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5 Tips to Unravel the Potential of 10x Content

Team Pepper
Posted on 15/03/228 min read
5 Tips to Unravel the Potential of 10x Content
Facing constant challenges creating 10x content for your website? If yes, we’re here to help. Check out our five tips to get started.

Table of Contents 

  • What is 10x Content? 
  • How to Create 10x Content With Quality? 
  • 10X Content Examples: Things You Can Learn From These Publishers
  • Key Takeaways 
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs 

Let’s face it: building 10x content that helps you win an edge over your competition is increasingly turning out to be a challenge. But with the right head-start, you can build rich content that encourages your readers to keep coming back for the next post.

To help you get started, we’ve listed five tips that will help your team build 10x content successfully. First, let’s briefly understand what is 10x content below.

What is 10x Content?


10X content refers to a content piece ten times better than the result that tops the search engine for specific keywords. You are likely to rank high in search engines when you create content that provides maximum value to the reader. Readers are more likely to share this content amongst their communities, increasing the overall reach and long-term growth.

To create 10x content, go through the top-ranking results on the search engine, analyze the content, and see how you can overtake them in terms of value. Your content piece must have all the detailed information, graphics, studies, and more that you believe these top-ranking pages lack.

The target is to generate information your audience can find nowhere else. Remember that repeating the same information with no extra value will not help in any way possible. Target different keywords if you believe your competitors have covered every possible area of content pieces around specific keywords.

How to Create 10x Content With Quality?

Now that you know what 10x content is, it’s time we move on to the anticipated strategies that will help you curate 10x content.

1. Research topics that thrive on the web


You can’t start off the process without searching for the right topics. Kickstart your process by identifying the content trends in your niche. Use your target keywords to go through the top-performing content pieces and compare them to understand what helps them rank better compared to others in the SERPs. Be well-versed with the current content landscape and work on identifying areas you could fuel up with more information.

Run a Google search once you have identified the keywords you want to rank for. Analyze the results that appear on the first page and balance out the strengths and weaknesses of the content. If there is a particular keyword that only provides brief information on a topic, determine whether you can create a definitive guide. Also, see if you can add examples that help you prove or disprove specific points in the already existing guides. Lastly, keep an eye on the structure, format, and method of representation and analyze the available information.

2. Build the best content piece around the selected keyword(s)

After much exploration, it is time to build some awesome content for your website. Understand this, you can either be creating new content pieces or improving an existing blog that needs to get a head start in terms of ranking. Irrespective of the content being new or refurbished, try to make the content pieces more thorough by adding relevant and factual information. Here are some questions you can ask before you get started on the writing part: 

  • Are there any industry experts I can interview to cover better insights?
  • Can I elaborate on certain steps to better address the target audience’s needs? 
  • How about adding relevant case studies, real life examples or statistics to elaborate on specific points? 
  • Should I work on graphic representation to reduce the complexity of selected topics? 
  • Are there any old pieces I can update for brand new and relevant information? 

As you answer these questions, it will get easier for you to get started on the writing process and even meet your content deadline.

3. Use hard-to-replicate methods of presenting information

People who replicate information from different websites and practice content spinning use easy and direct information. Methods that require heavy research, statistics collections, and others are often hard-to-replicate. This gives you an edge to become the website that offers unique content to its visitors. 

Creating superior-high-quality content will also help you earn backlinks and improve your overall standing on the web. The motive is to establish yourself as an expert in the field to gain your audiences’ trust. Do not hesitate to invest weeks of effort in creating content that can put you months ahead in terms of your goals. Further, keep monitoring small details such as how much time was spent on an average on a content or what’s the bounce rate to identify better ways to improve the content.

Other than that, here are some key points you must remember: 

  • Your content must be grammatically correct and free of jargon or technical terms. Try to elaborate on every complex term, even if you think your audience knows the meaning.
  • Always link back to the source while including statistics, facts, etc., to develop credibility.
  • Add a touch of humor wherever necessary to keep the content interesting throughout. 
  • Make your content unique and keep plagiarism out of the picture.
  • Try to introduce your audience to lesser-known facts. Including things they often read about would never serve the purpose of 10x content.

4. Make the most of content marketing to drive results 

Once you invest your time and effort in creating excellent content, you need to put it in front of the right audience. There is no point in spending a lot of time researching, analyzing, identifying problems, and providing solutions only to have a few people scan through it. Here are some tips to help you make the most of content marketing:

Use the right social channels to capture the attention

Identify the social channels where your target audience engages with your brand the most. Give them essential glimpses of your articles, for example, an infographic. You can also tell them about the exceptional results of your conducted experiments. Using numeric figures to your points will help you capture better attention.

Instead of simply sharing the link to your article, try to excite them with facts they are interested in. This will help you improve social shares and the overall traffic to your website. Furthermore, do not hesitate to invest in paid ads if you know your content is worth capturing the attention of relevant individuals.

Choose the right influencers to spread the word 


Influencer marketing is one of the most successful and organic methods of driving traffic to your website. You can select key influencers in your industry to convey your content in the proper sense to their well-developed audience. Remember that these are the individuals with a large following of people you are keenly interested in.

People are more likely to listen to influencers they follow instead of brands they hardly know about. Furthermore, the quality of content plays a vital role since influencers with extremely high followings are picky with what they share with their target audience.

5. Work on providing an excellent user experience 

User experience comes under one of the most crucial ranking factors for Google. No one likes to go through a slow website with ads popping up with every breath. On the other hand, people want to go through sites that are easy to scroll, load quickly, provide relevant information upfront, and more. 

Keep the following points in mind to retain your visitors. 

  • Your site loading speed should always be 2-3 seconds. Anything more than that will contribute to a heavy increase in the bounce rate. 
  • Remember that people are highly impatient and avoid using images and videos that take forever to load. Never forget to add alt text and transcripts to better understand visitors and search engines. 
  • Work on creating a scannable website with ample white space, usage of correct fonts and formats. Try to break down paragraphs into headings and bullets wherever necessary.
  • Try to identify your most relevant content pieces and make them visible to your users to retain them. 

10X Content Examples: Things You Can Learn From These Publishers

Now that we’ve taken a look at the basics of how to create 10x content, it is time we move on to some real-life examples. Read to find our top two picks of 10x content examples that will help you understand the practical implementation of the strategy.


Moz is known for generating insightful pieces on digital marketing trends. You can see them convering the following. 

  • Some of the basic questions like “what is quality score and why is it important” 
  • Building detailed guides that walk readers from one step to another on how to implement a certain process

They work on building rich content that ranks for those topic keywords, therefore leaving most of their competitors behind. How do they do this? Here’s what they never fail to deliver in their content. 

  • A great introduction that gives a sneak-peek into what readers can expect in the article.
  • Unique images throughout the blog piece, therefore helping them maintain a healthy balance between internal and external links.
  • Moz explains each concept in the blog, therefore giving much consideration that they may have readers who may not know certain concepts beforehand.
  • They include case studies, examples from the industry, statistics and educational videos by experts that validates their claims in the article. These help them gain more engagement and improves the average time spent on the blogs effectively.

These strategies allow Moz to put together 10x content for their website.

Neil Patel

There’s no way we can leave out the top content marketing influencer of today’s day and age. Neil Patel is known for his online publication and regular podcasts, webinars, and even educational video content that helps marketers understand the following. 

  • Constant search engine changes and how they impact the already published content.
  • What’s up and coming in B2B markets in terms of products and how to avail those services.
  • Best content writing and implementation practices that can help businesses improve their presence in search results.

Here’s what works for him while he builds the 10x content for his domains:

  • Marking steps and stages discussed in the article with clarity, therefore improving readability throughout the piece.
  • Situating call to action buttons that encourage his readers to take action.
  • Recommending guides that takes his visitors to other content pieces that match their needs.
  • Collaborating with other industry experts and CEOs to focus on pain-points the target audience can relate, and sharing a relevant solution to tackle the same.


Start with your research and invest time in creating content that brings actual difference to the current content scenario in your industry. In the end, you need to figure out a different approach to establish yourself as an expert in the industry.

Key Takeaways 

  • Conduct in-depth research to analyze the content ranking on the first page of Google for your selected keywords. 
  • Identify different approaches to web content writing that help you provide more value to your target audience. 
  • Work on creating exceptional content pieces consisting of relevant data and uncommon facts 
  • Use methods that are not commonly applied by brands while creating content 
  • Make the most of your efforts by using the proper channels for promoting your content
  • Provide an exceptional user experience by focusing on crucial areas like website loading speed, navigation, etc.


1. What is a 10x content pillar page?

The 10x pillar page is the core page that consists of the breakdown of the topic you fully explore. It gives your audience an idea of what they can expect and also makes it easier to navigate through the areas they want to learn at the time.

2. Why does 10x content work So well?

10x content works well because it explores the untapped areas and gives the audience insights they have never known.

3. What are the qualities of 10x content?

Some of the significant qualities of 10x content are that it goes into the depths, is trustworthy, reliable, and highly interesting.

4. How long does it take to wrap up 10x content pieces?

10x content pieces take longer than generic pieces as they require experimentation, research, conversations with experts, etc., to gain insights not yet available on the internet.