19 Free WordPress Themes to Try Out Now

Team Pepper
Posted on 31/12/217 min read
19 Free WordPress Themes to Try Out Now

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  • What Is WordPress?
  • 19 Free WordPress Themes for Beginners
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Back in the day, it was necessary to have some sort of coding knowledge to design your blog. Then came premium themes offered by blogging portals, making it possible for bloggers to pay a fee and have their blogs built with the help of expertly pre-designed themes. Cut to today, bloggers don’t necessarily need to worry about shelling out any amount to have their blogs designed. There are plenty of free WordPress themes that you can choose from. 

With the new year coming up, we thought we’d help you enhance your blog by discussing our selection of the 19 best, free WordPress themes. So if you’re a blogger who uses WordPress for your blogging activities or if you’re simply looking to start your own blog in the new year, read on. 

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is a free, simple-to-use web-hosting service that is widely popular for how beginner-friendly it is. More than 40% of websites currently present on the internet owe their existence to WordPress. 

Technically speaking, a content management system is open-source, which means that the software exists in the public domain for free and can be modified by anyone. WordPress makes it convenient for content creators and managers to run their own websites without needing any pre-existing knowledge in web development. 

While initially, WordPress was only popular in the blogging community for the host of services it offered, this is no longer true. Today, WordPress powers millions of (and different kinds of) websites in the online ecosystem, ranging from e-commerce stores, online discussion forums to social networks. All of this is only possible due to the several types of themes and plug-ins offered by the platform. 

19 Free WordPress Themes for Beginners

New bloggers are in for a treat with the following WordPress blog themes made available from their official repository. Each one of these themes has been carefully selected by us based on its responsiveness and aesthetic design. Most of these themes address the specific needs of bloggers and content publishers, and some also intend to benefit business owners in need of multipurpose themes suited for running monetized blogs (to generate a steady income).   

1. Astra

Astra boasts upwards of 90,000+ installs, and why wouldn’t it? One of the best WordPress themes is easily customizable and lightweight. Overall, it is a great theme for users looking for flexibility in terms of design. It also ensures faster page loading time. Astra could be Google’s best friend and yours! It is ideal for e-commerce businesses, local businesses, and blogging services. 

2. Kadence

There can never be a free WordPress themes list without Kadence in it. The Kadence theme kit offers a bunch of free starter templates for new bloggers to select, import, and customize in mere minutes! Control the layout of your website with this WordPress blog theme, customize the header and footer, and make good use of its global color palette. 

3. GeneratePress

Do you wish to create a unique layout without having to pay a hefty sum for a premium WordPress theme? Use GeneratePress instead. Besides being simple, responsive, and lightweight, it offers great compatibility with page builders and nine widget areas for seamless customizations. With 5 sidebar layouts and 60+ color controls, this cross-browser-compatible free WordPress theme can also be translated into over 20 languages. 

4. Blog Way

Blog Way is best used for lifestyle- and travel-related content. Its clean and simple design can make for a great professional website that can get you high search engine rankings and help boost your website traffic. Use social links to connect your site to your social media handles for maximum visibility. 

5. Hueman

Human is one of the best WordPress themes and is endorsed by bloggers too. It allows for easy customization of each individual page of your website, thanks to its add-ons feature. Plus, according to Google, it is 100% mobile-friendly. Use it to create custom sidebars to highlight the posts you want to feature. You can also add audio/video or whatever type of content you wish to have on your blog. 

6. Total

A clean, versatile theme with a minimalistic design, Total can be used just as easy to build business websites as it can be used to host webzines. Use it with the WordPress Customizer to customize colors, fonts, and more for your website. Although the theme offers different layout options, you can even use it for a single-page website.

7. Kale

Are you a food or lifestyle blogger in search of free WordPress themes? Look no further than Kale. The special homepage and category template enables the quick and easy highlighting of your creations. Integrate it with your social media channels and watch as your website rakes in the views!

8. Hestia

Beginners, here’s your chance to get your blog up and running with a single click. Simply install Hestia and start building your website with its host of offerings. From creative professionals to freelancers and startups, this theme suits every type of blog. This free WordPress theme is responsive and SEO-friendly too. 

9. Nisarg

Responsive and amazingly versatile, this theme is mobile- and tablet friendly too. Use it to host a variety of content, from videos and audio to gallery posts and more! Set a background image and background color and have fun customizing your website when you use this free WordPress theme. 

10. Writee

Upload your logo and background image, customize colors, use the standard sidebar and pagination with this WordPress blog theme. It also gives you access to custom post formats and three widgets so you can get the desired visual aesthetic for your blog. 

11. Mesmerize

Get expert customizability without the hassle. Begin by using the theme’s pre-built homepage, choose from its five header designs, and decide whether you want to put to effect its slideshow capabilities. Use the drag-and-drop feature and enable yourself to build a custom website quickly with its 30 ready-to-use content sections. Mesmerize is mobile-optimized and usually ranks well on search engines. 

12. Floral Lite

With this theme, you can easily set up your photography/travel/food blog, thanks to its large, featured images section and front page slider. The social navigation menu offered by this free WordPress theme is great for sharing content uploaded on your website on your social networks. 

13. Avant

Set up your website with Avant and pick from seven unique header styles, three footer styles, five layout templates, full-site color settings and more. Avant is one of the best free WordPress themes in the market right now. 

14. Magazine Hoot

Magazine Hoot can be a great WordPress theme for your online magazine/news column. Use it to feature multiple articles in a clutter-free manner. Monetize your website with the help of paid promotional ads, display information about your editors/contributors, upload your own logo and set up an e-commerce store, if you so wish. 

15. Blossom Feminine

Blossom Feminine is a free, fast, mobile-optimized, translation-ready WordPress theme with e-commerce service integration capabilities. You can power practically any kind of blog on it. It is also optimized for speed and search engines. 

16. Elegant Pink

If you are looking for a blog layout that matches the visual appeal of Pinterest, you will appreciate Elegant Pink’s simple, clean, and pastel-hued layout. It has a vastly feminine appeal and is ideal for weddings, travel, fashion, and personal blogs.

17. Hemingway

Hemingway is your go-to WordPress theme if you want a clean and clutter-free website to keep your content organized and easy to read. Utilize the parallax scrolling feature to add an interactive, video-like feel to your webpage. Hemingway also allows for easy translation of the webpage into 20+ languages. 

18. Neve

Expect SEO-friendly and easily customizable design options when opting for this free WordPress theme. Neve regularly updates itself to maintain the security and functioning capabilities it offers its users. It also works seamlessly with some of the most well-known page builders.

19. Radiate

Radiate is a sight for sore eyes. Its clean, modern design comes with a large header image and three designated widget areas right underneath it for showcasing your website’s categories/featured posts. Fully optimized for SEO with easy navigability, Radiate makes for a great beginner WordPress theme. 

Key Takeaways

  • It is no longer necessary for a blogger or web entrepreneur to possess coding knowledge to build their website. 
  • Plenty of premade website templates are available online that can help content creators and business owners develop their websites with ease. 
  • WordPress is perhaps the most common content management system in existence and use today. 
  • WordPress is a popular web-hosting choice among content creators and publishers for its easy-to-use interface. 
  • Bloggers can easily create their own website/e-commerce enterprise by utilizing any of the several premade WordPress themes available online, for purchase or free. 
  • WordPress users can pick from a host of free, expertly pre-designed themes to build their website inexpensively and from scratch. 
  • Free WordPress themes are no less than paid WordPress themes when it comes to the flexibility and customization ability they offer. It is possible to design a website that is visually appealing using a free WordPress theme. 


Thanks to the advancements in technology, content creators and bloggers no longer need to teach themselves how to code to build their websites. Neither do they need to shell out loads of money to have their website development outsourced? Free content management platforms such as WordPress make it easy and convenient for bloggers and content publishers to run their own websites without any external help. As discussed above, there is a wide selection of free WordPress themes that you can choose from. We hope this article helps you in shaping your blogging effort for success in the coming year. 


1. Is it possible to create a blog independently and without any web design knowledge?

Is it possible to create a blog independently and without any web design knowledge?

2. Is it a good idea to use a free content management platform to power my blog?

Many profitable businesses promote themselves on websites created using free content management platforms because they are quick and easy to use, and therefore, popular. 

3. Why should I use WordPress to create a blog?

WordPress is free, simple, easily customizable, and easily navigable. It is one of the most commonly used web hosting services.

4. Is it advisable to use a free WordPress theme?

WordPress offers multiple free themes with extensive customization abilities for its users’ benefit. They are 100% safe and offer great flexibility to individuals/businesses looking to create their own website on a budget. 

5. How does the website theme I use affect my business’ ROI? 

Websites need to be design-first, easily navigable. and quick to load. A website theme that is mobile- and search engine-optimized will ensure a quick loading time, which will result in higher page views. In other words, it is crucial to pick the right website theme when building your blog/website/e-commerce site.

6. How can a WordPress blog theme help my SEO efforts?

Choosing the right web page layout/theme can help you optimize your website for search engines. All you need to do is select a mobile-responsive, SEO-friendly, and lightweight theme to support your webpage.