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How to Create Sales Enablement Content: Types and Strategies Unveiled!

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Posted on 18/04/227 min read
How to Create Sales Enablement Content: Types and Strategies Unveiled!
Want to know how to create sales enablement content to drive sales? Check our detailed guide below, where we discuss six types of content and an in-depth content strategy.

Table of Contents

  • What is Sales Enablement Content?
  • Content That Promotes Sales
  • Six Types of Sales Enablement Content
  • How to Create Sales Enablement Content Strategy?

Today, while all types of organizations and businesses are seizing the virtual space to attract more audiences, the significance of sales enablement content is at an all-time surge in 2022.

What does sales enablement content mean? Does it refer to a higher volume of sales-related content or quality matter that impacts potential customers? Content marketing is a proven SEO technique for lead generation, and sales enablement content makes it more specific for the users. So, if you are scouting for the best promotional techniques, this is something you can’t miss out on!

As we proceed with the blog, we will explain the types of sales content your business needs to flourish and the detailed sales enablement content strategies to implement to the fullest.

What is Sales Enablement Content?

Let us first begin with the significance of such content. With the increasing internet exposure worldwide, customers now rely on information and insights from digital platforms to make their purchasing decisions. As a result, companies are shifting their focus to digital marketing campaigns and connecting with potential customers.


Sales heads and marketing managers refer to several sales enablement content examples available on the web to frame specific strategies that yield better profit margins. 

Sales enablement content is any form of content that helps sellers entice or lure their prospective customers into buying their products. This type of content also supports sales representatives to convince potential buyers about investing in their products or services. It aims to create a marketing portfolio that includes the utility of specific products and how they help enhance overall sales.


Content That Promotes Sales

Anything published in written or video content enhances the user experience and develops a brand narrative. It helps users acknowledge the product’s specifications and get a detailed brief on the advantages of procuring a specific product or service. Whether it’s an explanatory blog post, top-quality infographic, or a clear video about product usage, it helps engage the customers for a longer time.

Well-researched quality content helps digital marketers indulge in long-term and meaningful communication with customers. It also replicates the entity’s mission, vision, and ideology, which provokes the target audience to believe in them and convert them into loyal customers.

Few popular and effective sales enablement content examples are:

  • Informative blog posts
  • Customer testimonials
  • Print materials
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Interactive content
  • Email campaigns

Sales enablement content plays a pivotal role in developing the online sales funnel. Lead conversion, quick adaptation to new products, and direct customer engagement are among the top benefits of such content. Probably that’s why sales teams are optimizing this type of content to influence the customer’s buying choices and increase overall sales conversion.


6 Types of Sales Enablement Content

Charging up your sales arsenal with such content can help achieve the desirable targets at a better rate.

1. Informational blogs

Customers are best influenced when you publish informative and knowledgeable blogs. Such blog posts work as perfect sales enablement content as they describe the nature of your business and generate awareness about the benefits of using a specific product or service.


There are multiple types of blog posts that could help in lead conversion, and sharing them in your sales arena could provide you with good purchases. Well-written blogs effectively depict the wealth of information to the end customers in the best possible ways.

2. Whitepapers

Whitepapers are detailed reports about the company and its credibility. Similar to blog posts, whitepapers comprise detailed information about the products or services of a company and help convince prospects.


The only difference is that whitepapers are well-researched, and potential customers prefer lengthier content to gain complete business know-how.

3. Case studies

Live examples or past testimonials of customers through case studies can be pretty influential for potential buyers. Referring to case studies helps impart a viable solution to user problems. 


In addition, interviews of old customers further assure new customers that your product could serve as the right solution, thus leading to sales enablement.

4. Slide decks

The next option that could support your sales enablement content strategy is slide decks. These are the slideshow presentations explaining the advantages and features of your products or services. Sales teams can opt for any type and length of slide decks, but they must be able to offer all the necessary data. 

Slide decks are a perfect tool for sales enablement as it is a great way to deliver information concisely. There are several ways to develop slide decks, including graphs, charts, and images.

5. Sales scripts

The next type of sales enablement content is sales scripts that help strike up a conversation with potential customers. Effective sales outlines and documents highlight the significant aspects of sales enablement. They offer a complete brief on cold calling and how you can achieve conversion and lead generation.  


The sales script is a detailed dialogue optimized by sales representatives to begin interaction with the potential customers. It creates a background based on which they can pitch the product or services to users.

6. Social proof

Sales proof offers examples of satisfied customers in the form of reviews, endorsements, and testimonials on social networks. Companies can create materials to entice new customers by giving them proof of past purchasers who agree with the quality of the products. 


Modern customers tend to scour social media platforms and sites to collect product reviews. Highlighting them in your promotional emails can enhance customer engagement.

How to Build a Sales Enablement Content Strategy?

Content for sales enhances the lead conversion rate significantly. Maximizing sales is the core objective of any successful business, and following an effective strategy proves helpful in achieving desired targets for the marketing teams.

Here are the steps to frame sales enablement content:

1. Auditing existing content

After a thorough review of the previous content, sales teams start by taking a quick glance at the loopholes in the content. Every piece of content needs to be updated after a specific period to follow the latest requirements. If the content posted on your site is not working, it’s imperative to know the reason. Content audit helps evaluate the gaps and figure out ways to improve them over time.


2. Internal documentation for creating new content

Once you explore the content gaps, you must add information after a detailed discussion with the product experts. Internal documentation and debates help provide the required content enablement for sales purposes.

3. Valuable content for sales reps and digital marketers

While creating the sales enablement content strategy, the importance of valuable content is unavoidable. Framing the correct type of content material fills up the gaps and drives attention from potential customers. While designing sales enablement content, sales professionals also explore prospects and close deals with a significant level of end profit.

4. Content alignment as per customer actions

The next step in this strategy is to create content that helps in relationship building. It is imperative to have a range of scripts, blogs, and white papers ready to engage customers throughout the process, starting from the initial query to closing the final deal.

5. Evaluating different content funnels

Once the sales team is ready with customer-demand-based research, the next step is to establish a connection with different approaches and content pieces. Today’s customers are inclined toward fresh approaches, and they welcome innovative formats of forms presented to them. 

Designing content that resonates with the buyer’s journey is crucial, as is brainstorming ideas about developing content in unique packages to gain maximum audience attention. You can also refer to successful sales enablement content examples like the FAQ section, an infographic, or the video representation of the products and services.

6. Calculate the content strategy success rate

It is essential to measure the efficacy of the sales enablement content. You need to identify the changes and factors leading to the success of your strategy and how it is possible to boost sales by presenting relevant material to potential leads. 

Final Say

Boosting sales is the ultimate goal of any sales enablement content strategy! Businesses target closing more and more deals with the right approach. There is a wide variety of content options available in the market, and picking them smartly helps take your business to new heights. 

Stick to the fundamental content types stated above, which help support the company’s sales drive. You can also experiment with newer add-ons that could bolster the overall company revenue and give a solid start to your company’s success. 

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the importance of and audit the various types of sales content.
  • Use internal documentation to curate new, versatile, and impactful content.
  • Seek sales reps’ assistance to develop promotional content.
  • Work on innovative approaches that accelerate the sales figures with positive customer reactions.
  • Map customers’ journey through the content funnel used for sales purposes.
  • Collaborate with expert content creators to frame a solid and responsive content channel for your businesses.


1. How to organize sales enablement content?

Content mapping is an appropriate way to craft the perfect content that ignites the sales ratio and significantly impacts your profit margins. The general rule of content creation is the development of product marketing patterns and making efforts to result in lead conversion.

2. What is the right way to create content for sales?

1. Track your leads
2. Utilize social media handles to promote ads 
3. Connect with customers 
4. Stay updated on the latest market trends 
5. Participate in sales webinars for the perfect sales-centric content

3. What are the essential types of sales enablement content?

1. Blog posts 
2. Whitepapers 
3. E-books 
4. Case studies 
5. Social media content 
6. Sales scripts

4. Can content marketing help increase sales?

Appropriate content marketing helps connect with targeted audiences to navigate a positive flow of information and drive organic traffic. In addition, it helps make customers aware of the product information and respond in your favor.

5. What does sales enablement copywriting mean?

Sales enablement copywriting refers to creating materials that facilitate the sales teams to seek optimum benefits with digital marketing platforms. Many professional businesses include a positive customer retention hack in their marketing plans.