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15 Best Performing E-commerce Email Templates

Team Pepper
Posted on 4/05/229 min read
15 Best Performing E-commerce Email Templates
Email marketing can turn tables for e-commerce stores. Here are 15 e-commerce email templates for your email marketing campaign.

The thing that can help you increase the brand awareness of your e-commerce business, grow sales and profits, and reduce marketing costs are email marketing campaigns. And the thing that can make your email marketing campaigns successful is great e-commerce email templates.

So, here is a list of 15 effective e-commerce email templates and some must-include email ideas for your e-commerce email marketing. We have also shared some best email marketing practices for e-commerce brands in this article.

Let’s start with why e-commerce businesses should leverage email marketing to flourish?

Why is Email Marketing the Spine of E-commerce Business?

If we talk in numbers, there are around 3 billion email users around the globe, and you can target them easily. Another study says that every dollar spent on email marketing gives an average return of $42, a 4200% return.

You know, there are more than 24 million e-commerce sites globally. To make a dent in the e-commerce industry, you really need to present your brand’s personality. Email marketing can help you communicate your personality to a highly targeted audience.

Leveraging email marketing can provide you with reliable data about your target audience, which you can use to curate personalized marketing campaigns. Email marketing increases the Click-Through Rate (CTR), increasing sales.

15 Best Performing E-commerce Email Templates

1. The Welcome Email Template

Be clear with your subject line. It is advised not to be very pushy in the welcome email. Greet them well and tell them what to do next by giving them a welcome discount. E-commerce email templates for welcome emails must contain greetings, warm colors, and a clear Call to Action. See how BONOBOS is welcoming.




2. Newsletter Email Template

E-commerce newsletter emails can be educational as well as promotional, or both. E-commerce business email templates can also have links to their blogs, products page, and social media handles. Newsletter plays an important part in maintaining a brand’s image and relationship with customers; make sure you utilize it well. Here’s what Myntra does.


3. Referral Email Template

Referral emails are a very good opportunity to get more customers. Referral emails must be clear and compelling to make people share your brand with their friends. Hence, email marketing templates for referrals should be treated as a marketing opportunity and thus curated with strategy. Here’s what LiveAgent has for you.


4. Brand Awareness Email Template

Brand awareness email campaigns aim to increase brand engagement across all social media handles. The more you stay in touch with your audience, the more you appear in front of them across different platforms, and the more will the brand grow in credibility. Email marketing templates for brand awareness should have a clear CTA and links to different media handles. See what Privy is suggesting.


5. Promotional Email Template

Promotional emails should be highly targeted. Don’t try to sell a comb to a bald person. Promotional emails should make people feel how the product will suit their needs and how simple their life will become. Write in a conversational tone and don’t sound like a seller. E-commerce email templates for promotion need to be designed to prioritize the solution you are selling. Look how DODOcase is doing.

6. Featured Products Email Template

Featured products are the products you choose to appear more in your store. Usually, these products are the best-selling, good-quality, and high-margin products. Writing an email to sell featured products can be beneficial as the masses love these products. Here is what Privy is recommending.

7. Limited Time Email Template

These emails intrigue the receiver and pique the urgency to buy the product. These email marketing templates come with flashy colors and a timer, which help to create FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). See how the Old Navy did.



8. Seasonal Sale Email Template

People prefer opting for seasonal fashion, and hence a seasonal sale will be a cherry on the cake. Sales emails are quirky, colorful, and compelling. It communicates how amazing a chance it is to hop on the seasonal trends at a low cost. Here’s what BEE free has.



9. Product Reviews Email Template

We all look for reviews before buying things. Why don’t you ask your customers to leave a meaningful review? Buyers can empathize with buyers and can rely on the data shared by them. A review about the quality and size of the product helps make more sales.


10. Customer Testimonial Email Template

If you have just started up an e-commerce store, then a testimonial email can help you win the trust of your audience and establish your brand in the market. E-commerce email templates for customer testimonials are simple and focus on a smooth buying process, quality of products, and supportive customer service.

11. Order Confirmation Email Template

E-commerce business email templates for order confirmation are simple and clear. It acknowledges that the purchase has been made and shares the product name, product code, price, and other necessary details with the buyer. It also has a section to upsell related items. Here’s how Blue Bottle is doing.

12. Shipping Email Template

The shipping email template is to notify the buyer that their product is ready and shipped to their address. It shares the shipping address and link to track the order with the receiver. Chewy is doing it well.


13. Upselling Email Template

Upselling emails acknowledge the previous purchase and suggest some related or complementary products to the buyer. The email template and the choice of words should be friendly and not sales.

14. Cart Abandonment Email Template

People leave items in the cart, maybe because they are skeptical about the quality or find it costly. You can move them by sharing product reviews or giving 15% off and converting them into your customers.

15. Thank You Email Template

Just a gesture of gratitude. Thank you email template usually comes with a feedback section also. Have a look at how All Birds are doing.


Best Email Marketing Practices for E-commerce Brands

E-commerce Businesses invest heavily in email marketing as it provides the best returns. Here we are listing down a few ways by which you can make your presence in the market.

1. Segmenting of buyer personas

The Secret Sauce to making more sales in the fashion e-commerce business is to segment your audience based on their age, gender, choices, and locations. Once you have their emails, assign them different spaces based on the data that comes along. Here are some tips:

Segment your audience on age and gender to make your emails more personalized.

Categorize High-spenders and target them with premium products.

Separate cart abandoners and send them email reminders.

Classify impulsive buyers and give them coupons/ offers.

● Identify newsletter readers and share with them fashion tips and trends.

2. Deciding a brand’s voice

A brand’s voice and personality play a significant role in business development. With millions of e-commerce brands targeting the same audience, you can stand out only with a unique voice and personality. And that brand’s voice needs to be consistent throughout your online presence. A cheerful and friendly email should not lead to a basic and formal website. Here are some tips for deciding on a brand’s voice:

Make sure your brand’s voice aligns with your mission statement.

A brand’s voice must appeal to the audience you are targeting.

The right choice of words and colors shapes the brand’s voice.

● Get an outside perspective to finalize your brand’s voice.

3. Use responsive E-commerce email templates

Email structure matters a lot in making an email campaign successful. Use proven e-commerce email marketing templates to increase the number of clicks and purchases. Business email templates that have been performing well will likely give you better returns. Here are some tips for finalizing email marketing templates:

Different templates serve different purposes.

Templates design must align with your brand’s voice.

Templates’ colors must stand with the email content. The welcome email should be warm, and the promotional email can be bright.

● Wear your customer’s shoes and understand what can compel them.

4. Leverage A/B testing

A/B testing is a way of deciding which e-commerce email marketing template is performing well and can be tried on a larger audience. In A/B testing, two email variations are sent to a smaller audience, and it is analyzed which one is successful in compelling the receiver to open or purchase the product. The high-performing business email templates are then used to target a larger audience, aiming for better returns. Some tips for A/B testing of email marketing templates:

Choose one variable to test, be it subject line, content, or call to action.

Make sure to have a big sample size to rely on the test data.

Use the 20/80 rule. Test on 20% of your audience to target the rest 80% better.

Test simultaneously to have a fair comparison.

Be more careful while analyzing the winner. Delta must be significant.

7 Must Include Emails for E-commerce Brands

1. The Welcome Email

Don’t allow people to look at you as a business. Present yourself as a human. Give them a warm welcome email as soon as they sign up. Welcome email opens up the door for a conversation rather than just a transaction. It can set up a relationship between the brand and the customer if done right.

The business email template for the welcome email should be simple and elegant, with a warm and pleasing design and color. It must avoid containing too much content and fluff. Welcome emails with a discount or an offer coupon are appreciated.

2. The Newsletter Email

Most customers love to get educated about the products they use or the fashion they pick. A weekly or bi-weekly newsletter can be a great way of winning their trust. An email newsletter can show your brand authority in the related niche, eventually increasing sales.

A newsletter from baby care e-commerce can have information about necessary products for babys’ delicate skin, product comparisons, or Dos and Don’ts for first-time parents. A fashion e-commerce store can share new trends, top picks, or season-specific products.

3. The Referral Email

Referral emails work really great for acquiring new customers. Brands have been practicing this for a long time and getting great returns. They send emails to their existing customers and ask them to refer to their friends in return for shopping coupons and discounts. This is one of the best ways of growing your email list.

4. The Promotional email

This is what makes the most of the sales. Here, you can promote your products with flashy sales, compelling reviews, seasonal offers, limited-time offers, or anything. Be creative with the subject line, email content, product placement, and call to action while writing promotional emails.

5. The Abandoned Cart email

Many people add products to the cart and then don’t buy them. Remind them how important those products are and how limited the time is left as stock is getting empty. Maybe they left products because of the prices, give them a discount to help them make a buying decision.

6. The Upsell/Cross-sell Email

Upsell and cross-sell emails can increase sales significantly. It is said that the person who has his hands in his pocket can spend more. Upselling is selling some high-value products to the buyer, and cross-selling is making them buy a complimentary product. Like a Guitar cover with a guitar. Boost up your sales by leveraging these two ways.

7. The Transactional Email

Customers expect to receive transactional emails for security purposes, and hence the email opening rate is considerably high. These emails generally have order confirmation and shipment confirmation. The sole purpose of this email is to assure the customer that their purchase is acknowledged. Since these emails have a high open-rate, you can upsell/ cross-sell items here.

Key Takeaways

  1. Segmenting the buyer persona and maintaining the brand’s voice are essential for all e-commerce stores.
  2. Using responsive email templates and trying A/B testing to finalize an email marketing template can help you increase your ROI.
  3. There are seven must include emails for all e-commerce stores.
  4. Welcome and transactional emails should be simple and clean.
  5. Promotional and cart abandonment emails need not be pushy or salesy.


Emails drive a lot of e-commerce sales and profits. Hence, it needs to be taken seriously. E-commerce email templates can help you save a lot of your time and energy, but you need to make sure that you use the template which aligns with your brand’s personality.


1. How can I choose the right business email templates?

A business email template must always align with the brand’s personality and the email campaign. It should clearly and effectively communicate your message and ends with a Call to Action.

2. How can I create e-commerce email templates?

Before creating a template, decide on a single clear purpose for the email. Subscribe to your competitor’s email lists and take inspiration from their email templates. Analyze what you like or dislike as a buyer and implement that in your template design.

3. How do I start e-commerce email marketing?

Choose an email marketing service provider. Do promotions and collect enough emails to start—practice conversational tone of copywriting. Start with a welcome email. Also, professional companies can help you.

4. How to build an email list?

Use screen popups or slide-in to collect emails. Give discounts or free shipping in return for their emails. Ask them to sign up for insightful newsletters. Giveaways also help in building up an email list.