Enhance your briefs with video messaging

Team Pepper
Posted on 5/04/222 min read
Enhance your briefs with video messaging

Creating a stellar brief is the first step toward a successful project. A brief helps you convey the aspirations, intent, and goals of the project to the creator. A good brief gets everyone on the same page and soar high.

Your brief needs to be structured well, crisply defined and conveyed clearly. Asynchronous communication—like written briefs—can help cut down unnecessary information and are great for getting things done fast. But when we’re collaborating over the internet, context and communication can get lost in translation at times.

What’s gets missed is the engagement and the human factor. While working with businesses and creators over 1000s of projects, we’ve clearly felt a need to make our brief more visual, informative, and personal.

That’s why we’ve integrated with Loom to make video messaging a part of the creative brief.  This helps businesses convey requirements better while giving creators the clarity they need to deliver their best on a project.

Try out: Videos messages in your briefs

Alongside creating structured briefs, you can now record a video explaining the brief and add all relevant information! 

So how does this work?

While creating a brief, you can now record a short video of yourself and/or your screen explaining the brief to the creators. This video message lives right alongside the rest of the written brief. This ensures full context is transferred to the creator and you can expect higher quality results, without miscommunication.

With video messages as a part of your brief in Pepper Content, you can:

  • Inspire the creator by showing the vision of your company and where the content piece fits in.
  • Walkthrough your product demo by sharing either or both your screen and webcam.
  • Recap the objective, intent, and purpose of your project.
  • Share your company’s details, target audience insights, and competitive intelligence aspects.
  • Showcase references.
  • Reiterate certain elements of the brief which are important and require explanation.
  • Emphasize the tone you’d like to bring out and the brand guidelines that the creator needs to adhere to.

With videos as a part of your briefs, you can bring clarity to complex topics while enabling the creator to take notes of the tone and emotions behind the video.

Whether you’re writing briefs for a blog, social media post, or whitepaper – video messaging enhances a plainly written brief into a dynamic, engaging experience.

We’re excited to see how you’ll use video messages within content briefs!

Read more about the feature here.