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20 Christmas Content Ideas for 2023(+Examples)

Ekshika Raj
Posted on 15/12/2310 min read
20 Christmas Content Ideas for 2023(+Examples)
Take a look at all the Christmas content ideas for 2023 to steer your overall strategy in the right direction!

Ho, Ho, Ho!

With Christmas right around the corner, it is time to incorporate the holiday spirit into your content marketing strategies. This festive season provides an opportunity not only for revenue generation but also to establish a lasting connection with your audience.

Hence, a nuanced and strategic content marketing approach during Christmas can serve as a catalyst for building relationships, effectively communicating brand values, and boosting sales. In fact, 52% of people surveyed said they were more likely to buy a product or service after reading the content.

Having said that, let’s take a look at all the Christmas content ideas for 2023 to steer your overall strategy in the right direction!

Christmas Content Ideas for 2023

As we approach Christmas 2023, the digital landscape offers boundless opportunities for brands to connect, inspire, and spread joy.

This section presents 20 Christmas content ideas designed to infuse your marketing strategy with the season’s magic. From AI-driven ideas to memes, each suggestion is crafted to help your brand stand out.

1. AI-Driven Ideas

If you’re keeping up with the trends, you might possibly know that the rise in AI adoption in content marketing has become a game-changer. Since the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022, brands have embraced generative AI, recognizing its transformative potential. A recent report from Influencer Marketing Hub revealed that 61.4% of marketers have seamlessly integrated AI into their strategies, with 54.5% attesting to its significant impact.

As the demand for AI in marketing continues to soar, new tools and technologies will emerge, and one standout is AI-driven content creation. For example, Narrato’s AI Content Genie is an ingenious tool that delivers AI-generated social media and blog content weekly, with image suggestions and customization options.

Image Source

This marketing assistant on autopilot derives inspiration from your themes or provided website links, effortlessly publishing content across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, and Webflow with just a few clicks. It’s the multitasking ally that streamlines content creation, strategy, and marketing seamlessly.

2. Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are a great way to reach customers and boost sales. A well-crafted Christmas email campaign can address subscriber pain points, forge a personalized connection between customers and the company, and maximize engagement through compelling subject lines.

When crafting your Christmas email campaign, it’s important to pay attention to the following key elements:

1. Include catchy subject lines

  • 🎄 Your Last Chance to Save Big!
  • 🎁 They Are Here: Unwrap the Magic!
  • 🚨 Don’t Miss Out on Exclusive Deals!

2. Design festive newsletter visuals — for example, infuse the holiday cheer into your emails with festive visuals such as gift bags, Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and decorations.

The significance of incorporating Christmas-themed subject lines into your business emails cannot be overstated. Beyond providing a favorable first impression, these subject lines are powerful catalysts for heightened open rates, ultimately fostering increased customer engagement.

Here’s a brilliant email marketing campaign example from Starbucks to get you inspired:

Image Source

3. User-Generated Content

Encourage your valued customers to showcase their experiences with your products or services on social media using a dedicated hashtag. By doing so, you celebrate their stories and create an avenue for organic, user-generated content (UGC). And this is exactly what Starbucks did with the #RedCupContest, a particularly famous holiday-themed contest generating lots of UGC.

Image Source

Reposting this UGC on your own platforms acknowledges and appreciates your customers and extends your content’s reach. This amplifies your brand’s authenticity and serves as a compelling way to connect with a broader audience and attract new customers.

4. Social Media Giveaways

Spark holiday excitement with contests and giveaways! Be persuasive, set deadlines, and use countdowns for maximum impact.

Image Source

Notice the example above gets straight to the point. Opt for a graphic design that features an assertively large font, intensifying the excitement surrounding the event. A standout element? Emphasize key terms such as ‘FREE,’ a surefire strategy to guarantee a large number of entries for your festive giveaway.

5. Memes

Inject humor into your holiday content with festive memes that resonate with your audience. Christmas memes provide a humorous and relatable way for brands to connect with their audience. By tapping into shared experiences and holiday sentiments, memes create a sense of camaraderie and relatability, fostering a stronger connection between the brand and its audience.

Image Source

You can also create memes incorporating popular holiday symbols or traditions, sharing them across social media platforms for a lighthearted touch.

6. Polls and Quizzes

Using polls is a brilliant strategy to showcase interactivity in your content, fostering a dynamic connection with your audience. Ask a thought-provoking question or a series of queries aligned with current issues or trending topics, and post the results to amplify engagement. The brilliance lies not just in the initial interaction but in the potential of sharing the results, transforming them into compelling standalone content.

Consider Buzzfeed’s adept use of polls. By asking their audience intriguing questions, they enhance the immediate content experience and turn the audience’s responses into a rich source of follow-up content. This twofold approach elevates engagement and transforms your audience into active contributors, fostering a sense of community around your brand.

7. Podcasts

Using podcasts for your Christmas content is important as they offer a unique and intimate channel to connect with your audience during the festive season. Podcasts let you tell fun stories, share helpful tips, and connect with people in a way that feels like you’re right there with them. People can listen while doing other things, like decorating or cooking. It’s like having a friend in their ear, making your brand a part of their holiday moments.

Plus, with features like Q&A sessions and challenges, you can involve your audience, making them feel like they’re part of a festive community.

Image Source

Hosted by self-proclaimed “big-time Christmas Nerds” Dylan Lyles and Matt Kelly, this newly debuted podcast is fueled by the duo’s infectious and genuine love for the holiday season. Tapping into their wholesome passion, Lyles and Kelly engage in lively discussions about the differences between Christmas carols and songs (and, yes, there is a difference!).

8. B2B Content

Following the spooktacular Halloween vibes and the hustle of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s now time to incorporate your strategy with the festive spirit of Christmas.

Develop content that caters to B2B audiences, such as industry-specific holiday guides or collaborative virtual events.

For example, MVMT’s guides help its website visitors discover the ideal gift for their loved ones:

Image Source

9. Personalized Virtual Cards

Personalized virtual cards convey a sense of thoughtfulness and care, as they are tailored to individual preferences and sentiments. By incorporating personalized elements such as names, customized messages, or even specific design choices, businesses can demonstrate a genuine appreciation for their customers.

These virtual cards not only serve as festive greetings but also contribute to building stronger emotional bonds with the audience, fostering a positive association with the brand.

Image Source

In a digital age where personalization is highly valued, sending personalized virtual cards reflects a commitment to customer engagement, making the holiday experience more special and unique for each recipient.

10. Webinars

We all know that stories work better than facts, and what better way to engage your audience through storytelling than hosting webinars?

A webinar is a powerful tool to educate, connect, and ultimately sell to a diverse audience at a relatively low cost. Regardless of your industry or target audience, webinars have the potential to enhance your marketing and sales endeavors significantly.

Over 99% of B2B marketers say webinars are key to their future marketing strategy.

For example, in this webinar by Sleeknote, the hosts, Julie and Caroline, discuss how to make the most of your holiday traffic with popups and slide-ins.

Image Source

11. Social Ads

As folks chill beside the Christmas tree, their social media scrolls become the perfect stage for captivating ads. Compared to your Christmas organic marketing efforts, using paid traffic ensures that your products capture the attention of a broader audience.

If you’re gearing up for a Christmas sale, crafting a festive ad is one of the most effective Christmas content ideas to propel your holiday sales to new heights. Whether on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, the potential to design visually stunning ads with compelling content is at your fingertips.

A great example is the Dollar Shave Club, whose carousel Facebook ad brilliantly showcased their shaving products with a touch of humor, creating an irresistibly engaging promotional campaign.

Image Source

This serves as a testament to the impact a well-crafted festive ad can have in boosting brand visibility and driving conversions during the holiday season.

12. Engaging Newsletters

The main goal of having a newsletter is to build a community by sharing what’s going on with your brand. And the fun only doubles during the holiday season, with so much to do and so much to see.

It’s Christmas time, which means it’s perfect for giving your subscribers special deals. You already know what they like, so create awesome offers just for them. But remember, everyone else is doing the same thing in December. So, instead of sending lots of boring emails, be creative and organized with your messages. Make them fun and helpful so your subscribers enjoy hearing from you during the festive season.

13. Product Descriptions

Another clever content idea you can apply is to tweak your product descriptions during the festive season! Whether using a gift guide or applying various content marketing techniques to support purchase decisions, maintain consistency in your copy across all product descriptions. Integrate seasonal prompts where relevant, and add a touch of festive charm to your product images.

For an optimal experience, guide your audience seamlessly from email to landing pages and finally to product pages and checkout. HappySocks, for example, skillfully incorporates a festive narrative into its product descriptions, effectively conveying the holiday spirit while boosting the SEO of its product listings.

Image Source

14. Landing Pages

Creating Christmas-themes landing pages and tweaking your content accordingly is one of the best ideas you can implement for boosting your conversions.

These landing pages can be precision-targeted toward holiday consumers or increase engagement through exclusive holiday-themed giveaways. If you don’t usually put countdown timers within your product pages, this is a straightforward yet impactful Christmas content marketing initiative that you might have missed out on.

For example, here’s what Omega Watches did:

Image Source

15. Sign Up Forms

Your website isn’t the only way to increase your Christmas sales! The signup forms on your website can also help you get more leads. Instead of just showing a regular popup

with a discount, why not make it all Christmassy?

You can use a Christmas-themed popup or make a few different ones to gather email addresses from people interested in your products. Take a look at Bath & Body Works for a quick and smart example!

Image Source

16. Video Content

The B2B market is flooded with lots of written stuff. For a while, B2B companies have seen video content as a game-changer to stand out.

But is video still catching people’s attention? Will it stay popular in 2024?

No surprises here: The answer is a big yes.

On average, people spend 17 hours a week watching videos online, and 89% say that watching a video convinced them to buy something. B2B buyers are the same; 70% watch videos throughout their buying journey.

So why not leverage the power of this content format over the holidays?

Let us take Coca-Cola’s “Have yourself a Merry Christmas” as an example.

The ad starts with a girl handing her father a letter to Santa. The father later takes you on an adventurous, yet wholesome journey to the North Pole, where he is unfortunately met with a “Closed for Christmas” sign on Santa’s doorstep. Dejected, the father is then picked up by a truck, transported back home, and handed back her daughter’s letter. Upon reading it, he finds out that her wish to Santa was to bring her dad back home for Christmas.

This ad perfectly captured the message and spirit of Christmas: “This Christmas, give something only you can give.”

Have yourself a Merry Christmas | Coca-Cola

17. Influencer Content Campaigns

When it’s holiday time, people often enjoy festive drinks. Aperol USA, usually known for summer sips by the pool, teamed up with creators to talk about their drink even in the colder months. They’ve used #HappyAperolidays to make their brand a holiday must-have.

This shows that creating a unique hashtag is a smart way to make more people know about a brand and get them to share their own products.

In the post below, they’re telling everyone to include Aperol in their holiday celebrations. They’ve even shared a recipe for making an Aperol spritz!

18. Articles

The Twelve Days of Christmas is a big part of the holidays. It’s fun because every day brings something new. Making 12 posts or short articles, each about a different thing, is a fantastic idea for holiday content marketing. It keeps the excitement alive! Krispy Kreme did this and nailed it because their treats fit perfectly with this idea:

Image Source

19. Playlists

Spotify does it; why not you?

Image Source

Spotify Wrapped is a sort of year-in-review of what you listened to on the app throughout the year. It’s a fun way to connect with your audience, and if you haven’t thought about including it in your holiday plans, you might want to!

But, how do you make sure it really clicks with your audience? Here are some tips:

  • Make it about them. Your year-in-review should make your customers feel valued, just like thank-you content. People like feeling part of something and knowing they’ve contributed somehow.
  • Get visual. Even if you have much to say, spice it up with GIFs, photos, or infographics. Blog posts with pictures get more attention, and pictures help keep your audience interested, especially when reading a long email. Plus, people love sharing infographics!
  • Know your story. Good marketing always tells a great story. Take your audience on a journey they’re excited about. Share where you’ve been this year and what’s coming up next year. Invite them to join you!

20. Surveys

Surveys can be a fantastic and interactive content idea for Christmas that engages your audience and provides valuable insights.

You can ask your audience about their Christmas wishes, favorite holiday traditions, or the top gifts on their wishlist. Use this information to tailor your content and promotions, or even create personalized recommendations.

Zappos excels in establishing trust and fostering lasting relationships with customers. They go beyond mere interactions by implementing post-purchase surveys. These surveys are not generic but tailored to inquire about specific aspects such as shoe fit and comfort. This approach enables them to address issues related to product quality and delivery times, resulting in enhanced product offerings and personalized shopping experiences. It’s a strategic move that ensures customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. Impressive, isn’t it?

But remember to keep the surveys fun, engaging, and reflective of the holiday spirit. By involving your audience in the content creation process, you gather valuable information and strengthen your community bonds during the festive season.

Wrapping Up

To conclude, these are just a handful of the many ideas for creating Christmas content. Whether it’s leveraging the charm of holiday-themed surveys, crafting engaging video campaigns, or diving into the festive spirit with specialized landing pages, the opportunities are endless!

Remember that each idea is a unique way to connect with your audience during this joyous season. By tailoring your approach to resonate with the spirit of Christmas, you can create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Looking for a helping hand to bring your Christmas content ideas to life? Look no further because Pepper Content‘s AI+Human-led expert writing services are here to take care of all your content needs. Contact us today to elevate your Christmas content game!