8 Ways to Use Content Marketing For Construction Businesses

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Posted on 11/01/226 min read
8 Ways to Use Content Marketing For Construction Businesses

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  • 8 Ways To Use Content Marketing For Construction Businesses
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Does your construction company have an online presence? If not, the only reason should be that your construction company already has enough leads and is thriving all by itself. However, if you are a struggling construction company or get fewer jobs than you can actually carry out, get motoring with your content marketing strategy. 

Content marketing for construction can indeed work wonders, and it is fairly simple to execute. Of course, an online presence is mandatory for this. If you have a construction company and want to build your database of leads, contacts, jobs, and contractors, all you need to do is expand your online presence. 

Here is a complete guide to building a solid content strategy for the construction industry. 


8 Ways To Use Content Marketing For Construction Businesses

1. Enhance your website

Does your construction company have a website? If not, it is never too late to have one. If yes, is it optimized for SEO? Is it just a regular website reaping zero benefits or a website that could bring in business? 

If it is reaping zero benefits, it is time to enhance your website. When a user lands on your website, it should be worth it. The key to an improved website includes faster loading, easy-to-navigate menus, full details of your company in the footer, actual images of your work, testimonials, links to ‘active’ social media accounts, and a useful blog. 

According to Statista, a whopping 89.76% of the world’s population owns smartphones. This means your next contractor is probably searching for your company online while on the move. So ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. 

2. Automate email marketing

Email marketing is the process of sending emails to your prospective clients, informing them about your latest plans, discounts, offers, campaigns. It provides a touch of personalization.

As per stats, email marketing campaigns can drive an increase in revenue by 76%. Of course, you require a website for email marketing as well. A website helps gather the email IDs of users who are genuinely interested in your business. The popup subscription box on the landing page with an engaging CTA of the website helps with your email marketing. 

Automated email marketing can help you send emails to your prospective clients and bring in business. 


3. Employ local SEO strategies

Local SEO or search engine optimization is a content marketing strategy that aims at placing your website higher in search engine results. When someone searches for a construction company in their area, it allows your company website to appear on top. 

Local SEO is becoming more important as users increasingly employ search engines to locate a business. As per stats, 97% of local users search online to find a local business. Thus, increasing your website’s visibility can help you find new clients. Also, you can list your construction company’s details on online business listings like Google My Business or other popular listings in your country. Such listings don’t necessarily require the use of a website. 

4. Promote through social media

Managing social media content also comes under content marketing. 57.6% of the world’s total population uses social media platforms. Any post/video/reel on social media is considered content marketing. 

As a construction company, how can you make your social media profiles interesting? The best way to engage your audience is by posting good-quality construction pictures. Before and after project pictures are best suited for an Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest audience. You can post videos that include a short tour of your construction projects on YouTube. Use LinkedIn to share your construction company’s company profile and “About Us” in detail. 

Placing social media buttons on the website further leverages your online presence. The key to social media content marketing is to post engaging content consistently to make the most of it. You cannot expect to get likes and comments when you post a single post every two weeks. Hiring a social media content manager can help you maintain your social media accounts well. 

5. Utilize video marketing

There is no doubt that moving pictures have a lasting effect on memory. In an industry like construction, videos play an essential role in truly depicting the beauty of your work. 

Making use of video marketing to your advantage is a good marketing strategy. How can you utilize video marketing in your construction company? If you have a website, YouTube channel, or social media profiles, video marketing is best to seek attention. Videos can focus on satisfied clients talking about your projects and your work or a time-lapse of a construction site. 

Furthermore, you can choose to embed these videos on your website, use them in your blogs, post them on social media profiles, and much more. These videos can help you generate more traffic, increase brand engagement and even increase the website’s dwelling rate. 


6. Leverage direct mail

Direct mail used to be one of the most prominent advertising options for companies. However, it is a highly neglected source of marketing nowadays. This is why it can be a useful marketing technique for construction companies. 

People do not receive many emails these days, making it possible for your direct mail to be noticed easily. You can create an email with worthy content that is in some ways useful for your clients. You can send personalized emails to all your clients to make it more beneficial. Direct mail can also include templates to look attractive and worth reading. 

7. Feature your employees

Portraying the human side of your construction business allows the audience to build trust in your business. Featuring the employees of your business, i.e., the faces behind your business, can help the target audience know your business better and build brand loyalty. 

Using original images of workers on construction sites, interviews of workers, words from past clients, brief descriptions about the top management all add to the business’s credibility and authenticity. 

8. Create content worthy online blogs

A blog section separates a poorly maintained website from the best one. As a construction company, the content creators should focus upon posting at least one blog every 2 to 3 days. This helps in increasing your brand’s visibility. 

You can search for the blogs that suit your industry niche and get a good content writer to work on them. Ensure the blogs are proofread and well written with no grammatical errors before posting them. Improve article visibility by providing information in snippets. 

Key Takeaways

  • Start with an official website. Use ready-made templates or take the help of website builders from WordPress to start. 
  • Enhance your website with widgets, plugins, sliders, footers, and more. 
  • Make vital use of email marketing. If need be, start an email marketing sequence to keep your clients closer. Take the help of a professional marketer for the same. 
  • Each website page’s content (like About Us, Contact, Testimonials, Services) should follow SEO strategies. 
  • While being a traditional form of marketing, direct mail also works wonders. 


Following content marketing tips for a construction company can change a business for good. A good content creator can develop new ideas and strategies to keep the ball rolling. 82% of marketers have chosen content marketing in 2021 alone, vs. 70% in 2020. This ensures that content marketing for construction businesses has excellent potential. 


1. Why does content marketing bring value to the construction business?

– Directs traffic to business website 
– Builds business authority by placing knowledgeable content over the website 
– Increases engagement with your target market
– Bridges the gap between the business and the clients 
– Brings long-term value to the company

2. What are the five winning types of content marketing to grow your business?

– The active blog section of the website
– Video marketing
– Embedding social media posts, UGC, and videos on the website
– Email marketing
– Organizing webinars and campaigns

3. What are the four keys to successful content marketing in the construction business?

– Being aware of content assets like website, social media, email, notifications
– Being aware of the audience and knowing not all audience are customers
– Being aware of the goals of the business inclined with content marketing like attracting new clients
– Being aware of the promotional channels 

4. What are the best content marketing strategies?

– Building more targeted landing pages 
– Segmenting customers based on their buyer personas
– Do proper keyword research before targeting them
– Conduct A/B testing to take decisions like a call to action, headlines, type of content
– Add the touch of storytelling into content
– Evolve with the changing algorithm updates

5. What content should my business post on Instagram?

– Start with creating a business account on Instagram
– Use engaging captions and high-quality photos and videos
– Choose the right profile picture
– Add your website link in your bio
– Make use of influencer marketing to go big