5 Stellar Content Writing Examples From Your Favourite Brands

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Posted on 25/11/217 min read
5 Stellar Content Writing Examples From Your Favourite Brands

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  • Why Content Writing is Crucial for Businesses
  • 5 Brands that are Rocking their Content Marketing 
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Content has always been king, more so now than ever before! In fact, brands that know the importance of content are creating better content every single day – each one trying to outdo the other. While some businesses are yet to join the content writing bandwagon, many companies are already bringing out the best in content writing and rising to the top. 

An effective content writing strategy and marketing ensures huge traffic, greater leads, and ultimately higher sales for your businesses. This article talks about 5 brands that are currently leading their respective industries through their highly effective content marketing efforts. But before that, let’s determine what makes content writing the need of the hour, and why it is crucial in the marketing game for brands and businesses. 

Why Content Writing is Crucial for Businesses

When it comes to marketing content writing, SEO is definitely crucial. With the ever-evolving advertisement and digital marketing industry, content has become all the more valuable. But beyond that, content brings a sense of humaneness to your brand. And that is what helps you stand out from the crowd. Let’s understand some key points as to why content marketing is such an important aspect of any business. 

1. Establishes a brand identity and increases awareness

In order to promote your product, you need awareness and time. To let people know more about your product, you must curate appealing article writing samples and publish them on various platforms. Engaging and relatable content will not only inform customers about your brand but also bring more consumers to your business. Also, if you want to increase the pace of your brand’s awareness, you must regularly and consistently publish well-written content pieces.

2. Consistent writing establishes your business

When you share your posts on a regular basis, it leaves a great impression on consumers. Your audience will know more about your brand, business, products, and services. Moreover, reaching out to people on multiple platforms increases their interest and drives them to your business.

3. Well-written content drives better SEO

Content writing helps in brand building by enhancing overall SEO. With clever writing in line with the right keywords, you can have your brand ranked at the top of any SERP (search engine results page).

4. Effective content writing boosts conversion rates

Valuable content writing is the key to moving the audience to the sales funnel. It also increases the chances of a better conversion rate. Regular and well-researched content informs them about your company and helps them form a bond, which in turn drives your brand.

Content marketing helps connect with the audience via different media.

Not all customers are the same, and they all have unique needs. While some prefer reading, some are visual learners, and for some, listening to a podcast is the best way of keeping up to date. This is exactly why using multiple media in your content marketing campaign becomes a win-win strategy for business. Using various formats, you can cater to customer needs via blogs, infographics, videos, white papers, podcasts, e-mails, webinars, live interviews, live Q&As, and so on. While the format may be altered as per audience preferences, there is ample room for experimenting and delivering your business idea.

5. Good content will go viral

If your website content writing is well-written and of good quality, it will be shared. The more it is shared, the greater its value. Ensure that these content pieces are reaching the right audiences. Proper headlines, thoughtful keywords, and provoking opening lines will generate more shares of your content.

Demand Metric notes that about 70 percent of people today prefer to educate themselves about a brand or company through some form of content, preferably an article rather than an advertisement! Further, to this, the research also shows that content marketing costs approximately 62 percent less than traditional marketing but yields about three times the leads as compared to traditional marketing.

Marketing Content Writing Examples from 5 Top Brands

So now that we have established the importance of content writing and marketing, let’s talk about brands that are acing that department. These brands’ content is creative, well-researched, and well-designed – not to mention distributed through the right channels!

1. LinkedIn

Today, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to reach a specific target audience and certainly the best place to connect with professionals. It is one of the finest platforms for procuring professionally relevant content.

LinkedIn has mastered the golden approach of content marketing: Develop content to serve your customers and not your own brand. Another LinkedIn mantra is, ‘less is more, and it has surely succeeded with it. Through its content, LinkedIn educates its audience, repurposes content and very efficiently extracts content from e-books, converts whitepapers to blog articles, cross-promotes its original content effectively.


2. GoPro

From manufacturing the best action cameras to developing its own video editing software and mobile apps, GoPro has been acing the content game. Be it a unique marketing strategy, ‘Let your audience express itself’ or ‘Be a hero’, GoPro has made itself a bestseller by popularising its website content mainly through adrenaline-pumping videos.

The company capitalizes on User Generated Content (UGC) by giving users the opportunity to become brand ambassadors by simply uploading and sharing their videos on the GoPro channel, which has over 9 million subscribers! Today, UGC is an integral part of its marketing strategy. It’s among the best examples of blending external content into the organization’s blog, wherein many adventure enthusiasts take part in sharing tips, experiences, and feedback as well.

Beyond this, GoPro is already catering to segments like wildlife movies and music festivals. Their next campaign is already buzzing with people streaming their adventure activities directly on Twitch, YouTube Live, and Facebook Live.


3. Amul

Amul is possibly India’s most successful dairy product brand. Amul is also special because it has managed to engage with its audience constantly and has stayed relevant year after year in the minds of consumers ever since it was founded.

So, what is Amul doing to stay constantly relevant in this highly competitive digital world? Amul creates quality content in abundant quantities! Right from a trending social issue, to a political one, or creating awareness for the environment, to care for the nation, Amul’s creative and pun-intended content never fails to surprise us. Through its brands’ mascot (the Amul girl), it never shies away from conveying its boldest opinion.

The quirky yet meaningful meme-styled content is a hit amongst its audience and keeps them engaged. Moreover, this dairy brand has pitched its content successfully on various social media platforms and has earned a huge number of followers.


4. Zomato

Zomato was originally called FoodieBay and had started off as a simple food review website. Zomato’s success largely depends on its unique content writing examples and marketing.

Right from using SEO to the maximum extent, registering millions of pages online to getting backlinks from countless other websites, Zomato is indeed a content marketing mammoth! 

When it comes to social media marketing, the brand is highly cautious while creating novel social media posts and other engaging ads to stay connected. It has even nailed perfect content marketing through its unique email marketing strategy. Zomato compiles catchy one-liners as subject lines and writes a compelling call-to-action in conclusion. 

For instance, one of its recent email campaigns revolved around the Amazon Prime Video series, Mirzapur Season 2. Zomato’s weekend marketing mantra said, ‘Munna Bhaiya invited you to a weekend’. The other read, ‘Enjoy a weekend to Guddu to be true.

Furthermore, Zomato is excelling in the visual advertising space as well. They have impressive content on billboards and video adverts.


5. Nykaa

The Indian beauty brand, Nykaa is leading the beauty industry with a massive customer base. Social media platforms play a great role in their marketing strategy. Right from effective content marketing strategies on YouTube to their in-house blogs, their quality content keeps the audience engaged.

Apart from focusing on selling its products, Nykaa offers consumable content to its audience, which involves beauty tips, makeup hacks, personal care tips, beauty solutions, and much more. Furthermore, Nykaa has excelled in the influencer marketing segment as well, where the brand posts content created by influencers and customers. Also, the brand’s young professionals are busy creating effective video content including makeup hacks, grooming tutorials, DIYs, and so on.



Effective content writing examples with a blend of creativity and the right marketing tools can do wonders for your brand. In order to create a buzz and achieve your business goals, it has to be engaging and long-term. We hope that the content writing examples of various brands and their stellar marketing strategies have inspired you and will help in creating a more informed content strategy.

Key Takeaways

  • An effective content writing strategy and marketing ensures good traffic, greater leads, and ultimately higher sales for your business.
  • With the ever-evolving advertisement industry, content has become all the more valuable, specifically in this digital era.
  • Engaging and relatable content will not only inform customers about your brand but also bring more consumers to your side.
  • Regular and well-researched content informs customers about your company and helps them form a bond with you, which in turn supports your brand.
  • You can cater to customer needs via blogs, infographics, videos, white papers, podcasts, e-mails, webinars, live interviews, live Q&As, and so on.


1. What are some good content writing examples?

Content writing examples include the following: 
1. Article and blog writing
2. Website copy 
3. Social media content 
4. Video and podcast scripts  
5. eBook scripts

2. Why is content writing important for business? 

1. Better brand identity and increased awareness
2. Consistent writing establishes your business
3. Better SEO
4. Better conversion rates
5. Connect with the audience via different media

3. How do you build a brand through content marketing?

1. Develop articles that help in the brand-building process
2. Take into consideration the audience, keep it unique, optimize the brand placement, and streamline the messaging 
3. The content must have a unique positioning in the minds of the readers

4. How is social media content writing different from academic content writing?

1. Academic writing uses a more formal tone.
2. Social media content is written in the first person; academic content is written in the third person. 
3. Personal opinions are not allowed in academic writing and the language used is direct. Also, references and citations are a must.
4. Social media content can be more diplomatic and have a human element to it.