11 Brands Share Their Epic Blogging Tips

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Posted on 19/01/225 min read
11 Brands Share Their Epic Blogging Tips

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Building a dedicated fan base for blogs is no simple task. A thoughtful blog strategy can do more than just rank your blogs on Google – it can inspire old customers to reminisce about your products and bring curious minds to take that last step in making a purchase. If you’re looking for new ways to kick-start your next content marketing campaign, get inspired by blogging tips from these 11 brands that know how to do it right!

11 Brands and Their Blogging Tips

1. Etsy

The one-stop-shop for all things vintage, handmade, and artsy, Etsy is a thriving marketplace for a variety of online shoppers – from sustainability enthusiasts to coin collectors. This makes Etsy’s blog one of the most creative and visually appealing pages.


Blogging tip: Apart from their inspiring content, Etsy’s best blogging tip for success is to make the best possible use of Pinterest to promote blogs. By doing this, the brand garners more than 10 million monthly views. This is an especially useful blogging tip for businesses that are heavily reliant on graphics.


2. Patagonia

Luxury brand Patagonia is all about leaving a footprint in the mighty outdoors, minus the carbon. Wholly consisting of user-generated content, Patagonia offers the best blogging tips and tricks for companies that want to generate blogs using their corporate social responsibility initiatives. 

Blogging tip: No story will resonate with your audience as much as the ones that they write themselves.

3. BarkPost

Among the most fun-friendly businesses to be in, the pet products market definitely has to be at the top of the list. So how do you innovate beyond the usual videos of cute puppies? has the answer. 

Blogging tip: What really catches the attention of Bark’s innovative blog marketing strategy is how consistently funny they are – starting with the title that’s aptly named BarkPost! The whole page is filled with puntastic headings, some written by their own editors and others that are submitted by customers.


To take it a step further, Bark also collaborates with creative artists like illustrators and cartoonists who offer unique perspectives on living with a pet.


4. Redshift

For large organizations, the biggest challenge is to address the multitude of clients who could use the products or services. Autodesk is an innovative R&D software service provider focused on 3D printing, drafting, manufacturing, and product design. As you can expect, their client base is quite vast. Cleverly, their blog Redshift is uniquely organized based on the industries they cater to.

Blogging tip: Redshift’s method of addressing the pressing issues of a variety of clients is one of the most useful blogging tips for businesses in the B2B segment.

5. Trade

There’s no better company that perfectly balances the two flavors like coffee-subscription service, Trade. Their new leads could be people who are happy with their usual order of venti cappuccino with extra foam at the local Starbucks. On the other hand, existing customers (who potentially have to renew their subscription) could be coffee connoisseurs. 


Blogging tip: One sacred blogging tip that can’t be missed is that the purpose of a blog is somewhat contradictory. You may have heard that the benefits of content marketing are two-fold – it brings new leads and helps retain old customers. 

Trade’s blog typically features a highlight post that’s enjoyable for both types of customers. Note how their headlines are unpretentious with a hint of humor.


6. Tesco

An important blogging tip for garnering traction to your website is to be consistent with posts. However, this does not guarantee engagement. To address this concern, Tesco’s creative approach is to juxtapose digital and physical experiences. Rather than having a typical blog, Tesco publishes a magazine every month.


Blogging tip: For organizations that are just transitioning from physical stores to online experiences, having a magazine-like blog can help POS customers take a delightful step towards the digital shopping experience.

7. Hootsuite

From marketing to customer care, social media plays a significant role for all businesses. Social media management service Hootsuite’s blog covers a variety of topics that intrigue all levels of marketing leaders. 


Blogging tip: From content creation till audits, Hootsuite’s blog contains a plethora of informational tidbits, including some data they run on their own site. Plus, featured stories are always relevant to the latest trends in a fast-paced industry.

8. Cheetos

No publicity is bad publicity. But Cheetos takes it to another level with it’s controversial yet intriguing recipes that use Cheetos in everything from shakes to steaks. Say what you will, but here’s the trend line for the keyword “Cheetos recipe.”


Blogging tip: Goofy as it may be, a crucial blog writing tip is to show your readers how to use your products.

9. Rosetta Stone

You’d think that the blog of a language learning course would be filled with prepositions and verb conjugations. Far from it, Rosetta Stone addresses the real-world problems that’s associated with learning a new language in your early 20s and late 30s.


Blogging tip: Snippets about preserving culture and human relationships are always a great add-on for feel-good stories. 

10. AngelList

The classified section that’s exclusive to startups around the globe, AngelList follows a cutthroat approach to the millennial work culture. Their blog addresses common queries among early and mid-career professionals.


Additionally, the company also has dedicated blogs for checking salaries of trending jobs around the world.


Blogging tip: If your company has a singular brand identity, an important blogging tip is ensuring that you develop graphics for an all-around user experience.

11. Oracle

When it comes to tech-heavy blogs, it can be easy to miss out on relatability. However, Oracle does it differently by making good use of the Editor’s Pick section to highlight current affairs and personal stories from Oracle’s customers and employees.


Blogging tip: Highlight personnel stories to grab more interest in your blog. 

Key Takeaways

  • A fundamental blogging tip for new bloggers is to give your posts page a unique name like Etsy Journal or BarkPost.
  • Don’t be afraid to do something quirky, unusual or controversial.
  • Visual appeal is crucial to blog performance.
  • Bring a human element through collaborations, user-generated content and personal stories.


Use these blogging tips from top brands to revitalize your blog page and help your reader-base thrive.


1. How do I blog for my small business?

It’s best to bring out personal stories and user-generated content as early as possible if you’re a small business. Don’t forget to look up the key search terms in your niche.

2. How can I promote my blog?

Social media and email marketing are effective methods to promote your blog.

3. How do I announce my new blog?

Creating posts and stories for social media with relevant snippets of your blog can help you bring attention to your new blog. Don’t forget to add it to your social media bios too.

4. What to avoid in blogging?

Here are the most common blogging mistakes that new bloggers make. 
– Poor research
– Overlooking search engine optimization
– Lack of targeted audience
– Deviating from the point
– Skipping proofreading