9 Best Product Blogs That Need Your Attention

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Posted on 25/01/227 min read
9 Best Product Blogs That Need Your Attention

Table of Contents 

  • What Is a Product Blog?
  • Top 9 Product Blogs to Learn From
  • Key Takeaways 
  • Conclusion 
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“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”  – Andrew Davis

Content is fundamental for any business that wishes to succeed and win over customers’ trust. Without trust, no customer would be interested in transacting with the business, especially with product-based businesses. In today’s competitive environment, how can businesses build trust and relationships with their customers? One of the most effective ways is to do it through the best product blogs that will attract potential customers. Product blogs can be a major differentiator for many companies and e-commerce brands in today’s technology-driven world, where information is always available at the fingertips of the consumer. 

What Is a Product Blog?

A product-based blog, or product blog, is a blog written with a product or multiple products as the central theme. Not only can a well-thought-through blog strategy help you promote a product, but the top product blogs will also help you build relationships, generate additional traffic to your website, and help build trust towards your brand. Top product blogs will always contain a value for the consumers and entice them to read on. The best product blog examples show a certain level of consistency, with a clearly defined goal. They are informative, without being too salesy in nature. 

Product blogs can be created by brands for either educating their target audience or just to entertain them. However, they should always be speaking the brand language. They can even adopt a storytelling style in order to connect better with the audience. A product blog should help build trust about the brand in the target audience’s mind. 

Top 9 Product Blogs to Learn From

Here are the top nine product blogs you can seek inspiration from. 

1. Evernote

Evernote is a pioneering note-taking app, which provides services related to task management, organizing, and note-creation. Users can intersperse their notes with various media, such as images, videos, as well as drawings. You can even schedule meetings and create to-do lists with the help of this app. 

Evernote Blog not only updates readers about the app’s latest features and how they can be useful to them, but it also has content on important subjects, such as landing a dream job, career advice, productivity, budgeting, and more. The blog combines engaging text with catchy visuals, in order to grab the attention of the reader. 

2. Etsy

As you probably know, Etsy is a huge marketplace for anything related to handmade art. It is an e-commerce platform that sells vintage, handcrafted products, including jewelry, apparel, shoes, collectibles, furniture, accessories, stationery, and more. Etsy’s blog, known as “Etsy Journal”, packs a punch with ideas for the creative mind. It spans topics such as DIY ornaments, upholstery, seasonal gifting, creator collaborations, natural dyes, and more. The blog also weaves into the stories of interesting finds from the Etsy shop.  From featured shops and creative hacks to art-related advice, Etsy Journal is a go-to for all art-and-craft lovers.

3. Sunday Rest

This blog educates customers on how its products help. Sunday manufactures and distributes products that help its consumers enjoy a restful sleep. Primarily an expert in manufacturing mattresses, the company also supplies pillows, mattress protectors, and other sleep products. While the company manufactures a product that is essential for a healthy lifestyle, it also acknowledges that its audience may have none or little knowledge on this subject. 

The company’s product blog is, thus, all about articles that are meant for educating their target audience on the importance of sleep products and sleep itself. With articles that cover topics like mattress sizes, choosing the right mattress, and more, the blog is all about educating its target customers about its products, thereby helping them choose the ideal product that fits their needs best. 

4. BarkBox

This product blog is a lesson in keeping customers’ needs central to your business. No one can be a better example for curating content prioritizing their customer’s needs than BarkBox. An e-commerce platform that is a one-shop-stop for all products for dogs, this company has designed everything—from their website, to blog pages to even newsletters—exclusively for their target audience: dogs and dog parents. Apart from promoting the brand’s products, the blog shares useful insights about dog health, dog food, dog entertainment, and more. Quirky images, out-of-the-box content, and relevant themes make this blog one of the best. 

5. Ruosh Shoes

Ruosh is a luxury shoe brand that is synonymous with quality footwear for men and women. With products that are hand-crafted and manufactured with detail, Roush uses its product blog to introduce new product launches, while also educating its customers on why its products are ideal for them. With unique products on offer, the blog shares style tips and lookbooks, and also information about trends in the footwear realm. It not only captures the attention of the consumer but also nudges them to try these products.  

6. Tata Sampann

Tata Sampann, a part of Tata Group, is a brand that packages and distributes various pulses and spices. A brand that prides itself on supplying fresh ingredients and food products, it uses its blog to communicate the health benefits of its products to its target audience. Titled “Sampann Nutripedia”, the blog talks about the health benefits of various pulses and other foods, food hacks, and even recipes. The blog has a mix of textual and video content. While certain blog posts may have links to Tata’s products, the content on these blogs is such that it helps build trust with the customer.

7. is a chain of fitness centers that has diversified immensely since its inception. A chain that started with fitness centers that offered group classes for fitness enthusiasts, today, it offers healthy food options, health checkup sessions, and even mental health checkup sessions. A company that has fitness as its central theme, it has translated this core value into its product blog too. 

Titled “The .fit Way”, the blog houses a wealth of information related to fitness. With topics ranging from the importance of exercise, the best exercises to stay fit, and the best foods for fitness, to scheduling mealtimes, fitness facts, and success stories of customers, the blog is extremely catchy and motivates its readers to adopt fitness as a way of life.

8. Myntra

One of the most famous clothing, accessories, and apparel e-commerce platforms, Myntra needs no introduction. A brand that could not have reached the heights that it has scaled today without the support of its partners, customers, and the team itself, Myntra uses its blog to honor them. Not only does this help customers know about the faces working behind the scenes, but it also helps build immense trust about the brand. Titled “Myntra Life”, the product blog also features stories on styling tips, product launches, and culture-related pieces. It also has a smattering of interviews. 

9. Purplle

Purplle is an e-commerce platform selling beauty and wellness products. It has a digital magazine, known as “Purplle Magazine”, which features stories on everything from makeup tutorials to skincare routines. Given that Purplle is slowly becoming a household name in the beauty industry of India, it is no surprise the brand takes effort in order to maintain and update its digital magazine. The magazine also features top brands and products on offer. 

Key Takeaways

  • For any business, building trust about its products in the customer’s mind is of primary importance. 
  • Product blogs help brands bring traffic to their site, build trust, and also encourage customers to purchase from the brand’s website. 
  • There are many content types and mediums available for businesses to use in their blogs. This includes customer stories, product journeys, behind-the-scenes stories, etc.
  • Keep in mind what your target audience wants, when selecting topics for your product blog. 
  • Be unique, yet relevant, with your product blogs, as these two qualities help win customers. 


The best product blogs are an important tool used by marketers and both big and small companies. They help you connect with your audience through meaningful, informational content. Capitalize on your product blog to not only attract new customers but also to build relationships with them. This can be done by solving their issues and educating them on how they can make the most of your products. 


1. What is a product blog?

A product blog is an off-shoot of a company’s website. It is designed to promote product information. However, its content goes beyond just product information. Depending on your industry. Your product blog can feature tips and tricks, FAQs, advice, video tutorials, and more: basically, any content that the audience might find useful.

2. How is a product promoted on a blog?

A good review about the product adds value while promoting the product via the blog. Also, adding links inside the blog posts helps promote said product.

3. How do you write a product post?

The foremost rule of writing product descriptions is to know your audience. Focusing on the product’s benefits, using good product images, and using keywords for optimizing content for search engines are a few things that can add to the quality of a product blog.

4. How do you write good product content?

The key to writing product content is to know your audience and answer the key questions posed by your audience. Always focus on product benefits and features using photos and video.

5. How do you describe product content?

Simply put, product content is the text, images, and reviews that describe the product. This can include product dimensions, descriptions, and anything else that helps viewers understand the product better.

6. Is product content important in a product blog?

Customers will choose the brand and product based on the product content. A product blog entices customers to buy the product by creating unique and authentic product descriptions.

7. How do you develop a product description for a product blog?

For writing a product blog, every benefit of the product need not be listed. Pick the top three value features and emphasize them. Remember to not sound too salesy on your product blog; go beyond product-centric information and be subtle with your selling.