5 Content Marketing Tips Using Webinars As An Example

Team Pepper
Posted on 18/01/223 min read
5 Content Marketing Tips Using Webinars As An Example

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  • 5 Content Marketing Tips Using Webinars As An Example 
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Are you looking for effective content marketing tips to design your marketing strategy for growth? If yes, you must invest in webinars. Recently, webinars have evolved as a crucial tool for business growth, improving brand recognition and sales. In fact, 95% of businesses consider webinars as a critical part of their marketing strategy.


Webinars offer a great way for brands to communicate with their audience directly and in a more personalized manner. It strengthens brand-customer relationships by educating your audience about your brand personality and products.

5 Content Marketing Tips You Should Know Using Webinars As An Example


Webinars have been around for several years. However, this tool has been used to generate leads; its full potential is still underutilized and underestimated. Most marketers have associated webinars with lead generation and neglected the audience experience and their involvement aspects. Today, we will give you the best content marketing tips and explain different webinar formats that you can use to engage your audience.

1. The interview webinar

This webinar format enables you to ask an industry expert queries related to your business field. So, rather than compering a webinar all by yourself, you can interview someone more knowledgeable and create a highly conversational format about the topic at hand.

You can partner with influencers, experts, and thought leaders for your webinar. In the words of Lee OddenLee, TopRank Marketing’s CEO, “Partnering with well-known influencers to co-create content can allow brands to engage and reach increasingly skeptical audiences.”

2. Panel discussion

Panel discussions can really keep your audience engaged and hooked to the webinar. Essentially, it involves several experts coming together and voicing their opinions on a common topic of interest.

Hosting a lively discussion with experts can be highly effective. It can help increase your following, especially if the panelists have a large following. For this, you will require a moderator to lead the conversation or debate. Additionally, you can add a live Q&A segment to motivate the audience to participate and stay on for longer.

3. Live tutorials

By tutorials, we definitely don’t mean product tutorials. Every industry has some kind of industry knowledge, which is non-product related and can be shared with their audience. Typically, companies offering technical solutions, such as an API or a framework, can create live tutorials. They can easily create actionable content around their product and its use to educate the viewers.

4. Case study

Another webinar tip involves leveraging case study webinars. These webinars can serve as a great way to boost sales. Invite happy customers and ask them to share their product or service experience.

Viewers love to hear testimonials from other customers who have already tried and tested the product. You can even add complementary slides or videos to further back your customer’s story and engage the audience.

5. Repurpose your webinar content

Last on our list of webinar tips is the importance of repurposing your old webinar content. There are many different ways to repurpose your content and increase its reach. For instance, you can transcribe your old webinar and post it to boost your SEO. You can start by posting the transcript to your blog, followed by channels like Medium and Quora.

Key Takeaways

  • Webinars are a great way to reach out to your potential audience and engage them authentically.
  • You must experiment with different webinar formats to identify what works best for your audience.
  • Exploring different styles can produce varied interactive experiences and build your viewership.
  • Holding a panel discussion, live interview, or live tutorials is a great webinar tip.
  • Repurposing your webinar content and cross-posting it across varied channels can also increase reach.


Webinars present a brilliant way to engage your potential audience. You need to stop seeing these webinars as a mere lead-generation tool. Your content marketing can also benefit from it. In fact, they serve as one of the best content marketing tips that allow you to hear what your audience has to say. So, experiment with different formats and provide an authentic audience experience.


1. What is content marketing?

It is a marketing tactic to create strategic content to generate interest, engagement, awareness and drive profitable user action.

2. What are some essential content marketing tips?

1. Publish high-quality and informative content
2. Target specific keywords
3. Back your content with data
4. Regularly analyze the success of your content
5. Repurpose your content

3. What is the one webinar tip for it to be successful?

To have a successful webinar, make sure to narrow it down to a specific topic around your industry and offer educational value to the viewers.

4. Can webinars be interactive?

Yes, you can opt for webinar formats such as live chat shows, panel discussions, live Q&A, etc., to make your webinar more interactive.

5. How do I get my webinar to engage more?

You can enable your audience to ask questions in a live webinar and increase participation.