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Innovative Ways to Get Clicks without Clickbaiting

Team Pepper
Posted on 29/04/224 min read
Innovative Ways to Get Clicks without Clickbaiting
Are you worried that your content may get banned due to clickbaiting? Here are some innovative ways to get clicks without clickbaiting. So, let’s explore!

Attracting prospects is the main aim of content marketers; however, is it ok to use clickbait to get clicks? The answer is a big no! Let us learn more about clickbaits and why you should avoid them.

What Are Clickbaits, and Why Should You Avoid Them?

Clickbaits are some of the most used promotional methods in content marketing. It tends to generate a lot of clicks for videos, websites, or products. The only downfall is that most of them are fake and don’t live up to their promises. You might be able to pull many views by using clickbait, but there will never be any assurance of how many people want to work with your company, watch and subscribe, or even buy your products. 


Most of the time, all you manage to get by using clickbait or fake promises is ‘fake’ views. The people you trick today may not get attracted to your brand again. It can also ruin your reputation to such an extent that the audience won’t believe you even when you come clean. The best way to avoid that misunderstanding is by being true right from the start. And to help you attain it, here are some innovative ways to get clicks without clickbait.

Innovative Ways to Write Headlines Without Resorting to Clickbait

You can usually find these methods on the net quite easily; however, even those can not be guaranteed to give results. So we present a few great ways to attract flocks of people without faking.

1. Let the numbers assure them

Always show a specific amount or number to the viewers. It makes them feel that you are trustworthy. If your title is ‘Best Actors Of All Time’ and you put many actors on the list, the reader may get confused about which actor is really on the top. 

Making a list too short is also not good, and not specifying which one is on the top makes it even more confusing. To avoid misunderstandings, you should instead make a title like ‘5 Best Actors Of All Time’ and clarify who is at the top and bottom. 

2. State the advantages and the main topic you are speaking about

If you are a company selling merchandise, your foremost priority should be explaining what it is and its advantages. Exaggeration and making the product look exotic are good for marketing; however, over-exaggeration may turn off critics and other reviewers. 

Because for someone who wants to write a review or promote a brand, the main goal is to state the facts. No extra promotion, just straight-up facts. If the product is good, reviewers write it’s good and vice-versa. They do not have the luxury of faking reviews as any false narrative may ruin their audiences’ experience. And ultimately, they may lose both their reputation and audience.

3. Keep your headline short and try to make it catchy

Through thorough research, it’s found that most of the public browses the net on their mobiles. On mobiles, the screen is small, making it hard for the public to read long headlines. This makes them skip your article or product, which dramatically affects your progress. 

Your best move should be to reduce your headline size and make it look catchy to prevent this. When we say make it small, it doesn’t mean that you should make it incomplete, but rather make it small but descriptive. You can also try to make it sound catchy to attract viewership. 


4. Catchy is good but do not compromise with clarity

Being catchy and clever with your headings is great; however, you should keep a keen eye on the clarity. The heading and the whole article should be direct and easily understandable. This is one of the biggest mistakes a writer and a promoter could make. 

Having a great vocabulary is awesome, but using it in the wrong areas might bring a downfall in your audience numbers. It will give the reader a harder time understanding what you meant and beats the point of keeping it simple. As you cannot expect everyone to be at par with you, it would be wise to keep it simple and easily understandable. 

5. Make it more interactive by asking a question

Interaction is the epitome of human evolution. It is the best way to get one’s attention. To acquire the clicks you need, you should improve your interaction with your visitors. The best way to do that is to kick it off with a question. It makes the reader participate in the argument or topic you have mentioned, putting their attention into your work. 

However, your job doesn’t finish only after getting attention; you have to keep them glued. To do that, continue asking questions and interacting with them as much as possible. However, don’t forget to overdo it; otherwise, it may kill the excitement. 

We hope that you enjoyed the content and were able to pick some tips to use in future projects. We wish you luck with them. Also, we would love to hear your thoughts. So please feel free to pour them in the comments section.


1. What does click-baiting imply?

Clickbait refers to crafting sensational and sometimes even misleading headlines to attract the audience. The process may exaggerate claims to boost traffic.

2. How to clickbait?

Leverage some trending topic and custom it to fix your cause. Do not forget to use your keywords there

3. Where to locate clickbait?

Clickbaits are nearly everywhere on the net. You could find them on blogs and social media, but even reputed sites do offer space on rent for placing clickbaits.

4. Is clickbait a word for real?

In 2016, the word clickbait was added to the Oxford English Dictionary. It is a single word without any space.

5. How do you detect clickbait?

Clickbaits tend to use shock and grab tactics. Moreover, another common pattern is the use of sensational headlines and images.