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Sample: Facebook: The Go-to Solution of the 21st Century

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The article should throw light on the various ways in which Facebook tools support people grow and thrive in their own ventures. Should be informative.

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I’m a content writer with over 3 years of experience in writing blogs, social media posts and video scripts.

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A lot of apps and websites have followed Facebook in the market and have provided services different or similar to Facebook. But Facebook has somehow always managed to stay ahead. 

From time to time, we have seen Facebook introduce different campaigns, initiatives, advanced services and whatnot. One of the recent developments is helping small business owners grow all around the world. It can be anticipated as one of the steps taken by Facebook towards maintaining that topmost position in the world of social media.

Apart from connecting people from all around the world, Facebook has come up with many more tools to support people grow and thrive in their own ventures. So much so, there are around 90 million small businesses on Facebook today. And it is possible for anyone to use the platform and make revenue grow, irrespective of whether you are a beginner in the market or an experienced one. There is not a lot that is needed to be set up regarding your business on Facebook. 

The foremost job would be creating a Facebook page that contains the useful details of your business. Few important things that need to be mentioned include the product/services you provide, the website (if you have one) and the people who can be reached out to in case of any difficulties or confusion regarding your business/product/services.

Few steps that you can follow to set up your business page on Facebook are:

  1. Creating an advertisement for your business on Facebook is pretty easy. The fact that it does not cost a lot of money gives business owners a space to connect with their potential buyers. Not all small businesses have the budget or expertise to set up a fancy marketing and promotional structure to build their businesses. Social media platforms like Facebook can come really handy in such cases. 
  2.  You can create up to six different types of advertisements. Facebook lets you do tests and trials with these versions and you can carry on with the best performing version. Facebook lets you know about the best performing advertisement only after all the versions are actively running on social media and statistics regarding success rate can be drawn up.
  3. The audience that is perfect for your business will connect automatically to your page and Facebook will take care of that happening efficiently.
  4. You can share the budget of your business with Facebook and it can give you an estimation regarding the future of your business. Or you can go vice versa and tell the future of your business to Facebook and they will curate the budget for you.
  5. You will receive notifications and feedback about how your advertisements are performing, how many people you are reaching and how much revenue that is bringing in; everything is updated and sent to you so that you can work on improving on these parameters now and then.

Few things in the pipeline:

  1. Facebook is working on new tools that will help you create content and edit it. This kind of content, especially videos, will help you amplify your business, reach newer and potential customer bases, and provide a deeper understanding of your work to your buyers. In businesses, one of the most important tasks is that your buyers should be able to connect to the services or products you provide. Video content helps a lot in making that possible.
  2. You will be able to manage your appointments using the Facebook tool. You can create one for yourself, send one to your client or edit it accordingly.
  3. Facebook as well as all other Facebook-owned websites and apps will also provide similar tools and assistance for people who want to grow their business using social media.

The bottom line

All these initiatives, so that you can start your business with the minimum resource you have. If you are talented and creative enough to come up with a solid business idea, you can leave the rest to Facebook!

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