Content Must-Haves Of Every Successful Website

Team Pepper
Posted on 21/09/203 min read
Content Must-Haves Of Every Successful Website

A successful business is dependent on its website. In this digital age, a website that showcases a business holds the key to a number of critical aspects. Your website can, with ease, drive a lot of traction to your store. It can create the necessary hype about your product or service and obviously help to increase your brand’s awareness.

Content is an aspect of a business that helps attract customers and convert their presence into actions. To achieve the above-mentioned goals, here the 5 most important content must-haves for a successful website.

What is the secret to a successful content strategy?

A successful strategy should come with a single goal – to make a website useful while ensuring that it is aesthetically pleasing. Before picking up a server or selecting the HTML tag, you should strategize and sketch out the ways in which you want the website to function.

This is vital for both SEO and the end-user as Google ranking is important and Google considers the structure and the content while ranking. So map out the design and prepare a mock website – this is called ‘wireframing’ according to designers. Also, run it past friends to ensure that the site is both intuitive and is making sense. If a common person understands the logic behind your website, so will your target audience and so will the Google crawlers while ranking your site.

What is the importance of churning out new content?

Content is and will remain the undisputed king. Your website should always be updated and should contain only relevant information. This ensures good conversion rates and rankings on Google. Maintain the freshness of the website by uploading something meaningful and updated as this appeals to users. Good quality, relevant content can be posted on the various social media channels which in turn can lead to your website. Therefore your presence would be much more pronounced and more successful.

Wide range of content

A way to add value to your website is by including various reading materials into the framework of the website. It can come in the form of articles, blogs, listicles or interesting pieces of content containing bright and vibrant photographs. All of these add zing to your website and ensures that visitors are glued to your website due to the type of interactive and informative content that they get to see on the site. Audiovisual media is an effective way through which you can include videos, graphics, a subtle mix of content and graphics to keep the visitor glued.

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How important is Mobile-friendliness

It is the power of the mobile that rules the world. As per comScore, 71% digital minutes in America are spent on using mobiles. Your website in totality has to be mobile friendly and thoroughly responsive while boasting of fresh content. If people are unable to see and read the mobile content then you will have a high bounce rate resulting in low search ranks and even fewer conversions. Therefore a mobile-friendly site is critical as everyone is on the move in today’s modern digital age.

Integration with the Social Media channels

Social media is all-pervasive. It is a constant source of updated information about everything under the sun. People look on social media for new products, news, updates, recipes, reviews- everything possible. Therefore the content on your website should be integrated with social media channels. This would ensure that the content is easily shareable making your website popular. Put Facebook and Twitter feeds in the page footer for propagating the content. Also, add widgets to the content on your website. This would allow visitors to easily share content onto their own social media pages. All possible methods should be employed for integrating your website and social media channels with those of the users.

Along with the 5 points mentioned above, your website should have a clear navigation system. Design a proper wireframe suitable for viewing the content. If you have a complicated setup and too many links and menus on the main page, it is likely that the visitor will get confused and leave the site. It is not a good thing to happen in this cut-throat competitive world. So, keep the design free of clutter, neat, clean and easy to navigate. A logical sitemap will ensure better business yields and lower bounce rates. Also, consider a call to action (CTA) while developing the content and the navigation strategy.

What do you want your viewers to do on your site? State clearly about whether you want them to place an order, be a member, come to your physical store etc. Your content should state clearly the goal.

These are a few important steps to make sure your content is of the correct type, reaches the intended audience and creates the right ripple. Content in all businesses is important and needs thought and care to yield results.