14 Copywriting Examples from Businesses with Incredible Copies

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Posted on 27/12/2110 min read
14 Copywriting Examples from Businesses with Incredible Copies

Table of Contents

  • The contents of an incredible business copy
  • Resources and tools that you can use to create an incredible copy
    • Books on copywriting
    • Blogs and websites that share insight about copywriting
    • Copywriting courses that you might want to take a look at
  • Best examples from businesses with incredible copies to learn from
  • Key takeaways
  • FAQS

While copywriting might seem like the talk of the town, it is not easy to convince clients as to why they should prefer getting their work done by you and not any other copywriter. While accuracy, impeccable language and experience are the precursors to the secret of writing a great copy, it is equally essential to review the copywriting examples from existing businesses and examine them closely, to seek advice and inspiration.  

This is not just learning by others’ experience, it is an efficient and effective way to understand why and how the copy converts. To write a persuasive copy, it is primarily important that you understand what a persuasive copy looks and reads like. 

Whether it is the text on a Facebook ad, the brochure of a career counselling class, an educational institution’s scholarship scheme, or making any day to day purchase – a catchy copy that speaks to people and convinces them to take an action, is essential. Now, while your niche of copywriting might differ from the best copywriting examples from successful businesses, it is fairly easy to model them as per your need and area of work. 

The Contents of an Incredible Business Copy

While you might tread safely on the budget line while setting up a new business, one thing that you cannot at all compensate with, is good quality writing. No matter how much of a wasteful expense it might seem at first, a good copywriter will elevate the voice of your business by crafting an impeccable copy. It is the basic ingredient in your outreach to catch more attention and secure clients. 

A few contents of a good business copy are as follows:

It is conversational in its tone

A good business copy will communicate with its readers/ customers as smoothly as you would do while having a conversation over tea or coffee. It will be free of unnecessary usage of technical and complex jargon, to minimise confusion as much as possible.

It has a strong headline

A headline is what catches attention upfront in any copy. Therefore it is essential that as a copywriter you take out time separately to create a tight and great headline. Whether you write blogs, an ad copy or marketing copy, a good headline cannot be done away with, under any circumstance.

It should tell a believable and compelling story

It is very important that your copy narrates an experience in the form of a story. Stories have the power of grasping attention and interest. Your copy needs to tell a story, something of which stays with the reader after the text finishes. Adding plain facts won’t keep them attentive for long.

Make use of visuals

While text is the king in a copy, there is interesting evidence in the form of several existing copywriting examples that the use of good and efficient visuals enhances the appeal of a copy. 

A good copy is typo-less

Make sure your copy is free from errors of spelling, grammar and syntax. There are softwares and third-party programs available for the same.

Focus on relevancy and be current

One of your major focuses while writing a copy, irrespective of whatever niche you are catering to, should be relevance to the current trends and practices. 

A clear call to action is essential

A compelling copy stands on the foundation of a clear call to action. Tell people why they should or want to buy, join, purchase, and invest or whatever action the copy is asking them to take. 

Resources and Tools that You Can Use to Create an Incredible Copy

With the advent of internet marketing and half of our lives and livelihoods dependent on the new age information technology, writing a good and compelling copy is not only a requirement but also a pressing need. While technology has created lucrative means to catch the attention of any average individual in multiple ways, it has also made it incredibly difficult to make text an attractive and spellbinding medium of catching and keeping attention and maintaining interest. 

Thanks again to advancements, there are a lot of resources and tools available for you to create a good and masterful copy. 

A few such resources and tools are listed below:

Books on copywriting

One of the best books that can be called an almost-bible for copywriters worldwide, is ‘The Copywriter’s Handbook’ by David Ogilvy. 

‘The Adweek Copywriting Handbook’ by Joseph Sugarman is an equally acclaimed read for copywriters and marketers. It is a practical guide by Sugarman who himself is a legendary copywriter. 

Another book inspired by personal and life experiences, ‘The Boron Letters’ by Gary Halbert shares insider secrets and wisdom from the writer. 

An interesting and different read, that delves into the art of good writing, not copywriting specifically, is Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’. Though a little away from the subject, it explains the basics of drawing attention through the medium of text, in the form of anecdotes and episodes shared by King. 

Blogs and websites that share insight about copywriting

One of the blogs that a lot of copywriters find useful, is ‘The Rant’ by John Carlton, who shares everything from A to Z about copywriting. ‘The Copywriter’s Roundtable’ is another blog that covers topics from sales, marketing, writing, positioning and more. There is a variety of content available on the web that documents the marketing and copywriting journey of individuals and businesses on a regular basis. 

Copywriting courses that you might want to take a look at

There are a lot of courses available on the internet that teach you copywriting step by step. ‘Conversion Copywriting 101’ is a popular one, which guides you through the medium of e-modules. If you want to get into a schedule of writing, ‘Copy Hour’ might be a good choice, as it compels you to spend a fixed amount of time working with copies. 

Best Copywriting Examples from Businesses with Incredible Copies to Learn From

Here are some assorted examples of incredible business copies that are worth seeing, observing and learning from. 

1. Harry’s About Page

An American company selling shaving equipment, Harry’s has an impeccable About Us page. As crucial as a good About Us page can get, this company acknowledges the problem in the razor industry. They have made a concrete effort in communicating what is important to them and how their product is adding value and in what way. Harry’s About Us page is personal, conversational and has a strong call to action.

2. KFC India’s Twitter Feed

A great medium to market yourself these days is social media and KFC India churns the power of twitter to present its fun, witty and humorous side, through its feed. Their content is highly relatable and they undoubtedly have the best replies to customer comments. KFCs copywriters are also known for salvaging its reputation by writing the catchiest and wittiest apology to its customers during the 2018 chicken shortage in the UK. Indeed one of the best food copywriting examples to learn from.


3. Nike’s advertising

Right from its catchy tagline that is both crisp and easily memorable, Nike came up with NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick featured in an ad, which stated, “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything’.  Though it has no metaphorical meaning, it shoots straight to the mind and heart of the targeted audience. 

4. Oatly’s ad posters

Swedish oat milk company Oatly used a balanced combination of honesty and gentle humour to reach out to its customers. They initiated a sequence of posters where the first stated – “Look! A poster trying to get the attention of someone who might be interested in barista edition oat milk”, accompanied by a second poster which read, “Look! A poster trying to do the exact same thing as that poster”. These hilarious and honest posters made the customers want to read the subsequent ones too.


5. LinkedIn’s metrics in their ad copy

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions uses metrics in its ad copy, thus facilitating its audience access to in-depth data. They tell you about the market itself and that is what initiates a kind of deep, engaging conversation with an audience that is eager for proven results. 

6. Old Spice’s Website

Another on the list of best product copywriting examples is Old Spice. It intelligently uses the terms associated with masculinity in a non-offensive, fun way to make catchy taglines and phrases, like “Buy a manly amount and save money”. Their brand personality reflects through their website copy.

7. ACAG and Saatchi & Saatchi’s ‘Think Before You Adopt’ print ad

A remarkable combination of an image that speaks and the phrase ‘Till _______ do us part’, Saatchi and Saatchi pose a rhetoric of self-reflection to the audience. Below the statement are listed potential obstacles to pet ownership. 


8. Ford Motor Company’s Bronco Instagram Post

When Ford introduced the newest generation of Broncos, they raced up the game with a highly creative Instagram post. It not only showcased its latest Bronco, but also added in the two earlier versions, making the punch line neat and effective – ‘Three’s a family’.


9. Amazon’s ‘Show Hole’ ad

As a part of its ‘Show Hole’ campaign for the Amazon Fire TV, Amazon summed up a TV viewer’s post-bingeing experience in the form of a video advertisement. The Showhole hashtag is a pretty popular one. The copy for this video ad has been written with a dash of humour and it is relatable for the audience.  

10. RXBAR’s Product Packaging copy

When choosing your protein bars and digestive biscuits, you might have found yourself turning the bar to see the ingredients on its flipside. RXBAR has just cracked open the right shell, by featuring a list of the bar’s ingredients on the front of the packet. This worked as a statement of their transparency with their customers. 

11. Brooklinen’s Wordplay

When Mark accidentally sent a Black Friday marketing email to one of his colleagues one day, the email went viral. The customers were happy to pounce upon a chance mistake by the marketing intern of the bedding company Brooklinen. The company made a huge profit. When later confirmed, the accidental email was not a mistake on Mark’s part, it was one of Brooklinen’s smartest marketing strategies in action. Their taglines and product descriptions are extremely eye-ball catching too. (An example: ‘The most popular sheets on the internet at a price that won’t keep you up at night’). This is one of the best email copywriting examples camouflaged as a mistake. 

12. The Hustle’s Email opt in page

Known for its good grasp on the copy, The Hustle creates an interesting and personal email opt-in page that states, “Your smart, good looking friend that sends you an email each morning with all the tech and business news you need to know for the day”. The USP of their excellent copy is the ‘make-it personal’ factor. 

13. Medium’s ‘Our Story’ page

With an honest ‘Our Story’ page that makes interesting use of the known concept of striking across words and using red and green colours in text. With a list on the left that states the obvious about social media platforms and advertisers, struck across in red, a list with ‘People’ written in green , on top, is followed by what people actually would like to see. 

14. Lion Matches Vintage ad

With a sharp and meaningful copy, Lion Matches makes you believe that a matchstick might be the most valuable product in the entire world. The vintage advertisement features the tip of a single matchstick, which is accompanied by the statement, “I light cigarettes, cigars, pipes, candles, lamps, fires, stoves, fridges, geysers, Christmas pudding and distress flares and I cost three hundredth of a cent. It’s easy to see I’m not in it for the money”.


A killer copy like one of these will focus on what the buyer’s main objective is, what the goal of the company is and what is their most potent skill that can make the copy unique and outstanding. With a balanced combination of these factors, and an observational learning from these incredible copywriting examples, nothing can stop you from crafting the business copy of your dreams. 

Key Takeaways

  • Even if you have a tight budget, copywriting is an area you cannot cut back from. 
  • To craft an incredible copy, it is essential to have- a conversational tone, a good headline, efficient visuals and a story-like narrative. 
  • In the age of information technology, only a compelling and eye-catching copy can retain the viewer’s attention.
  • You can make effective use of tools like- books on copywriting, blogs that provide tips and copywriting courses.
  • You can learn how to write a crisp and brilliant copy by observing existing incredible copywriting examples from businesses. 
  • Pay attention to what aspects these business copies have focused or emphasized upon.
  • You can seek inspiration and model these ideas to suit your niche.


1. Which companies have the best copywriting?

Some of the best copywriting agencies are: 
1. Stratton Craig
2. Copify
3. Rightly Written
4. The Quick Word Company
5. ABC Copywriting
6. Tanda Copywriting
7. The Creative Copywriter 

2. How do you write an amazing sales copy?

In order to write an amazing sales copy, you have to define your goal and identify your target audience primarily. After which, you can start creating the copy using call- to action statements, making the text readable and highlighting the benefits of your offer. 

3. What does a good copywriting sample look like?

A good copywriting sample would be precise, memorable and unique. It attempts to demonstrate that the copywriter is aware of the needs and demands of the target audience. An example of a crisp and good copy is this famous six word story, ‘For Sale: Baby shoes. Never worn’. 

4. What is a copy in advertising?

In advertising or web marketing, copy refers to the output of the copywriters, whose objective is to write material that encourages the target audience to buy goods and services. It could be expressed in words, figures, or even visuals. And its function is to deliver the intended message to the consumers. 

5. How can a beginner start copywriting?

There is no specific degree that an individual needs to start copywriting. It is although a good idea to take a short course or self-study using available material. You can begin copywriting by working on your communication and creative thinking skills. Mastering short form copy is the first step, followed by research and building swipe files with examples from existing copies of businesses, and learning from them.

6. What is a company copy?

A company copy is any published text written by a copywriter who is employed to write advertisements or marketing content for a business or a service. A company copy is also known as a sales copy.