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10 Mother’s Day Campaigns We Absolutely Loved

Team Pepper
Posted on 3/05/226 min read
10 Mother’s Day Campaigns We Absolutely Loved
Are you looking for ideas for your next Mother’s Day campaign? Here’s a look at the top campaigns from around the world.

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and it is the perfect opportunity for brands to tug at their customers’ heartstrings. While it is a well-established celebration that includes flowers, gifts, and family get-togethers to celebrate motherhood, Mother’s Day campaigns are easy and challenging at the same time. With every other brand broadcasting similar messaging on the occasion, standing out and making a campaign that captures your audience’s attention is vital. 

10 Mother’s Day Campaigns to Take Cues From

So, how can your Mother’s Day marketing strategy stand out? Looking back at some successful campaigns might be a good place to start. In that vein, here is a rundown of the top 10 Mother’s Day campaigns we found highly engaging and effective. Each of these campaigns captured the essence of the occasion uniquely.  

1. IKEA: There are more ways to say “I love you mum”

For any person, celebrating Mother’s Day comes with the haunting question, “What gift can I give my mother?” Flowers, cakes, and other celebratory items no longer rule the roost, and most would instead prefer to gift something that is practical and adds value to their moms’ lives. 

In their 2020 Mother’s Day Campaign, IKEA created a specific page for Mother’s Day gifting. Each recommendation was designed as per a mother’s diverse needs, from pillows and bed lamps to tables and other items. Whether it is a tech-forward mom, a mom who loves being indoors, or a mom-to-be, the page has recommendations for all types of situations.

2. Yard NYC: Leave Mom The F*ck Alone

“Leave mom the f*ck alone” is a highly unusual thing to say on Mother’s Day. However, in 2020, Yard NYC took the path less explored and came up with this impactful and hard-hitting Mother’s Day campaign that chose not to mince words. With the boundaries between work and home blurring, mothers have had to step up and take on additional pressure, eventually feeling exhausted. 


The campaign focused on moms from all walks of life. Through witty copy and attractive design elements, it brought to light the invisible labor they perform every day. The campaign sought to cherish all that our mothers do for us, and why they are indeed superheroes throughout the year. Popularized as “LMTFA,” this campaign urged everyone to give their mothers the much-needed space to relax, rejuvenate, and just be with themselves. 

Not just this, Yard also created specialized LMTFA merchandise, the proceeds from which were donated to Every Mother Counts, a nonprofit. A highly distinct initiative, wouldn’t you say?

3. Coca-Cola: Inseparable 

Interactive media is the next big thing in marketing, and Coca-Cola made abundant use of this approach for its Mother’s Day campaign way back in 2015. The interactive video, known as “Inseparable,” took viewers through the unbreakable bond between a mother and a child. From lovable situations to tumultuous ones, it showcases all moments from both the mother and daughter’s perspectives. Viewers could switch between either perspective throughout the video. 

The video ended by telling viewers the best Mother’s Day gift would be a simple call, allowing them to phone their mothers anywhere in the world. You can watch the campaign here and explore both perspectives for yourself! 

4. Truecaller: #BlockTimeForMom

Have you ever felt guilty for not giving your mother enough time, because you were busy? We have all been there. With the break-neck speed of life, we often tend to ignore the ones who should be our priority. In Truecaller’s 2021 Mother’s Day campaign, you can find how the company captures this mood effectively. 

Truecaller cleverly leveraged its USP, i.e., helping people block unwanted callers. Only, this time around, it was blocking time for mothers. The campaign generated over 40K views and was greatly appreciated by viewers for its reminder to take some out for the people who matter. It is clearly one of the best Mother’s Day social media campaigns if you ask us. 

5. Stockland: To all those who mum

With its 2018 Mother’s Day campaign titled “To all those who mum,” Australian property development company Stockland celebrated motherhood in all its forms. From single mothers and step-mothers to adoptive moms and more, the campaign is highly emotional and captures the rawness of motherhood. 

The emotional video honors the struggle, pain, and joys of motherhood, and most importantly, celebrates mothers of all kinds. 

6. SBI Life #MummyKahanHain

SBI Life touched upon a unique Mother’s Day theme. A mother is not just someone who gives us birth, but one who nurtures us—just like “SOS Mothers.” The SBI Life #MummyKahanHain campaign touches upon how due to abysmal adoption rates in our country and the rise in parentless or abandoned children, some superwomen are stepping up to look after these kids.

The video, launched in 2019, is based on the life of an SOS Mother, Anita Kharkongor, and her 22 children from an SOS Children’s Village in Shillong. The rationale behind the video was that every child has the right to be loved and cared for. And that is made possible by SOS Mothers, who are trained to care for disadvantaged children as if they were their own. The short but inspiring video was loved by users and garnered more than a million views on YouTube.  

This Mother’s Day campaign also shed light on the fact that 600 SOS Mothers are operating across 32 SOS Children’s Villages in India, giving thousands of children a loving environment to grow in.  

7. Samsung: #TextsFromMom

In 2015, Samsung broke out of the usual sentimental Mother’s Day messaging mold. Instead, it chose to take the funny route. The campaign comprised a series of hilarious text messages mothers send their children (mothers are infamous for typing funnily.) 


In this manner, the ad not only showed the diverse texting styles of mothers, but also promoted the then-newly launched Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. 

8. Prega News: #CoolHaiMeriMaa 

Prega News has always been in the news for its stellar marketing campaigns, which capture the essence of motherhood in every way. The company is known for its home pregnancy test kit, which makes Mother’s Day highly crucial to the brand. In its #CoolHaiMeriMaa campaign, Prega News decided to “celebrate the coolness in every mother.” 

Launched in 2021, the video showed how through every phase of her child’s journey, a mother stands by them like a rock. The video showcased one such mom, who is always there for her son when he needs her, but at the same time, guides him to be self-reliant. The campaign generated more than nine million views on YouTube, thanks to its outstanding storytelling

9. Edelweiss Mutual Fund: #TheInvisibleVoice 

There are many stereotypes that hide in plain sight. The prominent one is looking to a male family member for financial and investment advice. Edelweiss Mutual Fund’s 2021 Mother’s Day marketing strategy decided to touch upon this theme and titled it “Life ho ya money, mom ki advice zaroori hai.”

Through the video ad, the company showcases how mothers, too, can help make important decisions. The video aimed to portray a mother’s ability to guide her children on matters, such as financial management, making sound financial decisions, and more. In short, it tells us how our mothers shape our approach to money from early on. 

10. Simon & Schuster: #BooksToGiveMom

Simon & Schuster is a renowned publishing house with an international presence. Therefore, it is no surprise that their Mother’s Day campaign was centered on books. But what made their Mother’s Day campaign stand out was that it wasn’t an ordinary list of gifting suggestions. The Mother’s Day gifting guide spanned several genres of books and catered to moms with different preferences. From moms who love thrillers and foodie moms to those who like audiobooks and best-sellers, the guide had it all. 

We hope these Mother’s Day campaigns inspire you and help you craft an outstanding campaign for your brand. While there are many facets to a mother, brands should be able to focus on a particular value or instance and leverage it. No matter what you decide on, remember to fuel your campaign with emotion and tact. 


1. How do I promote my brand on Mother’s Day?

You can create a Mother’s Day engagement campaign on social media, where users can upload pictures with their mothers with a branded hashtag, for a chance to win some exciting giveaways. You can also provide discounts on Mother’s Day gift items or create a Mother’s Day gifting guide. Another tried-and-true piece of advice is to create a campaign that captures the intricacies of motherhood.

2. Can Mother’s Day be used in a brand’s marketing strategy?

The key to a successful Mother’s Day marketing strategy is to ensure that the storytelling is powerful and captures the essence of motherhood. Some of the best Mother’s Day campaigns strike a chord with the audience, as they are all about emotions, celebrations, and unbridled love for mothers. 

3. Which are some of the best Mother’s Day campaigns of all time?

This blog comprises some of the most well-executed Mother’s Day campaigns ever. Scroll up for the list we put together.