Best Blogging Courses in 2021 (TO HELP GROW AND MONETIZE YOUR BLOG)

Team Pepper
Posted on 20/09/218 min read
Best Blogging Courses in 2021 (TO HELP GROW AND MONETIZE YOUR BLOG)

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • Built to Blog: Get Your First 10,000 Readers and Generate a Six-Figure Blogging Income
    • Free Blogging Course: Kickstart your blog
    • Melyssa Griffin
    • Smart Blogger
    • Grow and Convert
    • Ahrefs: Blogging for Business
    • Backlinko
    • The Persuasion Nation Online Blogging Course
  • FAQs 

Love writing? Can’t resist trying out a new place and writing about what you loved about it in scrumptious details online? Or are you the kind who has merely figured out the solution to a problem a ton of people face and just wants to help others? Or do you wish to bring about a change?

If you have been on the lookout for the best blogging courses in 2021, and want to improve your writing skills, listen up! Here is a list of some of the best blogging courses in 2021 and what makes them tick. 

1. Built to Blog: Get Your First 10,000 Readers and Generate a Six-Figure Blogging Income


With 9 hours of video lectures, 15k words of written content, and 6 hours of interviews with top bloggers, this is one of the most comprehensive online blogging courses you will find if you look to take up your blogging game notch higher.

Price: $497

2. Free Blogging Course: Kickstart Your Blog

If you are looking for a Kickstarter pack for free, this is probably a great deal. This course concentrates more on SEO to help grow your audience. The three steps that Greg highlights as the to-do list are:

  • Choose the right keyword for your target audience
  • Write a good post
  • Propagate your blog using audiences already defined by other people – why start from scratch when some of it is already done for you?

 The course also covers:

  • The types of blogs that help you attract customers  
  • How one can write a post that is SEO Friendly
  • Reaching more than 500 monthly readers through a simple promotion strategy
  • An easy way to create links, in a way that your post rank well SEO wise

3. Melyssa Griffin

Melyssa Griffin, a renowned entrepreneur, started her blog in 2013 that became hugely popular and now focuses on helping others write successful blogs. While she offers some of the best blogging courses for beginners, her course on using Pinterest to grow their blogs is kickass!

So while talking about the best blogging courses in 2021, one is bound to include this one by Melyssa Griffin. With this course, she teaches you how to build an effective email list and website traffic and how to increase traffic organically. Growth without spending big bucks? Sounds like a hack, doesn’t it?


4. Smart Blogger

Starting from scratch? Want to monetize fast? What if we told you “smart blogger” helps bloggers increase their earnings from scratch to $1000, all via a passive income?

It offers a Blog Traffic Blueprint training that works explicitly on helping new bloggers start. There are also hundreds of superb training materials for established bloggers and are looking to grow their businesses. The blog traffic blueprint offers: 

  • Detailed walkthroughs of common blog traffic strategies
  • Examples to highlight how each strategy works
  • Guidance to pick your poison
  • Resources to master each one of their strategies and a lot more!  

If you are just starting, head to Smart Blogger to build a successful blog.

Price: 497$

5. Grow and Convert

While we have seen many courses to help you grow your audience and start earning, we are yet to find one that helps you with the content. Here is one to put your content woes at bay.


Being one of the best blogging courses in 2021, this course is the one that understands that blogging isn’t just about expertise, great ideas, and writing posts. It’s also about creating a balance of market expertise and an abundance of creativity with a foolproof content marketing strategy.

This online blogging course helps budding content enthusiasts become seasoned professionals by teaching them how to attract target readers, engage their audience, boost website traffic, generate new leads, and create good sales. It teaches effective systems for –

  • Creating the right kind of content for the right kind of traffic
  • Turning website traffic into viable leads
  • Taking that traffic to a call-to-action page
  • Progressing your skills and sales
  • Converting email subscribers to customers  

Pricing: $699 for a lifetime and $135/month for six months

6. Ahrefs: Blogging for Business 

While most of the courses we talked about were more from an end-consumer point of view, now it is time to look at a course for business.


The Ahrefs blog is quite valuable for providing a mix of free education and effective tools for finding niche information, competitor research, or even traffic. Not just that, it also has an excellent course for bloggers.

In their course, bloggers learn to grow their blog past the coveted 100k visitors’ monthly mark and quickly turn readers into customers. Some of the modules they train on are –

  • The positive effect of content marketing done right
  • Major strategies of growing one’s blog
  • Analysing website traffic potential and influential ranking based on keyword relevance
  • Finding unique content ideas targeted at businesses
  • Optimizing articles for keywords
  • Creating content that is self-promoting
  • How to create link-worthy content, build backlinks, and more

The course includes interviews with industry professionals like Bryan Harris, making it one of our top recommendations for the best blogging courses in 2021.

7. Backlinko


While starting a blog of your own, it’s essential to learn the basics and how to rank your page high on search engines like Google. So while talking about the best online blogging courses, it would be unfair not to include Backlinko.

When you sign up for a course on Backlinko, you get good blogging advice and ways you can implement to rank your blog high on the SEO parameters. This would help you separate your work in a sea of other blogs, waiting for the right audience.

8. Persuasion Nation Online Blogging Course


Mary Fernandez, a famous digital marketing strategist, has spent the last eight years of her life creating her online education business, studying marketing, and learning how to grow 7 to 8-figure online marketplaces. She has come up with the Persuasion Nation – Online Blogging, one of the best online blogging courses to help you with her experience on how to write better and rank your blog higher on search engines. Her immense experience in this field not only helps you but also elevates the level you can put into your work.

When you join her blogging course, you get access to her complete guide for online creators that includes more than 80 video lessons, an exclusive invite to her members-only community, and the ability to watch her office hour sessions that happen bi-weekly.

While these are some of the best blogging courses in 2021 that you can take, there are many others you can choose based on what you need. Other courses by renowned platforms include Persuasion Nation online blogging course, authority hacker, fizzle, and many more.

While some of you may not blog professionally, it never hurts to make the most of every little that you do. With these courses, you can not only kickstart your blog but also start earning a passive income through doing what you love doing – writing!

However, there are many things you should probably figure out before starting a blog of your own. No matter the objective, blogging plays by a few simple rules, whether for monetization or impact. Let us go through these and get the theory right before starting blogging. 

Basics to Know Before You Start Blogging

  • Know your customer: While this seems to be pretty basic, it is always at the core of any marketing or even people activity. While both interior design enthusiasts and botanists love plants, they have different reasons for doing so. What works with one may not work with another.
  • Help customers find you: What is on the last page of Google? Even Google doesn’t know. Have a keyword strategy in place that helps build credibility online so your searchers can find you easily. While being on the first page of Google isn’t always easy, it is undoubtedly rewarding.
  • Get connected: Probably the easiest and essential part of blogging. Build an email list by asking your readers to subscribe. It takes them a minute, but if they like your content, they will probably do it. Once you directly connect to them, you can keep engaging them with more and more stories.
  • Be presentable: A blog is neither a book nor a comic, so balance your imagery with text and vice versa. While some people love visuals more, some prefer reading. Tell a story that uses both.   

Now that you know what is important and what to focus on, let’s talk about the approach to building a blog; what does it exactly involve?

First, you pick your niche. More often than not, this is something you are passionate about and have at least some sort of experience in. Once you choose a niche, follow with the blog name and your domain.

Next, you decide on a content strategy, an innovative campaign that will interest your target audience, and create a few blogs that give your blog character. A pinch of humor always does some good. Now that you have a few articles or posts you can use, work on your keyword research, consumer demographics and set up calls-to-action to help you build your email list over time.

Then we get to the growth part – this is where we work on driving traffic to your blog by creating a kickass SEO strategy. Once you have a constant inflow of new users coming in and a batch of loyal readers, it is time to monetize your blog.

Most courses given below will take you through a journey with all the above milestones and more. But first, some pointers on choosing your blogging course. While many free blogging courses are available, they might not be precisely the ones that you are looking for, so don’t shy away from investing in some top blogging courses if you believe in your writing enough. 

  • Most courses come with a hefty price tag – While you may consider this an expense, think of it as an investment.
  • Know how you learn – While some people learn by watching videos or listening, some prefer to read and check infographics. Check out the table of contents to review how the information will be shown to you and whether this will or won’t work for you.
  • Know what you want to learn – While some blogs are great for helping you grow and some help build better content, some help you monetize your current audience better. If you know what you are looking to build on, you can choose more smartly.


1. Are there any free blogging courses available?

Yes, they are, but most of them are either hard to find, outdated, or just not as detailed as the paid ones.

2. Can blogging be my primary source of income in the future?

Yes absolutely, just remember like any other career, it requires the necessary groundwork and time to reap the best results.

3. I have a blog, but it’s not being monetized. What can I do?

The most straightforward answer to that is, don’t give up. If you love what you do and put your heart and soul into it, it is bound to grow in the future. If things are not working out for you, you can also take out some time to learn and tweak your writing for the best results.

4. Are blogging courses worth it?

If you are someone who wants to become a writer and wants to learn the nitty-gritty of writing a blog and eventually earning money out of it, then yes, a Top Blogging Course may just be worth it for you.

5. What are the things I need to keep in mind while starting a blog?

For every beginner, learning more about SEO, keywords, and choosing the right topic is the best thing to keep in mind.

6. The topic for my blog is already being used in many places, is continuing still worth it?

Yes, absolutely. The various blogs on the same topic differ just by the way the writer writes them. Just do your things, and results will follow.

7. Are blogs profitable in 2021?

Of course, they are! Not only are blogs profitable, but they are also a great way to exercise your writing skills as well as indulge your passions (even in 2021). So go ahead, and sign up for a blogging course to brush up on your skills!