5 Top Indian Food Content Marketing Examples

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Posted on 12/01/224 min read
5 Top Indian Food Content Marketing Examples

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  • 5 Indian Brands’ Food Content Marketing Examples
  • Key Takeaways 
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Today, the customer has a plethora of different brands to choose from. Have you ever thought about how famous food brands are genuinely successful in attracting new customers and holding on to the existing ones amongst all the competition? Their classic food content marketing strategy is the answer!

It is not easy to convince customers to try a product or switch their choices; thus, it becomes imperative to develop something really unique yet relatable to connect with them. These food brands are incredibly witty and well-informed about the likes and dislikes of their customers. They have used advertising and promotional skills to their best advantage.

This article brings you the best Indian food brands at the top of their content marketing game. Take a cue or two from them to curate effective content and get content marketing tips to promote your content digitally. 

5 Indian Brands’ Food Content Marketing Examples

1. Amul


Amul is a brand that has engaged its customers for the longest time now. The brand has developed a witty formula to connect with its customers – a combination of humor and current affairs.

Every time any news or an event takes place, Amul has a relevant and witty “poster” ready! The classic Amul girl is more than an image for customers. She is cute and has an opinion. She offers her views on trending issues with the help of topical creatives. This is one of the best content marketing strategies for attracting customers’ attention towards a brand.

The brand’s content distribution ranges from billboards to newspapers and social media. It also carries out surveys and creates content to engage customers.

2. Zomato


Who knows how to bring out the hidden “foodie” in you, if not Zomato. Zomato is so clever with its content marketing skills that it knows just how to convince the audience to order food using the app. Zomato’s humorous punchlines add to its already great content marketing and advertisements.  

Remember when Zomato’s funny tweet “Guys, kabhi kabhi ghar ka khana bhi kha lena chahiye” on Twitter got more than 18,000 likes? The tweet inspired several other brands to use a similar tactic. For instance, Youtube retweeted the same post with a different tag line “Guys, kabhi kabhi raat ke 3 baje, phone side pe rakh ke so jana chahiye.” Making matters even more interesting, Zomato retorted, “Guys, kabhi kabhi khud ke ache tweet bhi soch lene chahiye.” This way, the food delivery giant keeps its customers engaged. Notably, though Zomato is present on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, it doesn’t follow any rigid routine of posting daily. The main idea behind this is quality over quantity.

3. Parle G


India’s oldest reigning desi biscuit brand is none other than the classic Parle G. The economical brand is also the best-selling Indian biscuit brand in the international market. 

The Parle-G mascot is a chubby little girl – a well-known figure worldwide. With powerful taglines like “G mane Genius,” “Aao Banaye Kal ke Genius,” “Roko Mat Toko Mat,” etc., Parle G has successfully made its place on the shelf of every household.

4. Oreo India


When Oreo came to India, it was challenging to find a niche in a market already occupied by giants like Parle G and Britannia. Then, Oreo came up with the hit campaign of #DailyDunks, which appealed immensely to the audience.

They collaborated with Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor, adding another exciting element to the campaign. The brand then continued its advertisements and turned to TVCs with celebrities.

5. Nestle India


After being banned in India for unhealthy ingredients, Nestle’s Maggi made a comeback with an all-new product and the advertising campaign #AaoMaggiBanaein. The campaign asked the brand’s customers to tell their Maggi stories. Customers could send their stories to the brand, and a couple were chosen to be featured on the product’s packaging. This way, Maggi connected its customers with the brand in its new avatar.

Key Takeaways

  • Good content marketing is the key: All brands create good content, but what makes them popular is how it is being marketed. It is essential to have a good content marketing skill and strategy for brands.
  • Creative advertising: Content marketing won’t be successful if the advertisements are not interesting. The advertisement should always reflect the brand’s voice.
  • Increasing customers’ engagement: Customers must be able to relate to the brand organically. Promotional and marketing campaigns can help achieve that. 
  • Using social media as a powerful tool: Social media platforms are the best way to reach masses. Content marketed via social media leaves better brand recall. 
  • Engaging audience via games, contests, or surveys: This is the best way to engage or attract your audience. Free gifts or vouchers add an extra exciting element to your brand.  


Content marketing is a great tool to increase your food brand’s reach. Focus on your USP, figure out your audience and the social channels they use. Sprinkle a little humor, personalization, and trends into your content and marketing for a successful campaign. 


1. How can I make people look at my content?

Content marketing is the key. Try promoting your content on various social media platforms. Use powerful taglines or funny one-liners to make it easy attracting the viewers.

2. Will the public see my advertisement if it has no celebrity in it?

Yes. If your advertisement is relatable and witty, it will surely be seen and appreciated by the public. Collaboration with a celebrity only adds value but is never mandatory for a brand to be a hit.

3. What is the best way to promote a brand?

There is no single step, but various efforts like good content, creative advertisement, excellent marketing skills, etc., help promote a brand

4. Is it mandatory to share a post to increase promotion?

No. However, it is good to promote your product more and more, it is not mandatory. Remember, quality works better than quantity.

5. How can I add humor to my content?

It is not a compulsion to add humor. Humor should always be added naturally. Do not force it if the product doesn’t require it.