19 Best SEO Websites You Can Count On

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Posted on 12/01/225 min read
19 Best SEO Websites You Can Count On

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Google handles roughly 63,000 search requests every second, which equals 5.6 billion daily searches. Essentially, this means that every single individual with an internet connection uses Google at least once a day. Due to the grandiosity of this number and the sheer volume of information, it can be overwhelming for an individual. Thus, it is always a good idea to bookmark the best SEO websites on your web browser. 

SEO standards are always evolving. Search engines, just like social media, email marketing, and future technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), are constantly refining the way they give results to consumers.  It is vital for a marketer to stay on top of information, such as localization, page authority, click-through rate (CTR), and even queries from voice assistants. To help you become a better marketer, we’ve compiled a selection of the finest SEO blogs available today. 


19 Top SEO Blogs to Bookmark

From multi-author sites to blogs that cover a wide range of marketing topics, go through the below-mentioned list to find out about the best SEO resources.

1. Distilled

Distilled’s staff offers digital marketing insights and thoughts, with SEO serving as the platform for that dialogue. From video marketing and zero-click searches to copywriting resources, you can find all SEO-related information on Distilled. 

2. Google Search Central

You must understand how search engines operate if you work in the search marketing sector. Google Search Central, formerly known as Google Webmasters,  informs marketers about the latest news and events pertaining to the search engine, along with some practical SEO tips. 

3. geoLocalSEO

If you’re interested in local and mobile search, the geoLocalSEO blog is a good place to start. It offers local and mobile search industry tips and techniques.

4. John Battelle’s Search Blog

Battelle’s musings include search engines, big tech, cryptocurrencies, and much more. He is a co-founder of WIRED magazine and a search engine marketing pioneer.

5. Copyblogger

Copy is an essential component of SEO performance. This blog unearths some of the most useful SEO best practices in order to craft content that resonates with the audience. 

6. Ahrefs Blog

Ahrefs is unquestionably one of the industry’s most highly rated and best SEO blogs. The entire blog is packed with some of the greatest in-depth articles on SEO, link building, blogger outreach, and other topics that you can utilize to advance your website’s reach. You should study the Ahrefs Blog, especially if you’re a novice marketer seeking practical SEO tips.

7. The Moz Blog

Another one of the top SEO blogs, The Moz Blog is ideal for businesses seeking research and insights in terms of SEO and digital marketing. Moz has become the gold standard in SEO resources today. Its contributors write informative posts to help you learn more about search marketing.

8. Neil Patel’s Digital Marketing Blog

Neil Patel and his team of professional marketers write about digital marketing news and tips from all corners of the industry. Their videos are as captivating as their blog postings. 

9. Search Engine Land

It is one of the top platforms for in-depth news and analysis of the search marketing business. Covering information on search engines, search engine marketing, as well SEO, this is one of the best SEO sites

10. Gotch SEO

GotchSEO is a must-read blog for anybody searching for proven SEO tactics in the areas of link development, on-site SEO, and content production. It has helped numerous businesses enhance their search engine rankings. 

11. Lion Zeal Blog

Daryl Rosser’s Lion Zeal is another top SEO blog on the list. It has helped thousands of agencies, consultants, and other businesses gain high-ticket clients through enhancements in their digital marketing strategies.

12. cognitiveSEO Blog

Razvan Gavrilas founded the cognitiveSEO blog in 2010. If you want to discover cutting-edge SEO tactics that can help you improve your search engine results pages (SERP) ranking, then this blog is a must-read.

13. Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward’s blog is the place to go if you’re searching for in-depth case studies on SEO and web marketing. This blog is an excellent resource from which to learn everything from link building to website conversions to traffic generation. 

14. Robbie Richards

If you’re looking for concrete SEO recommendations and online marketing strategies that you can use immediately, then this blog is for you. 

15. The Seer Interactive Blog

Seer Interactive specializes in SEO, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and analytics. It also has a fantastic blog that covers topics such as SEO, sponsored marketing, and Google Analytics. 

16. Tubular Insights

Tubular Insights is a resource for marketers interested in learning more about the influence of internet video on SEO. Whether you’re a publisher, advertiser, or marketer, this blog will help you monetize your video content. 

17. Yoast

Yoast is a website optimization training and integration tool for those who wish to learn how to improve their sites’ rankings. Its blog discusses SEO strategies as well as user experience.

18. Search Engine Journal

One of the best SEO resources on the internet, Search Engine Journal provides the latest information on SEO to digital marketers. From content marketing and enterprise SEO to keyword research, this blog has it all

19. Backlinko

This top SEO blog dives deep into SEO and link building strategies to bring you the most up-to-date news and analysis on the current ranking factors.

Key Takeaways

  • Google handles approximately 63,000 search requests every second. 
  • Search engines are always evolving with their ranking protocols. 
  • In order to become a successful marketer, it is important to read some of the best SEO websites. 
  • Distilled, Neil Patel’s Digital Marketing Blog, Backlinko, geoLocalSeo, and Yoast are some of the top SEO blogs that you can bookmark for reference. 


In order to come up with a game-changing SEO strategy, it is highly important to understand the finer nuances of the SEO industry. In addition to knowing about the top market trends, it is also essential to keep yourself apprised of the latest updates and events in the SEO world. Regularly browsing the best SEO websites can help you do just that. 


1. What is the greatest SEO tactic for a website?

Technical SEO increases a site’s readability (making it easier for search engines to scan and comprehend the site) and delivers a positive user experience (helping search engines realize that the site is of high quality).

2. How does SEO help you get more traffic?

SEO increases your website traffic by ensuring that it appears in relevant searches. The technique of attaining a natural placement on SERPs is known as organic SEO.

3. What are the different types of keywords in SEO?

Short-tail, longtail, product-defining, customer-defining, geo-targeting, and intent targeting are a few categories of keywords. When employed in diverse scenarios, each of these keywords has unique potential that can double your SEO efforts.

4. What are some key statistics for SEO?

SEO is viewed as more effective than PPC advertising by 70% of marketers. And 61% of marketers say their top inbound marketing objective is enhancing SEO and expanding their organic presence.