The 20 Best Sales Blogs You Must Bookmark For Quality Content

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Posted on 25/01/226 min read
The 20 Best Sales Blogs You Must Bookmark For Quality Content

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A sales blog is a repository of sales-oriented content. It’s a resource salesperson can immensely benefit from. Now, you must be wondering if it is possible to read sales blogs as a busy sales professional who is hell-bent on achieving their goals. After all, every minute you spend on a blog post is a minute you could have spent connecting with a prospect, coaching a salesperson on an essential skill, or creating a new qualification framework to help your company scale. 

Well, the question isn’t if you can afford to spend time reading sales blogs, the question is: Can you afford to not read sales blogs? In today’s fiercely competitive sales environment, you simply can’t say “no” to knowledge. Whether you are a sales manager, representative, or executive, you can improve your selling skills exponentially by incorporating other people’s experiences, wisdom, and strategies into your own growth plan.

Below is a list of the best sales blogs we have compiled to help you locate the most valuable content.

20 Sales Blogs You Must Bookmark For Quality Content

1. LinkedIn Sales Solutions

This blog will help you maximize the potential of LinkedIn as a selling platform. To stay up-to-date on the latest social marketing news, tactics and receive updates on best sales practices, you can subscribe to LinkedIn Sales Solutions.

2. Gong Labs Blog


If you are looking for the best B2B sales blogs, the Gong Labs Blog can be a fantastic option. This blog provides you with valuable perspectives and data by analyzing hundreds of thousands of recorded and transcribed AI sales conversations. They publish one post a week and emphasize quality than quantity. Each post is packed with sales strategies to help you sell better.

3. The Make it Happen Sales Blog


This blog by John Barrows may be considered one of the best sales blogs in 2021 as it includes stories from his deep sales experience. The blog offers clear, concise, and practical guidance ideal for both new and veteran reps.

4. Sales Hacker


Sales Hacker is one of the best B2B sales blogs out there and has got everything you need, including podcasts and a forum to express your views. The blog covers everything, from successful prospecting strategies to coaching techniques, and is highly recommended for practical solutions that have been proven to work in the field.

5. XANT – Inside Sales Engagement Blog


This blog by XANT is a wonderful tool for almost all sales roles, and hence, is considered one of the top sales blogs out there. The blog is updated regularly with how-tos, reports, and posts about sales and marketing that salespeople with different expertise levels can benefit from.

6. CloserIQ Sales Blog


CloserIQ has a broad network of more than 60,000 sales executives who regularly share their selling strategies with the wider sales community. The blog focuses on salespeople and recruiters who want to attract top sales talent. If you want to follow only the best sales blogs in 2021, then this blog should feature high on your list.

7. Blog


This blog contains sales tips for startups, product updates, and other information from With their sales content, you can learn about B2B Selling and how to close bigger and better deals. This is, in fact, one of the best B2B sales blogs for interested learners.



This is one of the top sales blogs for sales reps who need to review every aspect of the sales process. This blog primarily covers best practices in sales, with a particular focus on outbound sales.

9. Sales Gravy


This blog by Jeb Blount has thousands of articles, videos, and podcasts available for free. This is one of the top sales blogs that allow you to learn directly from the experts. The blog’s content repository has more than 1700 free videos, podcasts, and other content from top sales coaches and writers.

10. Cerebral Selling


This blog by David Priemer includes insightful sales articles beyond the basics of tips and lists. He uses psychology, popular studies, and modern research to enrich his articles to enable readers to think out-of-the-box and sell better.

11. SaaStr


Talking about the best sales blogs in 2021, how can we forget to mention SaaStr? This blog by Jason M. Lemkin started in 2010 as a basic WordPress blog that featured his answers to questions asked on Quora. However, today SaaStr boasts of a vast following.

You can expect long-form posts on the blog about the development of SaaS businesses. The blog also offers tactical guidance to SaaS sales leaders to help them get more out of their teams.

12. A Sales Guy


Although this blog offers valuable tips on sales, what makes it stand out is its focus on attracting and hiring top talent. This blog is an excellent resource for sales professionals looking to grow their teams.

13. Salesforce


Salesforce has made significant investments in the area of blogging to help the sales community. Although they have many blogs, Quotable certainly stands out because of its contributor diversity and the size of its content repository. Quotable brings together the best names and offers a wide range of viewpoints.

14. SalesFolk


The SalesFolk blog can help you improve your sales email skills considerably. In this blog, you will find practical emailing tips and examples of cold emails (not just the good but also the bad), as well as suggestions and new ideas.

They even have a “Hall of Shame” category where they share the worst prospecting emails.

15. Heinz Marketing

This blog has insights and tools to help sales and marketing professionals. The content on this blog is available in different formats like podcasts and videos. If you are a keen learner, you won’t find a better resource on B2B sales and marketing insights than this one.

16. TopLine Leadership


The content in this blog mainly concerns sales motivation. You find handy tips and tricks required to motivate salespeople to hit their targets. The success of a sales team depends heavily on the mindsets of its members. With its insightful content, this blog helps sales professionals build the right sales mindset.

17. The Sales Blog by Anthony Iannarino


Anthony Iannarino, the author of The Sales Blog, is a well-known speaker, author, sales leader, and consultant. His sales tips are practical yet simple and refreshing, which makes them extremely easy to digest.

18. OpenView

This blog contains insights and actionable advice that sales managers can use to grow their sales teams. OpenView shares the same real-world and strategic advice on its blog, which it offers to its portfolio clients. They have a diverse range of authors who provide practical advice suited for all sales professionals, regardless of their expertise levels.

19. B2B Marketing Insider


The Marketing Insider focuses exclusively on content strategies designed to maximize returns. This blog can prove to be a great resource for an inward view of your company’s marketing operations.

20. PR 20/20


This blog provides content insights with an emphasis on public relations. The majority of its content offers integrated solutions that address problems in the marketing realm.

Key Takeaways

  • A sales blog is a repository of sales-related content.
  • In today’s competitive sales space, you can’t afford to avoid reading sales blogs.
  • LinkedIn Sales Solutions, Gong Labs Blog, The Make it Happen Sales Blog, CloserIQ Sales Blog, etc., are some of the best online resources in sales.
  • Sales blogs offer insightful content that sales professionals can learn from.
  • You can improve your selling skills exponentially by incorporating the wisdom and strategies of others into your own growth plan.


The above list of the 20 best sales blogs is everything you need to enrich your repository of sales knowledge. While some blogs mentioned in the list cover the experiences of salespeople who have learned profound life lessons and applied them in their sales careers, others include thought-provoking posts to help salespeople better engage their customers, build their pipeline, and create a successful content marketing strategy. Each of the blogs above is refreshingly different from the typical sales-related resources available online.


1. What is a sales blog?

A sales blog is an online journal of sales-related information. It may be owned by an individual, a group, or a corporation. The information on display is usually in reverse chronological order.

2. Is reading sales blogs important?

Sales professionals can benefit profoundly by reading sales blogs. The content on sales blogs is highly insightful and is available in different formats for an immersive experience.

3. What are the best sales blogs out there?

Some of the best sales blogs include Heinz Marketing, SalesFolk blog, Cerebral selling, SaaStr, and the like.

4. How many sales blogs should I read?

It all depends on how much time you can spend reading blogs. Read as many sales blogs as possible without hampering your other important tasks. Even if you can read only one blog per day, read it attentively, every day, without fail.

5. How to know if a sales blog is right for me?

Well, the blog’s content will tell you this. While some blogs target startups, others are meant exclusively for sales leaders. It’s worth taking the time to glance through the blog so that you can determine if it’s suited to your needs.

6. Are sales blogs effective?

You shouldn’t read sales blogs just for the sake of it. Extract the most relevant information from every blog you go through and integrate it into your sales strategy. This way, you’ll be able to draw on the experiences and expertise of other sales professionals.