Fundamental Errors in Content Writing That Will Hold You Back As a Writer

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Posted on 29/11/216 min read
Fundamental Errors in Content Writing That Will Hold You Back As a Writer

Table of Contents

  • Who is a Content Writer?
  • 5 Reasons You are Still Not a Seasoned Writer
  • The Importance of Content Writing Courses
  • Top 5 Content Writing Courses
  • Key takeaways
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

In today’s times, when digital platforms are becoming the primary mode of marketing, digital content creation has become very important. A significant part of this is content writing. It involves creating blogs, articles, social media posts, video scripts, and other forms of written content. This content has to be engaging enough to catch a reader’s attention and has to simultaneously provide all the necessary information about the business it is part of. SEO-driven content writing also plays a very important role in driving traffic to any web page, or social media account.

But, a common misconception about content writing is that it is very easy and simply another form of creative writing. The reality, however, is very different. Content writers use specific strategies and content writing tips to encourage a favorable action from the reader and help their clients’ content gain more traction.

Who is a Content Writer?

A content writer is a professional that works with different clients – business owners, social media personalities, and advertising firms – to produce customized written content for their businesses. They create different kinds of content to suit the target audience of each client. The writing style may also vary according to the platform on which the content will be published.

Content writers can freelance and earn very well depending on their experience and skill level. Many companies now also hire full-time content writers.


5 Reasons You Are Still Not a Seasoned Writer

With numerous opportunities to start working in the field of content writing, many amateurs have dived into this profession without much research into its nuances. As a result, they end up getting stuck at the lower end of the payment spectrum and are never truly able to break into the big leagues of well-paid and full-time professional content writers. But, with these content writing lessons, all content writers will be ready to take a leap towards being seasoned writers. 

1. Do not fall prey to keyword stuffing

When amateurs enter the world of content writing, they hear about the importance of SEO and fall headfirst into the rabbit hole of stuffing their pieces with as many keywords as possible. But, this takes away from the quality of the piece, and readers are immediately put off by this writing style. SEO content writing tips from successful content writers explain that search engines also penalize keyword stuffing and content with this style usually goes down in search lists.


2. Remember to hyperlink

Amateur content writers usually ignore the importance of hyperlinks. But, hyperlinks can be a very useful method to improve the trustworthiness of any piece to the reader. Experienced content writers usually hyperlink their sources as references for their pieces. This is a common practice in the content writing community. It is especially popular in long-form content like blogs and articles. But, when creating pieces for a business, it is important to remember that the content writer should never use their client’s rivals as a source. A common fear regarding hyperlinks is that they will take away from the traffic volume to a particular site. But, this problem can be easily avoided by setting up the hyperlink to open in a new tab.

3. Make it easy for the reader

Many amateur content writers believe that additional flair in their writing with uncommon synonyms will improve the quality of their content. This is perhaps one of the most common errors in content writing. The primary agenda of content writing is not literary excellence; content writing is meant to effectively transmit some information to as many people as possible. When potential readers are scrolling through the Internet, they want to get information quickly and easily, they are not up for a complicated reading exercise. If the reading level of a piece is too high, then readers will close the tab and move on to another easier-to-comprehend piece of content.

4. Don’t forget a Call-To-Action

Most amateur content writers usually end their pieces with just some basic information about the topic at hand. But, one of the top content writing tips for successful content writers is that a good piece of content must always end with a call-to-action. This is an actionable item that is mentioned at the end of any content. It can be asking readers to shop at a particular site, or it can encourage the reader to get his or her blood pressure checked. This kind of call-to-action is said to have a big impact on the psyche of a reader and significantly increases the effectiveness of the content.

5. Explain why the reader should care

One of the most important content writing lessons for a writer is to learn that his or her readership is not here to enjoy the writing style in the article. The majority of readers of digital content have some kind of need or problem that they want to resolve. So, right off the bat, the content writer should tap into this necessity. This makes the reader care personally about the content and will be ready to invest time and energy into the piece.

The Importance of Content Writing Courses

The errors in content writing that are mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg for the kind of mistakes that amateur writers can make when producing content. Finding the perfect balance between client requirements, SEO, and quality of writing is a difficult task and requires years of practice and experience.

Content writing strategies may also vary depending on the client’s industry. Every day, new SEO strategies are being refined and marketing theories are changing. So, to stay in tune with all these different requirements, many institutes have also started offering content writing courses. These courses are taught by renowned content writers who provide invaluable content writing tips to the learners. A certificate of qualification can give any content writer’s CV a big boost and take their skill set up to another level. Any employer will be more likely to hire a trained content writer than just an amateur without formal training.

Top 5 Content Writing Courses

The top 5 content writing courses that can help reduce amateurish errors in content writing are as follows:

1. V-Skills 

They provide several different certification courses and are well accepted in the Indian market as a legitimate source of skill improvement. They have a great content writing course that makes learners job-ready right from the start.

2. Digital Academy 360 

They are also an online educational institute with a good reputation. Their content writing lessons are quite affordable, and they also offer a 100% placement guarantee.

3. Henry Harvin Education

This is a more comprehensive course than the other two. Henry Harvin has eight modules in its creative writing course, each of which targets a different form of content writing. The SEO content writing tips provided by this course also include training to utilize almost 50 different kinds of content writing software.

4. Education and Career Times

This institute is recognized by the Government of India as well, and learners here are known to get good placements. Their content writing course teaches students the fundamentals of content writing, while simultaneously making the students work on real projects so that they can identify and eliminate their errors in content writing.

5. Indian Institute of Digital Education

The content writing lessons at IIDE are geared towards creating marketing content. Students learn about creating brand identity and targeted marketing content creation.


Every day, an internet user encounters thousands of different forms of content. They also view hundreds of pieces of content writing. But, only a few pieces can catch their attention and compel them to invest their time into reading. Finally, it is only a handful that can get the reader to take some action that fulfills the agenda of the content writing. 

This shows that to stand out from the glut of information on the Internet, it is very important for a content writer to have a proper understanding of content writing principles and tools. Only when a content writer is well-trained in the nuances of the profession will he or she be able to avoid all errors in content writing and create innovative, engaging, effective, and unique pieces of high-value content.

Key Takeaways

The discussion above shows that there is plenty of potentials to build a rewarding career in the field of content writing. But, this career requires proper practice and training and cannot be achieved by amateurs who have jumped into the profession with just some rudimentary language skills. 

It is best to start this career with some content writing lessons that will make it easier to get a job as well as provide the writer with some insight into practical aspects of the profession like SEO usage, client communication, writing tools, and more.


1. How to start a content writing piece?

According to content writing tips by most professionals, a content writer should start off a piece with something interesting that can address the needs of the reader.

2. How to produce high-quality SEO content?

All content writing lessons claim that it is best to run a keyword search before starting on any piece. This research identifies keywords that the client’s target audience is already interested in. There are some software tools as well that help with keyword research. Proper keyword research can vastly improve site traffic and engagement.

3. How to edit my content writing pieces?

It is very important to revise and edit to avoid errors in content writing. Most content writers use software tools to check their grammar and spelling. Content writing tips from professionals also suggest that newbie content writers should initially get their content edited by supervisors or other colleagues as it takes time to learn to spot mistakes in one’s own work.

4. How to add paragraph breaks in long-form content?

The attention span of readers when browsing the Internet is very low. They want to find answers for their specific problem, and they want to get it quickly. So, content writing lessons teach that it is best to break up paragraphs every three to four sentences so that readers can quickly skim through and pick out necessary details.

5. Can content writers work internationally?

Content writing is a completely digitally oriented profession, meaning that there is no need for any physical infrastructure to perform this task. Most of the time, content writers work from home, and it is very easy to communicate with and produce content for international clients through emails and video calls. Indian content writers are much sought after in the West and many Indian content writers earn very well from foreign companies with the help of SEO content writing tips.

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