A Beginner’s Guide To Pet Content Marketing

Team Pepper
Posted on 12/05/225 min read
A Beginner’s Guide To Pet Content Marketing

People are obsessed with pets for real. Be it any pet video, products, pictures, or even other people’s pets. They quickly catch the attention of pet lovers. Do not believe us? Well, a report in 2019 suggested that people spent almost 100 billion dollars on their pets. Now, this is some serious data. The number alone is why you should be thinking about pet content marketing.

Whether people have pets or not, they are interested in reading about pets. This is what content marketers can take advantage of. This article will talk about pet content marketing strategies in detail. Let’s begin.

Why is Pet Content Marketing on the Rise?

Before we jump onto strategy, let us first understand why pet content marketing is in demand. Pet content marketing has become a thing, and just like human influencers, these furry creatures have attracted a lot of attention from the brands.


So much so that pet influencers can deliver more engagement than human influencers. Because no matter what pets do on screen, people are bound to like it. Instagram has a lot of pet profiles with over lakhs of followers. Brands, small or big, are taking advantage of the same thing and turning to social media influencers with four-legged friends. The idea is clear- to get more engagement than earlier.

How to Create a Marketing Strategy For Pets?

Here’re a few things to keep in mind when creating a pet content marketing strategy:

1. Focus on entertainment

Although pets are naturally entertaining, you need to benefit from this in your content marketing strategy. Your focus should be on creating and sharing fun and entertaining content on your social media profiles and websites. The more engaging your content is, the higher the chances for people to engage with it. Go for professional content writing services for social media content writing services.

For example, you can run contests on social media related to pets, like a funny name or picture competition. In return, you can give the pet products to the winners. So, when people come across this fun side of yours, they will be more interested in your profile and naturally engage with it. Besides, you can share blog posts on entertaining pet topics like any particular behavior of pets or food habits, etc.


2. Engage with the clients

When you engage with your social media followers, you are, in reality, enhancing your brand’s value in front of them. Also, engaging with the clients will increase your online visibility. Are you wondering how to do this? It’s simple. You can ask funny questions about pets and engage with whoever answers them. Or, you can reply to the comments made on your posts. You can even ask the pet owners nearby to share their pictures on your profile. Once you do so, they will immediately share those posts, thereby increasing your profile’s visibility.

3. Create informative content

It is not just about sharing entertaining posts. Instead, your focus should be on sharing informative posts too. Sharing educational content is a great way to boost your company’s reputation. Therefore, you must create your content marketing strategy in such a way only. Another thing is that high-quality, informative content has a massive role in the search engine ranking. You can look at the comments on your social media posts or look for the queries that people have in general about pets. You can answer these questions via a blog post or social media post. Informative content also includes posts about any latest information about pet products, medicines, new pet food, and anything that your readers will be interested in.

4. Consider the seasons

Seasons are important. Some pets behave differently in different seasons, and you need to tell your readers about this. So, you can talk about any seasonal allergies, the impact of different weather on the pets, how the behavior changes, and how to curb it.

What food should be ideal in a particular season, how to treat seasonal fever, etc. So, what will happen- when readers will find you addressing a relevant topic in your posts, they will always have something to return to your website; this will also increase the conversion.

5. Use different content types

Content marketing is not just about any particular content type. Instead, there are many different content types and niches that you must use in your strategy. What we mean is that we do not just stick to blog posts or Insta posts. Instead, give your readers a mix of newsletters, ebooks, guides, animation, social media posts, etc. Also, you should keep your focus on creating this content most creatively, thereby giving the readers more chances to share the posts.


6. Participate in pet communities

You might have seen pet owners have their communities where different pet parents meet and connect. These communities are generally huge and can benefit you in your business. How? You can interact with these communities and tell them about your business. You can share your content with them and make them understand how indulged you are in pets.

By doing this, your name will remain fresh in their mind. You can ask them to share your posts and engage with them. No matter how big or small feedback or compliment you are receiving, you must share it with your followers. This will build a sense of trust amongst themselves. Besides, you can also connect with the local influencers and ask them to promote your services. So, your content will reach their audience as well. All of this will result in enhancing your online presence.


Pet content marketing has great potential for the pet care industry. However, you need to figure out what works best for your company, which might take time and effort. But once you have made the right content marketing strategies, you can quickly boost your business.

The more investment of time and money you will make in increasing your online visibility, the better would be your sales, and ultimately, it is what matters. Pet content marketing strategy doesn’t give results overnight. However, with the process mentioned above, we hope you will be able to implement them in your business efficiently.


1. How can you market to the pet industry?

Pet content marketing is growing every day. However, if you want to market to the pet industry, you must begin with understanding your target audience. It is also essential to build trust and loyalty by marketing pet-friendly products.

2. What is trending in the pet industry?

Pet supplements such as dog vitamins, dog probiotics, catfish oil, etc., are trending in the pet industry. However, the CBD category for pet supplements has gained much attention lately.

3. How profitable is the pet industry?

The Pet Industry is highly in demand. It can be analyzed from the statistics that the global pet market is worth $179.4 billion

4. What is the future of content marketing in the pet industry?

The pet industry is yet to grow, and with that, the demand for content marketing for pets will increase. It is most likely that by 2030, the pet industry sales will increase by three times and approximately $275 billion.