5 Salient Features of a Good Ad Copy and Benefits of Copywriting

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Posted on 18/09/214 min read
5 Salient Features of a Good Ad Copy and Benefits of Copywriting

When we think of some revolutionary products of the last century, their success can easily be attributed to their brilliant marketing strategies and ad copies as well. 

All the ads you remember from television, as a child, or on digital platforms today contained a quality that made you stop and notice. This is the magic of a good ad copy.

An advertising copy is the main text written by a copywriter that holds the messaging of your brand, product, or service. It is written precisely to guide users to your brand and eventually make a sale. 

While the end goal is always a sale, an ad copy also intends to grab attention, promote action, share details, and much more. 

Let’s start with understanding some basic elements of a good ad copy.

5 Elements of a Good Ad Copy

1. Draw eyeballs

A copywriter writing an ad copy must have a clear goal right from the start. Knowing the purpose of the ad copy is the epitome of creating quality content. Without this direction, it’s impossible to grab attention. 

Once you know the objective, ensure the copy is sleek, unique, accurate, and concise. Other ways to elicit actions are by using unique words, familiar phrases, imagery, nostalgia, and much more. 

2. Convey the brand message 

The most important feature of a good ad copy is that it conveys the message of the brand. This practice implies that the copy must be in an understandable language, well-structured, and well-formatted. Ensure the titles and the text are in correlation with one another. 

The message should give all the details about the product or service and educate the end-users. The information should be complete and helpful. 

3. Make it memorable 

Unlike most text or written content, the copy you see on spaces like Google ads must create a long-term impression. They must be written in a way that the user can retain the information. Advertisers make a copy memorable by including certain ‘ingredients’ like humor, a jingle, a great tagline, an iconic character or brand mascot, etc.

For example, brands like Thumbs Up, Sprite, Boost, Surf have all had memorable copies. 


4. Stick to the tone

One of the key fundamentals of copywriting is the ability to understand the voice of a brand. This is essential since it creates a consistent copy across all channels and platforms. A user should relate to the brand when they see its ad copy. 

For example, a premium or luxury brand like BMW will rarely use meme-references or pop-culture lingo. This is because it does not signify the tonality of the brand. The challenge is to do all of this within the required word limits. 


5. Don’t Lie 

One of the most common mistakes writers make is exaggerating or over-promising the users with their ad copy. Keep your messaging realistic, fact-based and truthful. The end-user should not misinterpret your product or service. 

This is different from creative freedom. For example, a brand like Red Bull often relays bizarre effects like ‘give you wings’. That is the creative undertone. However, the ad copy cannot share misinformation about it.  


4 Benefits of Copywriting

What is the importance of copywriting in advertising and the benefits of a good ad copy? The reasons go beyond mere sales. Here are a few: 

Better costs

This factor is particularly true in the case of Google Ads. Each ad posted on Google is given a factor called the quality score (QS). This is based on the quality of your copy and the clicks. If you have a higher QS, the cost becomes low. 

Better traffic

Considering another factor of Google Ads, a good copy will give you a better reach. This will lead to more clicks and thus more traffic to your website. When there are many options to pick from, it’s important to be the best. 

Good copy can also encourage users to take action. Everyone writes a call-to-action, but how many of them get clicks? Good copywriting also comes in the form of a powerful headline, building a desire to see more, and caters to the target group to reach more people.  

Brand image

This is one of the advantages of copywriting. The ad copy you create becomes the digital representation of your brand. People will judge your products and services based on the copy you write about them. This is especially true for new customers and top-of-the-funnel marketing. 

As mentioned before, a good copy resonates with the tone of the brand. And this is why they play such a significant role. 

They also help you to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack. There will always be more businesses in your domain, and the only way to stand out is content. A good ad copy helps keep you distinct. 

Better ROI 

An ad copy is quite timeless. As ad copies become an infinity of your brand, they do not need constant changes—especially one used on Google Ads. A high-quality score will also help you derive the most returns. 

Lastly, Keep It Simple 

A very important ingredient for a copywriter is simplicity. An ad copy aims not to sound fancy or over-the-top but to appease the target audience. Do not use words that make you look smart, but use words that are understandable to the end-users. 

Think of some of the most simple ad copies of the last generations; they remain timeless. It’s always helpful to be mindful of ads when you see them. The more good work you notice, the better your own becomes. 

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1. How important is copywriting in advertising?

Copywriting is one of the most critical phases of advertising. It draws attention and influences the consumer to act. 

2. How to do good copywriting?

– Transparent communication
– Compelling storytelling 
– Powerful headline
– Understandable vocabulary 
– Avoid exaggeration 
– Showcase benefits 
– Write naturally, in a flow.

3. What are the benefits of copywriting?

– Saves time
– Gives Quality content 
– Eradicates mistakes and errors 
– Produces a convincing copy
– It gives a fresh perspective 
– Enables hassle-free optimization + alignment 

4. What is the importance of copywriting in digital marketing?

It’s the essence of digital marketing. Copywriting puts stories and not words online. It presents relevant and engaging communication to the audience. Combined with digital marketing, one can master a good association with their clients. 

5. What is a good ad copy?

– Straightforward
– Attention grasping 
– Suggestive of a CTA 
– Valuable to the reader 
– True to its word