The Best Copywriting Courses For Startups and Marketers

Team Pepper
Posted on 6/12/219 min read
The Best Copywriting Courses For Startups and Marketers
Copywriting is not an easy skill to master. Knowing about the best copywriting courses one can take can help startups and marketers ace the copywriting game.

Whether it’s a short quote, a poem, a story, or an advertisement, how we play with words determines the impact they will leave on people’s minds. And, when we live in a fast-paced world with people who have such a short attention span (as we do now), how we present our ideas through words has become imminent. 

That is where content writing comes in. But, even within content writing, there’s a vast difference between blogging, story-writing, and copywriting. Just because you know how to write doesn’t necessarily mean that you know the art of copywriting

Copywriter vs. content writer


It may seem easier, but to make an impression in viewers’ minds while conveying your perception and where your brand stands in fewer words (sometimes, it’s even a single word!), requires efficient copywriting skills. And taking some of the best copywriting courses can help you hone your copywriting skills. 

Let’s take a look at the best copywriting courses available online. After which, we have listed some of the benefits of learning copywriting. 

The Best Online Copywriting Courses 

The term copywriting brings back flashes of Don Draper and Peggy Olson—the copywriting mavericks writing famous taglines for companies like Rolls-Royce and Marlboro Cigarettes—from Mad Men, the famous American sit-com web series. 

We have a stereotypical concept that copywriting is only for a specific niche of people who know how to play with words. And, for a while, this was true. But even the father of advertising, David Ogilvy, said, “It’s the lack of ambition that cripples most people and makes them so pedestrian in the advertising/creative business.” 

In the world of creativity, there are no boxes that define a learning session. With the increase in online classes, learning these skills has become more accessible. 

Today, online copywriting courses are structured to fit the schedule of people hustling hard, i.e., freelancers, start-up owners, and marketers. You can even take some free copywriting courses online from a credible source if you are tight on your pocket. 

We’ve broken down the best copywriting courses based on your experience level. 

1. Beginners

If you are a beginner who has no clue how to frame words or pitch to businesses and consumers, you need to check for the best online copywriting courses for beginners. 

Coursera and EdX have many options for different copywriting courses for beginners. The classes are carefully curated by professors of esteemed organizations like California University, Oxford University, Michigan University, etc. Most of the courses on these two platforms are free copywriting courses. 

Do not fret that you may not understand their accent. You have access to transcripts and subtitles for each class. You can learn at your own pace. But, most of these are Diploma courses, meaning you must submit assignments to get a certificate. 

Now, this can be a deal-breaker for you. So, you can check SkillShare, Udemy, and MyCaptain, which provide fantastic courses on various types of copywriting and give you autonomy on how and when you want to finish your course with access to multiple documents and books within a year. 

As a beginner, these are some of your best choices for the best copywriting courses online.

2. Intermediate

Now, if you know how to write or have proper knowledge of or experience writing blog posts, long-form stories or have a knack for writing extended captions for your Instagram posts, then we can skip the beginner’s section. 

Here, understand what your goal is. Are you trying to learn how to write landing pages, posts for digital marketing, etc.? 

Copywriting styles differ for each niche and platform. The techniques for digital posts may not work for landing pages or email marketing. Copywriting is a vast genre, and as a start-up owner and marketer, it’s difficult to study it all in one go. So, list the goals and then search for specific copywriting courses online. 


For the best digital copywriting courses at the intermediate level, you may check Udemy and SkillShare. Many esteemed platforms like Livemint, Forbes, HuffPost, etc., have backed them. 

So, you don’t have to worry about the legitimacy of the courses. If you are lucky, you may get the opportunity to be mentored by renowned people who have not only mastered the skill but gained fame through copywriting in the marketing world! So, you will get hands-on experience and learn what truly works in the real market. 

3. Experts

If you feel that you know all the above skills but still can’t grasp why your emails fail to have conversions or why your website traffic is still down, you need to polish your skills with premium copywriting courses online. 

You have a fair idea of the specific things you lack and can be upgraded to boost your brand and marketing skills. So, the next step depends on the search and understanding. 

According to hundreds of reviews, Udemy has specific courses for the Expert level. They even offer to streamline courses like copywriting for PPC, email marketing, B2B and B2C copy-writing courses, etc. They teach you to develop effective campaigns with few words, connect with the viewers, and crack some time-tested copywriting tricks. SkillShare, too, offers some excellent online copywriting courses for expert level. 

And if you want to be more creative and have a bit more to spend, check out the Masterclass platform, which has 100+ courses by some eminent global personalities. You can check out the courses by David Mamet, Roxanne Gay, and David Sedaris on creative writing, which sells. 

Also, check out the tips and tricks that famous bloggers like Neil Patel and Ankur Warikoo share on their websites regularly. 

Whether a simple advertisement of your product or a statement for a pitch, copywriting helps drive results according to your desire! 

Now that you know the best online copywriting courses, let’s focus on why copywriting is such a fundamental skill for brands to have. 

Benefits of Copywriting and How to Excel in it 

As a business, the main focus is establishing a connection with your viewers. Other challenges include:

  • Persuading viewers.
  • Positioning your brand among the chaos.
  • Being the talk of the town, apart from selling your product.

These can overwhelm you, especially when several (possibly older and more established) brands are in the race. So, how does copywriting promise to solve all these problems with a dash of suaveness? 

Benefits of copywriting


The basic mantra of copywriting is to increase sales in just a few words. It acts as a bridge between your brand and consumers. These are craftily designed to compel your readers to take action or make them curious about your brand while evoking emotions. 

A brand that connects with viewers emotionally is perceived as loyal and believable. And as a start-up, you need this kind of connection to survive and thrive in the market. 

So, as a start-up and marketer, copywriting is now a skill you need to excel in the field. Here are some tips for you. 

1. Pitch-perfect

As a start-up, you must pitch your product and vision multiple times to investors, friends, and customers. But sometimes, you don’t have the luxury of time to explain your idea or describe the product in a short span. 

Also, investors don’t have as much time to understand your vision. Your close friends may believe in you because they are your friends, but others, not so much. 

So, you get one shot to make your point where not only do you have to pitch your product, but you also need to seem confident and believable. You don’t have the time to fumble with words or sit for a while thinking which word would fit the best to make your pitch more compelling than the rest.

How to pitch an idea


This is where copywriting plays the starring role! It is your weapon to land a perfect pitch! The best online copywriting courses would teach you to frame your ideas seamlessly. Also, it gives you a fair idea of what kind of words would work best for different scenarios and people. 

Your investor may understand premium, high-end words, but your consumer may not. You need to tone it down and yet sound classy and relatable. These small tricks are learned only through premium copywriting courses online. 

2. Sales pro

How often have you crossed your fingers hoping that the new product launch is a hit as a marketer and start-up owner? You want it to sell and create waves in the consumer market. How often have we wished that our posts go viral or people become enthusiastic about your brand – or dream that our landing pages are converting insane numbers? 

Well! Everything is possible, but it depends on where you put the words! Copywriting is your game-changer tool. Why? Since copywriting focuses on persuading viewers to take action or start a conversation, we can say that the words we write and how we write them are directly proportional to the ultimate success of the company’s sales. 


Copywriting is like your personal sales manager who aims to sell your product 24*7. According to HubSpot, around 78% of multinational companies actively invest in copywriting. Also, more than one-third of the global companies consider copywriting as a tool to measure overall brand success. 

Isn’t that amazing? 

3. Branding

Branding is essential to your business as a start-up and full-fledged marketer. Before we speak out loud about our ideas, visions, and products, we need to understand our viewers, the targeted niche, and what tone we want to set for the brand. 

For example, if you check the content for brands like L’Oreal or Honda City, their language and tone align with today’s young adult speak. This is because those are the kind of customers they want to attract. 


But, if you check the copywriting style of companies like Asian Paints and Durex, you would notice that these are relatable, funny, punny, simple, and easy to understand. Again, they have set that language tone because they know their customers and what kind of language they relate to. And that’s why even their advertisements become the talk of the town every time. 


This is where copywriting becomes your best friend. The best online copywriting courses teach you to research and analyze your business to build your style and voice. You even learn how to evoke emotions through language. 

For example, suppose you are selling a home appliance product. In that case, the content must evoke a feeling of bliss, peace, and joy when you let them know how you are solving their problems. Suppose it’s about a grave matter like sustainable fashion, then you must know how to evoke a sense of responsibility while hitting the right chord with your viewers. 

The best online copywriting courses give you the required skill to craft your motto so that 

viewers feel connected and driven to take action. They will not just see your post and scroll up but will click on it, read it thoroughly, and finally make the call. And that’s how copywriting helps you create a loyalty base in the market. 


According to Content Writer Today, a good copy regularly draws more web traffic by approximately 8%. 

To Summarize

You must take the best copywriting courses online as a start-up and marketer. Also, you can check out ongoing conferences by esteemed platforms like Pepper Content, AD World, Ad Conference, etc., on LinkedIn and Facebook. 

These conferences offer immense insights into the industry, trending techniques, technologies, etc. All these small but crucial details at the end help you deliver unique and compelling content to your customer and help you steer your brand and keep it unique and fresh at the same time. 

We hope this article helped you understand the importance of copywriting courses online and the significance of copywriting in the life of a start-up and marketer. 

Key Takeaways

  • Words impact humans more than we can imagine. But, there’s a difference between content marketing and copywriting. 
  • Copywriting is designed to persuade consumers and drive sales in the end. 
  • As a start-up and marketer, it’s crucial to have copywriting skills for branding, pitching, and positioning your product among your customers. 
  • The best copywriting courses online offer market insights, current trends, and professional mentors that guide you through your journey. 
  • The copywriting courses online offer no time boundaries or educational barriers. Anyone can take these courses and learn at their own pace. It is why start-up owners and full-time marketers opt to learn copywriting online. 
  • Some free copywriting courses are also online, curated by esteemed university professionals. 
  • Copywriting courses equip you with vocabulary you can use per your audience (B2B and B2C). 
  • Copywriting affects your RoI and helps you drive your customer’s purchasing decision emotionally.


1. Which copywriting course is the best? 

You can choose a copywriting course as per your need and requirement. It’s a vast genre with multiple aspects. If you want to focus on digital copywriting, you can check for copywriting courses for digital marketing. If you’re going to be a creative copywriter, then check out copywriting courses online for humourous creative writing that sells. 

2. What courses should I take to become a copywriter? 

There are many courses available to become a copywriter. But, if you are a beginner, avail free online copywriting courses on EdX and Coursera to know how to Copywrite and figure out which niche you want to explore later on. After that, you can streamline your study accordingly.

3. How long does it take to become a copywriter? 

Well, the best online copywriting courses won’t take more than 30-40 hours. But, to become an experienced copywriter, you need years of regular practice. Overall, you can expect to become a copywriter who can essentially craft some meaningful copies within 3-5 months. 
Please keep in mind that regular practice makes you a better person in the world of creativity. There’s no particular destination but a continuous evolution. 

4. How does copywriting help in branding? 

1. Copywriting creates an emotional connection with consumers. 
2. It also helps you frame your ideas and brand better to impress investors in one go. 
3. It enables you to set the brand tonality and creates a lasting impression in the customers’ minds. 
4. It affects the sale conversion by leaps.

5. Does copywriting affect RoI? 

Yes. Copywriting is meant to persuade and convert viewers to consumers. The better the copywriting is, the better the conversion is. It has been proven that copywriting affects the annual ROI of the brand by large margins. 

6. Are free online copywriting courses worth the time? 

It is worth your time only if you enroll in a course from an esteemed platform. So, conduct a thorough research about the courses you want to avail. Check out reviews and the number of subscriptions of that course. Also, if you still have doubts, do a poll on various social platforms and ask for peer reviews. Visit their official LinkedIn profiles to understand how effective their courses are.