How Effective Are Podcasts In Content Marketing?

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Posted on 21/03/228 min read
How Effective Are Podcasts In Content Marketing?
Content creation is no longer limited to blogs. Use audio material to stay connected with your audience and go for content marketing with podcasts.

Table of Contents 

  • How Effective is Content Marketing With Podcasts?
  • Benefits of Using podcasts in Content Marketing
  • Examples of podcast Marketing in India
  • Conclusion
  • Key Takeaways
  • FAQs

A podcast is an accumulation or series of digitized audio files available for downloading or listening via the internet. Each audio recording is known as a podcast episode. Podcasts are mostly presented independently by individuals who lead a conversation, share stories, or report the news.

How Effective is Content Marketing with Podcasts? 

Marketers and businesses may use podcasts in content marketing to convey their perceived value to a receptive audience. The on-demand characteristic of podcasting allows companies and brands to share their stories at any time, anywhere, establishing industry expertise and developing brand evangelists.

While gaining a huge audience isn’t easy, only if you’re a comic, content marketing with podcasts may be a powerful medium for communicating a variety of ideas, and information to a specific audience.

A podcast’s most notable feature is the ability to subscribe. RSS feed syndication lets your audience know when a new podcast episode is ready, so you don’t have to launch a new marketing effort to let them know.

Customers and prospects may comment directly on the content using an email address linked to your podcast. Then, you can produce a new episode answering questions or responding to criticism. Many podcast hosting and aggregation sites enable comments. You may utilize that input to develop new material for content marketing podcasts.

Also, you can easily integrate podcasting into your company’s social media strategy. For readers who prefer audio, you may augment blog entries with podcasts, and you can promote both via social media.


Content marketing with podcast work because the sound helps the audience connect better as they can feel the sentiment behind the word they hear. Therefore, podcasting is back, and it’s better than ever. What’s more, it’s booming!!

Marketers’ Take on Content Marketing with Podcast

A comedian, Nerdist podcast, Chris Hardwick, remarks that our society is highly niche-oriented, and one doesn’t need 3 million people to listen to their podcast. Even if 10,000 people listen, which is not difficult to achieve, one can do lots with that number. One can build a community and change the world by recording your perception into a recorder.

Apps beyond iTunes like TuneIn Radio, SoundCloud, Stitcher, and iHeartRadio have given the podcasts, and altogether a new audience says the Gartner’s analyst, Allen Weiner. 

Brian Lakamp, Clear Channel’s President of digital, supports the statement by saying that there should be more investment in content marketing with podcasts as one needs to be there where their customers are. 

Benefits of using podcasts in content marketing 


Podcasts are a treasure trove of content! They engage viewers and can be quickly repurposed into textual or video content. Podcast marketing can help you construct a robust overall content marketing plan with other content kinds.

That’s why podcast marketing is a vital part of any content marketing plan. Instead of considering audio material as a distinct entity from other content (like blog entries), it is better to believe that all content created by your business should work towards a standard set of shared objectives.

1. Podcasts have a low entry point

Earlier, one required pricey equipment and a cutting-edge studio to compete with the top radio broadcasters in the business. But now times have changed, and podcasts have an easy start-up point.

One of the reasons podcast marketing is a perfect match for your content marketing plan is that they are low-lift. A good microphone and trustworthy recording software are all you need. So why should you go for pricey gear and build a state-of-the-art studio while a beginner? Why not start with small steps?

Begin by obtaining a decent microphone. Try using some beginner-friendly alternatives. If money is tight, most common smartphone voice recorders will do.

On a shoestring budget? You, too, can start a content marketing podcast!

All you need is a popular and easy-to-use, maybe even preinstalled recording software, a microphone, and the supporting software to record your podcast. Plan your event well, deciding upon the ideal format of your podcast and its updation. You’re ready to roll once you have defined your show’s vision.

Upload your episodes to platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and others (less work for you!). Simple enough!

Starting a podcast has modest overhead and time demands, yet there is a possibility for growth. If your audience requests additional podcasts, you may record them all in one day and plan them for upload in the coming weeks. Podcasts are easy to generate and scale, which benefits your content staff.

2. Easy to consume audio content

Videos and blog pieces, for example, demand your full attention. Listening to podcasts is convenient since you can take them with you wherever you go.

Smartphones, the most popular podcast tuning device, enable on-the-go listening. With global mobile consumption at an all-time high, mobile-friendly content experiences are crucial, and content marketing podcasts have already led the way.

Commuters adore podcasts, with over 80% of listeners listening on the way to and from work. Though the pandemic has reduced frequent commuters, individuals listen to podcasts at home. Around 69% of individuals listen to podcasts while performing chores, presumably working from home.

Podcasts provide listeners more flexibility than any other kind of material accessible today. Tuning to a podcast while multitasking boosts engagement. Your audience is eager to dedicate time to an episode because they know they can clean the dishes or take the metro while doing so.

3. Podcasts increase engagement

Content marketing podcast engagement is higher than other entertainment formats, and we’re not just talking about downloads.

Americans accessing podcasts each week listen to nearly six hours of information. 

Podcast listeners also have an average of six subscriptions. Subscribers to podcasts are usually alerted when a new episode is available. Regularly updated material offers more opportunities for involvement and promotes episodes to new audiences on social media.

Part of what makes podcast marketing so fascinating is its format. Many podcasts are just chats. If the content or language is deep, a long blog post may demand significant concentration to read (and retain). We participate in and listen to podcast talks every day, so it’s natural for us.

Podcast marketing also allows you to create relationships, challenging but precious for enterprises. Despite never meeting the presenter of your favorite program, the repetitive structure, and potential to add personality to your podcast help you engage and connect with your listeners. Keep your audience engrossed and coming back for more, and the word-of-mouth engine will be revving up.

4. Podcasts create brand loyalty

An engaged audience is the first step to brand affinity. As indicated previously, 88% of listeners finish one episode (a stat worth repeating). Listeners who are sincerely committed to a podcast frequently become its best advocates.

Podcasts, like Netflix programs, are addictive. People are enthusiastic when a new podcast episode comes out, and 79% of podcast listeners listen to it right away.

5. Podcasts help create content

A content marketing podcast integrates well with textual and video material to engage a larger audience.

Consider it a two-way street. You may utilize podcast transcripts and quotations to generate new articles, films, infographics, and more.

Alternatively, you can use different sorts of content to create podcast episodes. Find a topic for a podcast episode using existing content, like a blog article. You may dig further into the piece with a complete audio chat and even invite the writer as a guest.

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Examples of Podcast Marketing 

While influencer podcasts have gained popularity, sponsored podcasts are now the vogue. Marketing with branded content marketing podcast is a novel idea. They may seem like any other podcast, but they develop a discourse around a topic or theme critical to the company. This approach may show off their individuality and connect with their audience. Branded podcasts are surging in India. Here are some branded content marketing podcast titles in India that you have to listen to.

1. Let’s Do Shots by Mad Over Marketing


When Mad Over Marketing first began, it was an Instagram account dedicated to collecting the world’s finest marketing and advertising strategies. They present stories about significant brand moments that shaped the firm and the industry—their short, crisp episodes of roughly 6 minutes present human-centric brand tales.

2. When We Met by Platform For Artists


Platform For Artists is a platform for emerging and experienced artists. This podcast is one of the organization’s attempts to expand artist resource building into new media. Each 45-minute session delivers valuable knowledge while the smooth interactions and concrete insights from people in the art and related sectors appeal most.

3. LBB Open House by Little Black Book


In 2020, Little Black Book launched its podcast, delivering insights into brand growth topics, including marketing, distribution, customer acquisition, and more. An honest chat with founders, C-suite executives, and investors from companies including CRED, Sleepy Owl, and FabIndia. The podcast asks pertinent and entertaining questions that provide a unique perspective on businesses.

Apple Podcasts, of course, dominates the industry, with over 550,000 “active podcasts” available in more than 100 languages. Indeed, podcast marketing is ruling the roost.


Spotify, Podcast Addict, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Stitcher, Overcast, and others are prominent podcast services. Khabri, Headfone, Aawaz.com, Castbox, and Hubhopper are five Indian podcast applications for vernacular listeners.

Globally, podcasting income is predicted to reach $1 billion by 2021, according to PwC.


While it may not take much money to start a podcast program, the amount of time and work required to create a quality podcast is considerable. On the other hand, a content marketing podcast may broaden your sphere of influence to a highly attentive audience, strengthening your brand’s online presence when done correctly and regularly.

Key Takeaways 

The following are some tips for successful content marketing with podcast implementation based on the discussion above:

  • Examine social media and blog posts to see what your audience likes. Create typical listener profiles to notify podcast content.
  • Share your competence and passion for the subject. Using a scripted presentation or making a sales pitch might alienate your audience.
  • Keep up with what your target patrons are talking about. Constantly monitoring social media conversations will reveal queries and trending topics.
  • Consider how you can repurpose material to produce a podcast. If you wrote a popular e-book, interview the folks you mentioned.
  • Examine the competition. Make your podcast unique from the competition. Consider how you may enhance their presentation and add your perspective.
  • All that matters is how much time you have to devote to creating, recording, editing, and promoting each episode. Creating high-quality long-form material takes time, so be realistic about your timeframe. Stick to a frequency, or your listeners will leave.
  • Pick a format that suits you. In this case, it may be a panel discussion on current industry news and trends or an instructive series. The design of the podcast, whether pre-recorded or live, should be constant.
  • Plan your material to be lively and targeted but not too planned. Preparing a speech outline will help you avoid reading the script.
  • Include links to further resources to assist your audience in learning more.
  • Make sure each episode has significant value. So your listeners keep coming back and recommending your podcast to their friends.


1. What is the content of a podcast?

A podcast is a collection of audio episodes centered on a single topic, like cycling or entrepreneurship. You may subscribe via an app on a smartphone and enjoy episodes via headphones, vehicle speakers, or speakers.

2. Are podcasts a viable marketing strategy?

If podcasting grows in popularity, it will undoubtedly become a critical element of any marketing approach. It’s a unique solution that may help your business contact clients or workers.

3. Can podcast be used for marketing?

In terms of marketing, podcast marketing is a valuable and lucrative prospect. Excellent podcasts need insight, persistence, consistency, and work.

4. What is the goal of your podcast?

The purpose of a Podcast is to reach a specific audience. Whether you want to sell a message, express your thoughts, or communicate with a particular group, a content marketing podcast is a simple method to do it.

5. What makes podcasts so popular?

Podcast episodes are ideal for students with hectic schedules since you can download them on applications like Spotify. It also helps because podcasts now cater to a wide range of tastes and inclinations.

6. How can I make podcasts in content marketing available on all platforms?

There are three stages to releasing your podcast on the Internet and making it accessible to everybody.
1. Upload the files for your podcast to a podcast hosting site.
2. Submit your entire program to iTunes/Apple Podcast, Spotify, etc.
3. Publish episode players to your website from your host.