6 Best IPL Campaigns of All Time

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Posted on 1/04/225 min read
6 Best IPL Campaigns of All Time
The IPL is a cultural moment for all Indians. In this blog, we explore how some brands have created the best IPL campaigns of all time.

Every Indian Premier League (IPL) season causes frenzy among fans, thanks to the adrenalin rush that can be associated with any major cricketing event in the country. This season is no different, and some major brands are gearing up for the IPL campaigns that will put them in the limelight too. In this blog, we look at some of the best brand campaigns that have gone down in the history of IPL. 

6 Brand Campaigns Built Around the IPL 

Let’s dive into some of the most prominent IPL-centric campaigns brands have created over time.  

1. CRED – Play It Different, IPL 2022

CRED, the community for individuals of high net worth, has signed up Karishma Kapoor to introduce its bounty for the 2022 IPL that is open only to CRED members. It is one of the best IPL campaigns with the slogan “Play It Different.” The interesting part about this campaign is that it is a recreation of a Nirma ad from the 90s. 


This IPL ad campaign has a contest that is open to CRED members who can partner with friends, family, or teammates to aim for the big prize. The CRED bounty went live on March 26, and as a CRED member, you can invite any of your contacts to play the games. Rewards worth Rs. 50 crore can be won during the IPL. All you need to do is pay your credit card bills, and you are eligible to win daily prizes making up the CRED bounty.

2. Zomato Premier League, IPL 2019

You can be a foodie and a cricket fan, thanks to the Zomato Premier League (ZPL), the in-app game that lets you become a cricket wiz. The concept was launched in 2019 and continues to this day. Each time you order food through Zomato, you get a chance to predict the match-winner for the day and win a prize if your prediction turns out to be correct. 


With tens of thousands of dishes to choose from, ordering food online could not have gotten any more exciting. In addition, users got up to a 40% discount when they ordered food from any of the Zomato-listed restaurants. The best part is yet to come: in case their prediction was correct, users not only won the prize but also got an additional 30% cashback. Great food and cricket, especially IPL, go well with Indians. Zomato has added a dash of excitement to the IPL season with its ZPL campaign. 

3. Swiggy – No order too small, IPL 2018

Not everyone can hope to be at the stands, watching the IPL live. Most people stay at home and watch it on TV, and food has always been part of the cricket madness in India. Swiggy capitalized on this with its 2018 IPL ad campaign slogan, “No order too small,” which let users order even the smallest quantity of food possible. The ad helped Swiggy increase new user orders by 23%.

The IPL ad campaign is a 20-second spot featuring a man in his forties, ordering a single piece of gulab jamun on Swiggy. He pops it in his mouth before his wife can realize what’s happening. With no dialogue between the characters, the sheer expressions on the couple’s faces, and the running IPL commentary on TV in the background, said it all. The ad conveys the message that it is people and not their order value that matters more to Swiggy. 

4. Pepsi – Oh Yes Abhi! IPL 2013 

The mother of all IPL campaigns, this one is all about the impatient Indian youth who are raring to do things “right here, right now.” Pepsi’s “Oh Yes Abhi!” is probably one of the best IPL marketing campaigns, which has successfully captured the pulse of the Indian youth. 

The IPL ad campaign featured celebrities, such as Ranbir Kapoor, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, and Priyanka Chopra Jonas, all letting their guards down in a moment of joy. While Priyanka shows her excitement to go on stage, Ranbir is impatient for a bite of chaat with a sip of Pepsi, and Dhoni, the calmest of the three, is eager to win the match. According to Pepsi, “Oh Yes, Abhi” signifies that we should live like there’s no tomorrow, or in other words, live for the moment.  

5. Vivo – Asli Picture Baaki Hai, IPL 2021 

In this IPL ad campaign, Mahendra Singh Dhoni says, “Asli picture abhi baaki hai” through the camera of a VIVO phone. In 2021, Star Sports and Vivo came up with one of the hottest IPL campaigns, having Dhoni say these five words that had the audience immensely excited. This is one of the IPL marketing campaigns that had fans holding their breath in anticipation, waiting to watch their favorite teams vying with each other for the coveted title.


The IPL ad campaign was the brainchild of the Star Sports in-house creative team. It includes catchy tunes and a brilliant splash of colors, as Dhoni makes a stunning entry with a compelling jingle in the background. This IPL campaign is a brilliant example of capitalizing on the nostalgia IPL always creates.

6. Disney+Hotstar – #IndiaKiVibeAlagHai, IPL 2021

It is probably one of the best music-themed IPL campaigns, featuring a multilingual anthem that had the cricket fans feeling many emotions. The inter-city rivalry on the field was pictured perfectly with a lot of friendly banter, and the multilingual anthem brought together a horde of cricket fans, speaking different languages, from across the country.


Created by one of India’s hottest musicians, Nucleya, the anthem features eight Indian languages and is sung by eight rappers from across India. With dance being an integral part of Indian culture, each team had a unique step to add to the variety and fun. The piece had fans from across the country dancing to its tune, heralding a sense of unity. 

How IPL leverages Digital Marketing

While the IPL is in full swing right now, fans and players are not the only things that make the noise. Advertising strategies play just as big a role. You can see the signs of IPL almost everywhere: right from the huge billboards to the players’ T-shirts, and, of course, the excellent IPL ad campaigns online. 

Since 2021, the IPL has geared up its digital marketing industry, throwing open plenty of opportunities to marketers. It is a big relief after the lull in the industry caused by COVID-19. The IPL ad budget has also increased substantially over the past few years. Therefore, the value it brings to the marketing industry is immense.

The IPL offers a great opportunity for companies to showcase themselves creatively, provided they have the budget. IPL campaigns are probably one of the largest revenue drivers in the ad industry. They show that with great ad copy and excellent direction, any digital campaign can be a success. 


1. Which are the brands sponsoring IPL 2022?

IPL campaigns are back in the news, and this season, its sponsors are Tata (title sponsor), CRED, Unacademy, Disney+Hotstar, and Dream11, among others. 

2. What’s so special about the IPL? 

The IPL is nothing short of a cultural moment for Indians. In this cricket league, different teams represent different cities of India, bringing together people from all parts of the country. It fosters feelings of unity, sportspersonship, and above all, patriotism. 

3. Which are some of the best IPL campaigns of all time? 

Brands have constantly churned out creative IPL campaigns over the years. However, the six campaigns mentioned above are ones that especially stood out to us.