5 Valid Reasons to Kick off Medium Blogging Today

Team Pepper
Posted on 13/01/225 min read
5 Valid Reasons to Kick off Medium Blogging Today

Table of Contents

  • What is Medium?
  • How Does Medium Work?
  • 5 Reasons To Start a Medium Blog (With Examples)
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

You may be a fantastic writer who can create compelling content! But ask yourself if it is of any use if your content is brilliant and you have no audience to read it? You need to build a community of readers to consume your content and get more views. 

However, it is easier said than done for bloggers and businesses in general. Having a healthy social media following alone may not convert your content into numbers. This is where writing on Medium can help you! Medium is a fantastic platform to engage a massive following and gain more traffic and views.

This article discussed some valid reasons for you to begin writing on Medium. 

What is Medium?

Medium is an online publishing podium with 60 million monthly active users. This platform was created by Ev Williams, the co-founder of Twitter. Medium is also an open space for writers and readers. It holds a unique appeal in that if you have a good story to tell, it can get extensive exposure, views, and reach. If you can do Medium blogging, your content can surely gain more views and lead to supersonic engagements. 

How Does Medium Work?

Medium blogging is just like Twitter, but it adopts a long-form content format. It is a free-to-join platform, where one can upgrade to memberships at $5. Signing up via Facebook or Google is also possible on Medium. A subscribed user can access unrestricted content as well. 

This platform, which was established in 2012, has emerged as a hub for creators to enjoy massive content reach. With fantastic features available, Medium is a dream come true for budding bloggers. And that brings us to the question – is Medium blogging good? Let’s see ahead. 

5 Reasons to Start a Medium Blog (With Examples)

Medium blogging has many advantages. Let’s check out a few reasons why writing on Medium is recommended!

1. Import content without hassle

Writing on Medium helps you import your content from any other platform and re-publish it. You can copy your story from your personal website with a single click here. And you are not penalized for duplicate content publication. This is considered content syndication.

You can also modify your content on Medium after importing it. Yes, everything is possible from changing the title to document editing to moving images and more! Here’s an example of importing content without issues. 


2. Connect with and supercharge social media patronage

Anyone having spent fortunes and hours of work on creating a compelling social network would like to keep it connected in every possible manner. Linking your social profile to your Medium account means you will be connected with Medium users easily. They will be able to discover you and check out your content feed. 


3. Access post analytics

Medium has a fair idea of the elements that make content engaging. Also, a Medium blog gives you a preview of how it works on each post. You can measure how many people viewed the post, to how many read it till the end, the average time spent and many other metrics. 

The data points available on Medium are views/reads, fans, referrers. Using such data, you can know about the overall reaction of your users on a blog. Based on such insights, you can work on feedback pointers to come out with improved posts.

4. Build a brand new audience

When you start blogging on any other platform, you also have to work hard to get an audience to consume your content. One of the significant perks of Medium blogging is that it comes with an audience. It has so many monthly readers waiting to make any post a hot favorite if it has meat.

This way, you have the incredible opportunity to convert Medium’s readers into a loyal audience. The more hearts your story has on Medium, the higher the chance of it being read by more people.

For example, if you have 200+ likes in less than 24 hours, your stories can end up as most read. Top posts are featured in the front and center of the platform. They may even end up being in the daily digest mail. If your post becomes the story of the day, then the sky’s the limit to getting enhanced exposure. This is a great way to earn more audience and continue glowing on Medium.


5. Don’t be limited by the API

Another significant reason for Medium blogging is that you have absolutely nothing to worry about the application programming interface (API) of the platform. Why? Because it is open to all publishers. In turn, it empowers writers to get content featured anywhere and anytime.

The lack of API makes features on Medium smooth because there is less stress and noise on the platform, and no fake followers. The platform is authentic and clean. In turn, it lets you enjoy the freedom to know how your Medium blogging has performed. And it is one of those insights that are rarely available elsewhere.

Key Takeaways

  • Medium is indeed your ‘go-to’ medium to indulge in limitless and engagingly appealing blogging.
  • Medium is aware of what it takes to make any post super engaging.
  • The platform lets you know how each of your posts has been performing. Such metrics can help you make the necessary changes in your Medium blogs and improve their performance the next time.
  • Medium is a great platform to begin blogging without waiting. You don’t have to care about SEO and search traffic.
  • Medium blogging empowers you to enjoy an audience base, and you don’t have to worry about reaching out to an audience to start engagements.
  • There are no restrictions as far as APIs are concerned on Medium.
  • Medium lets you connect and grow your social media networks – whatever you share on Twitter or Facebook is accessible here.
  • Being able to import content from anywhere else on Medium also makes it one of the best blogging destinations.


You are now aware of a few relevant reasons why Medium blogging holds so much importance. If you have been on the lookout for a grander platform or audience where people can hear you loud and clear, then you should start a Medium blog presence. Yes, if you don’t want to put in a lot of effort, Medium is what you need in your arsenal.

This podium has everything that makes for a great web presence. Once you use tools on Medium with engaging topics – you have got the recipe to capture all hearts!


1. Is Medium blogging really good?

Yes. Medium blogging can be fun and at the same time helps you begin your blog quickly and not care about search traffic. Overall, Medium has all features to make blogging fun and attract limitless audiences.

2. Is Medium free to join?

Yes. Medium is a free platform to join using your Facebook or Google connections. However, if you want to dig deep into what Medium can provide you with, you can subscribe at a charge of $5 per month. In a short time, Medium has become one of the hubs for creators around the globe to enjoy vast readerships and patronage.

3. How much does Medium blogging help you pocket?

Once you set up your account on Medium, you can easily make about $25 every month during the first 3 months. Post this, your monthly Medium blogging earnings may rise to $75, $150, $300, and even $1,000 after regular posting for about 9 months.

4. Do you need to pay to read Medium posts?

No. It is a free-to-publish platform, and your content will always be only yours.

5. Is Medium safe to use?

Yes. Medium is backed by known figures and is incredibly safe to use.

6. Why are there still zero views for my Medium blog?

Your stories may not have been curated, or you may not be posting very actively on Medium. You may also not have many followers. Not many may get massive views during the first month on Medium.