a different demographic zone.
Try a different packaging style.

5. Which are the brands that failed in India because of poor marketing?

Few popular brands which could not establish themselves in India are:
1. Timberland
2. Chevrolet
3. Kingfisher
4. Bisleri Pop
5. Danone Dairy products
6. Taxi4Sure