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7 Hot B2B Copywriting Tips From a Badass Copywriter

Team Pepper
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Posted on 1/12/214 min read
7 Hot B2B Copywriting Tips From a Badass Copywriter

Table Of Contents What is B2B Copywriting? Benefits of B2B Copywriting 7 Killer B2B Copywriting Tips  Conclusion Key Takeaways FAQs Copywriting is the reels of the writing world. It is short, grabs attention quickly, and has a high impact on the reader. While it may seem like it’s a matter of a few emotion-inducing words,… Continue reading 7 Hot B2B Copywriting Tips From a Badass Copywriter

Table Of Contents

  1. What is B2B Copywriting?
  2. Benefits of B2B Copywriting
  3. 7 Killer B2B Copywriting Tips 
  4. Conclusion
  5. Key Takeaways
  6. FAQs

Copywriting is the reels of the writing world. It is short, grabs attention quickly, and has a high impact on the reader. While it may seem like it’s a matter of a few emotion-inducing words, weaving them together to get results is no child’s play for marketers.

Content marketers and businesses can end up spending hours trying to understand how copywriting works, experiment a lot, and still not get the desired output. Does that sound like you? If yes, you’re not alone. It can be daunting to even think of where to start when you don’t know the outcome and how it will impact your business. It is even more challenging if your audience is part of the B2B space.

That’s why you need the best B2B copywriting tips. They will help you to set the stage on fire with your creative mind.

What is B2B Copywriting?


B2B copywriting is writing content that persuades the customer/reader from another business to take an action desired by the business that is investing time, energy, money and resources in copywriting. It basically informs the target group about the product or service of the business in a way that customers feel the need to know more, or buy from them, or reach out to them. Thus, it is not only for sales but also represents your brand. B2B copywriters often work with both the marketing and sales teams to develop the required copy. 

Benefits of B2B Copywriting

1. Enhancing customer experience

One of the crucial parts about B2B copywriting is explaining details of the product/service to the customer and creating a good first impression. It also easily guides them to navigate through the website/app/platform you have, thereby improving the buyer’s journey.

2. Ask to purchase, increase conversions

Selling is at the core of copywriting, even if it isn’t restricted to that these days. The person buying from any business is a human but is also a part of business. So, simply using cliched lines is not going to work for this audience. You need to strike an ideal balance between logic and facts.

Take for instance a brand called Highrise, which found that their conversions skyrocketed by 30% with the tweaking of a single headline. 

3. Awareness and attraction


Yes, copywriting helps even in the awareness and interest phases of the AIDA framework. Even though customer retention is essential in B2B businesses, we cannot ignore customer acquisition to grow the business. B2B copywriting helps in just that.


7 Killer B2B Copywriting Tips

1. Empathize with your target audience

Empathy is the most overused term, yet the most underused B2B copywriting tip used in businesses. With empathy, you can understand your target audience, their needs, their challenges, and you can write better and more persuasive content. Write like your customers talk. Write like you talk.

2. Keep it short

This is the golden rule of copywriting and may just be its main characteristic. But, how often is it even used? Maybe never. Don’t be so lost in aspects like the word count that you forget to make the word…count. If you want to ‘Keep It Short and Simple’ (known popularly as K.I.S.S), use this APP framework by Brian Dean:

Step 1: Make them ‘agree’ or make relate to the topic.

Step 2: Make a ‘promise’ that you can deliver realistically.

Step 3: Give them a ‘preview’ of what you’re going to tell them/talk about.

3. Evoke emotions

Even when you understand the needs of your audience, it is not necessary that your words will have the desired impact. Humor is an emotion that instantly creates a connection every time, but don’t use it everywhere. Experimentation is the key here.

4. Ask questions

And not just the questions, but the right questions. Here are two ways:

  • Ask them the questions while they are on the buyers’ journey. How did they come to know you? What are the challenges they are facing?
  • Use tools like SEMrush, the ‘People also ask’ tab of Google, etc., to know the questions that your target audience is struggling with. Answer those challenges in your B2B copy.

Copywriting is all about ‘them’ = Audience.

5. Use social proof

B2B copywriters, note this down: People use social proof to decide whether to purchase a product/service or not.

So, pack your copy with results, case studies, and testimonials!

The benefits you provide should be highlighted in your copy. Benefits >>>>> Features

6. First impression is the last impression

You need to keep the audience hooked on to,

The headline of your copy…

The first line of your copy…

And the next line…

And the next…

Until you reach the last line…

How do you create that impact? Here are three tips:

  • Use emotional words or create a fear of missing out (FOMO).
  • Use headline analyzer tools to check the impact of your headline.
  • Add numbers to create a greater impact

7. Write to 1 person

Your audience should feel like, ‘Yes, that’s so me!” or “This article was written for me!” after reading your copy.

How to ensure that?

  • Use active voice
  • What is everyone’s favorite word? YOU.
  • Use simple words that are easy to understand.


To summarize, to become the best at B2B copywriting, put these easy steps into action. 

  • Empathize with your target audience
  • Keep it short
  • Evoke emotions
  • Ask (the right) questions
  • Use social proof
  • Hook the reader to the next line
  • Write to 1 person

Key Takeaways

  • Research well to understand your target audience. These are some places where people don’t look often:
    • Reddit threads
    • Amazon reviews (for product-based businesses)
    • Customer surveys
    • Customer interviews
    • Social listening (See what people are talking about that topic on social media)
  • Write skimmable content. No one has the time to read long sentences, especially those running a business. Here’s how you can make your content skimmable:
    • Write short sentences
    • Write a lot of sub-headings
    • Write a summary at the end of the article
  • Make it irresistible. The key to getting into your customers’ minds is through their hearts. Here’s how.
    • Write like you’re writing to a friend (it feels good and builds trust)
    • Clear CTA (Call to Action). Your readers should be crystal clear about the next step.
    • Use a P.S. (Trust me, it’s irresistible)


1. What does a B2B copywriter do?

A B2B copywriter writes an informative, persuasive, and a technically precise B2B copy. They aim to either build a brand, build a relationship, or generate leads and sales from their copywriting skills.
A B2B copywriter assists in creating marketing materials to promote the products or services of a business to a person from another business. The marketing materials include websites, ads, brochures, landing pages, case studies, reports, social media, SEO content, and much more.

2. What makes a good B2B copywriter?

Good B2B copywriters know how to make their copy sound helpful, authentic and yet persuasive for their audience to take action. They are not afraid to step outside their comfort zone and resolve the challenges that a potential buyer might face in their journey.

3. How does SEO impact B2B copywriting?

SEMrush says that Organic traffic via SEO is one of the most crucial customer acquisition channels for B2B companies. Statistics show that 72% of business buyers start with a Google search. And that B2B SEO Copywriting is a $55 billion industry.

4. What are the best B2B copywriting tips for social media?

1. Break down complex concepts and make them simple for your audience to understand.
2. Use FOMO Marketing. It works best on social media.
3. Use social media copywriting frameworks.
4. Have a clear and strong CTA.

5. What are some best books for B2B copywriters?

1. Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
2. Everybody Writes by Ann Handley
3. Stories that Sell by Casie Hibbard
4. Content is Cash by Wendy Montez de Oca
5. Cashing in with Content by David Meerman Scott

6. How can I improve my B2B copywriting skills?

1. Analyze successful marketing copies
2. Use tools like Hemingway Editor to analyze the readability of your copy
3. Get into the habit of brainstorming

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