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8 Reasons the Creator Economy is Here to Stay  

Team Pepper
Posted on 19/04/224 min read
8 Reasons the Creator Economy is Here to Stay  

The surge in content creation has been rather stark in the last few years. Right now, if you step into the digital world or even your vicinity, for that matter of fact, you will find a digital content creator in almost every second neighborhood. The creator element has been growing over the years, and it is visible.

Hugo Amsellem, VP, Community at Jellysmack, speaks in detail about how he feels the creator economy is here to stay.

Before getting into the details, here is a little about the creator economy.

The creator economy is a concept wherein creators generate content and earn revenue from it. Think influencers, content managers, or strategists. These people make a living by creating content that they are passionate about and either get paid by large brands or small businesses. And these content creators—especially the influencers—are the new celebrities. They have 1000s of followers and are in with the trends, be it Instagram reels, Snapchat stories, or TikTok videos.

And this trend is here to stay. A recent Forbes article states that more than 50 million independent content creators, curators, and community builders are fueling this new trend. In fact, the industry of these micro-entrepreneurs is currently valued at $20 billion and is estimated to go up to $104.2 billion in 2022.

And if you are still not convinced, let’s see what Hugo Amsellem has to say.

Why The Creator Economy Is Here To Stay

And here are some of the few reasons he believes it to be true.

1. It is ever-evolving

Hugo says, “The creator is truly evolving in this day and age—the gig economy is becoming mainstream. When the internet boom happened 20 years ago, businesses, big and small, started evolving. As a result, today’s content creators are experiencing the same thing. And we can well and truly expect them to grow into something better in the next five years.”

2. It is inclusive

Yes, one of the many reasons the creator economy is here to stay is because any individual can become a creator. One does not need any level of certification to become a freelance content creator. Having a functional internet connection paired with a smartphone is enough for you to become an internet content creator today.

3. It lifts barriers

When you become a creator, you don’t need to have a social status. History has proven that to become a content creator, one does not need to be from a specific section of society. You can be anyone, and making content could be your gig. Furthermore, creating content also boils down to the fact that collaborations are possible.

4. It promotes collaborations

Hugo says, “Content collaborations are one of the most popular ways of spreading the word and reaching out to your audience. For instance, if you are a content creator, you can connect with someone sitting anywhere on this planet. All you would need is consent to get the content created, and you will be good.”

5. It is rewarding

Yes, it is rewarding—and how. If you look at the current scenario of how brands are reaching out to influencers and content creators, you will be shocked. Some brands are now promoting their products and services through content creators. This further validates that the creator economy is here to stay and for good.

6. It is an open platform.

When it comes to content creation, when we say anyone can create content, we also want to say that anyone can make any content. There is no restriction. While some create funny and mimicking videos, others focus on product or service reviews. Until your content does not cross the barrier of community guidelines, you will be good to go.

7. It has immense scope.

Yes, the entire arena of content creation and the gig economy has a lot of scopes. Some agencies have been started merely to manage content creators. If you are an excellent content creator, all the brands want to work with you in today’s day and age. So, yes, the content economy is here to stay and for good. Because if it is capable of creating jobs for people, it will most definitely stay.

8. It has different platforms.

Yes, your created content cannot be stuck on one point. It must be adaptable to other platforms. This is because no one platform says that you cannot post somewhere else. Therefore, creating a vast playground for all the content creators out there.

Parting Thoughts

To close the article on the right note, read up on articles, listen to podcasts, and watch videos that help you understand how the entire content creator community works. Another reason that we feel that the creator economy is here to stay is that the option to work on content is solely in the creator’s hands.


Note: This blog is an excerpt from a session on Why Choose Content Entrepreneurship

with Ankur Warikoo, Co-Founder and Content Creator at Nearbuy. The session was part of Elevate–a global virtual content summit organized by Pepper Content, bringing together industry leaders in content marketing.