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8 Content Writing Services That Are Value for Money

Team Pepper
Posted on 1/04/226 min read
8 Content Writing Services That Are Value for Money
: Are you seeking content writing services within a reasonable budget? Learn about eight cheap but excellent content writing services here.

Nowadays, quality content is integral for all brands. Brands are more than ever willing to invest in effective website content writing services to elevate their portal experience for the consumers. They also do not shy away from hiring other content marketing companies to execute 360-degree marketing campaigns.

The power of engaging, structured, and valuable content is immense. It can be a foundation of your brand communication and attract audiences to your business. 

Do you want to keep driving the interest of your target audience? Creating and posting content regularly is very important. Consistently showing up will keep everyone informed about your business. But with all this, remember one thing. Make sure that your content is reaching the right audience.

As the demand for content writing services has increased, so have the prices. However, many businesses like yours still look for services that are cheap yet excellent. The key is to determine which service is the best fit for your business. 

Are There Any Significant Benefits of Content Writing Services Offered by Relatively Cheap Providers?

The answer is yes! Though the word ”cheap” has been synonymous with low quality and is usually looked down upon, it is not always true.

Web content writing has become one of the most expensive services in the world. Not every business can afford it. Outsourcing quality content from top companies is a dream for many. But if you can’t afford their services, you need to opt for a better substitute. By picking up a better alternative, we choose cheap yet quality content writing services. 

Many freelance writers and even platforms offer different types of content at a lower price. You still might have questions if low-priced work would be of quality or not. It doesn’t necessarily have to be. Yes, there are chances that you might end up working with an inexperienced writer. But, high experiences don’t always match the quality you look for. 

You have to optimize your process of vetting a large pool of writers. There are writers with creative thoughts but poor grammar and English. On the other side, there are even writers with impeccable English and Grammar but lack creativity. Thus, finding a writer with all these qualities is essential. 

We understand that finding out the required services is a challenging task. There is always a fear of selecting the wrong writer and landing in a project failure. Thus, we are here to help you with the same.

So, how will you find writers offering quality content writing at a low price? We have made it quite simple for you. Here are some cheap and creative content writing services that can be a game-changer for your business. 

8 Cheap but Excellent Content Writing Services 

This section will cover a list of cheap content writing services that you need to check out today.

1. Peppercontent


It’s a bit of self-promotion, but it is true that in sync with its position on the list, Pepper is numero-uno when it comes to content writing services. With a team of 50,000 and forever growing, you rest assured to obtain bewitching copies.

Our experts can start from scratch – content ideation and deliver the ultimate output, which would sweep you off your feet. Another plus point is that besides content writing services, you may also avail of other associated services, like design and translation. No wonder we have more than 400 plus clients, a number which is steadily increasing!

2. HireWriters


If you are looking for cheap content writing services, HireWriters is one of your best choices. They have a pool of skilled writers from different backgrounds. 

You can choose a writer based on expertise, budget, and ratings. The pricing starts from $1.85, which is the beginner level. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to ask for reworks. In the end, you need to be satisfied with the outcome. 

3. Godot Media


Godot Media offers content writing services, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for skilled copywriters or content writers; they have got you covered.

They have writers with expertise in the various niche who fulfills your different content requirements. You have the freedom to pick writers according to their skills and pricing. Moreover, Godot Media even offers unlimited revisions and discounts on particular projects. If you are looking for platforms that offer quality content, this is the one for you!

4. EpicWrite


Long-from content writing usually needs to be packed with informative, relevant, and valuable content. Let us tell you that not every writer is capable of doing that.

Their pricing plans are bifurcated as Basic, Professional, and VIP. The writing criteria are mentioned under all the plans, making it easy to choose the best. At EpicWrite, the output will most of the time result in well-researched, error-free, and quality content. 

5. Writer Access


Today, you need quality yet SEO-friendly content if you want to scale your business. Writer Access has some talented and skilled writers on board, fulfilling all types of content requirements. Their pricing plans vary from per project to per word basis. Additionally, they even offer monthly subscription plans with various benefits. 

6. TextBroker


Since we are talking about cheap content writing services, you want services that charge too little. At TextBroker, they charge as low as $0.013. It’s you who needs to figure out if the writer meets your requirements. From ad copies to long articles, they offer different content writing services. In the end, you get to choose if you want to opt for a per word or per-project basis. 

7. The Article Factory


Offering budget-friendly and quality articles, The Article Factory is a good option if you seek bulk articles. They also have writers for different niches that might suffice your content requirements. You can even add keywords you want to get ranked for on search engines. Moreover, most orders are delivered within 24 hours. The pricing is $1 per article. 

8. iWriter


With iWriter, you can get quality content as low as $1.40 for 500 words under their standard plan. The plans are categorized as Standard, Premium, Elite, and Elite Plus. With 1000s of writers globally, they ensure that the content delivered to you is packed with quality and error-free. 


Content has become a necessity. Whether you are a business owner, digital marketing expert, or even a social media professional, your content should be engaging, valuable, and relevant. However, we know that not everyone can afford premium content writing services. 

Therefore, we took some time to list down the cheap content writing services for you. We highly recommend you go through these websites at least once. 

Effective writing is time-consuming. Hiring writers at lower rates can save you time and money. We hope you refer to these websites to secure great content and value for your hard-earned money!


1. How can you select writers with the lowest pricing? 

All the content writing services have different yet simple hiring processes. Most of these websites have categorized their writers based on their skills, expertise, and pricing. We suggest you go through their plans and understand them in-depth. Finally, make the best choice for yourself.

2. Will you be charged per-word or per-project basis?

The pricing differs on all the platforms. Some platforms charge based on per word, and some charge based on the project. However, some platforms offer both pricing methods, including a monthly plan for users as well. You can choose the best pricing method as per your requirement.

3. What is the lowest pricing for content writing services? 

Platforms like TextBroker charge as little as $0.013 to their customers. The pricing can go high based on expertise and skills. But, you can always select according to the budget that suits you. After all, the final decision is yours. We suggest you think in-depth and make a wise yet right decision.

4. What factors contribute to the content writing charges? 

Many factors go behind deciding the final cost of content writing services. These factors are the writer’s experience, skills, expertise, grammar, and language accuracy.
Moreover, editing, proofreading, and research work also contribute to these factors. The service providers ensure that a clear brief is taken from you.
After the final brief, all your requirements are incorporated into the content. While reviewing the work, you can decide whether your expectations are met or not. If not, you can always ask for revisions.