Mischa Vaughn

Director of Content, Webflow

Mischa Vaughn is the Director of Content at Webflow — a SaaS company that helps customers build blogs, portfolios, e-commerce stores, and much more. Mischa leads the brand’s external communications through non-education content — focusing on blogs, newsletters, social media, and video marketing. 

Mischa has over 13 years of experience in editorial content and communication with experience working with some of America’s top companies like — Carta, Upworthy, Twitter, and Pivotal. His work has also been nominated for the Shorty Awards in the USA. 

Content marketing journey

Mischa has been working in the media space for over 13 years now. He became interested in content over the years. Things sped up in 2016 when he had the opportunity to lead content marketing for a client who he was consulting for. And, he's been working in the content space since. 

Challenges in content marketing

According to Mischa, the toughest part about managing content at scale is the constant need to ideate and create cohesive themes across properties and then communicate them seamlessly. It’s a cycle that constantly runs for different audiences at different times, sometimes overlapping and generating a continuous need for creativity and ideation. 

Another challenge is ensuring that the content marketing team is motivated and fulfilled by what they are doing. He believes it is his responsibility to ensure that they are challenged constantly and are aware of how their work contributes to the business overall. 

Foundation of a lean and mean content marketing machine

Mischa believes that any content team’s structure depends on the nature of the business. You can segregate your team either by audience or by function. 

For instance, at Webflow, Mischa's team has service providers who sign up for Webflow on behalf of their customers, and then they have enterprise clients who use the product directly.

There are two ways to approach this. One, the content team is divided to ensure that distinct people serve distinct audiences. Two, the team could be divided by function — editorial, social media, video, etc. And that can further be subdivided according to the audience. For instance, the editorial team can be subdivided, where one set focuses on enterprise content and the other on service provider content.

Mischa believes that for a well-oiled content marketing machine, all your channels must collaborate with each other. In his case, his team has a blog, social media, video marketing, and e-newsletter. Social is all about brand awareness. The blog is all about growth, the e-book is for lead and demand generation and the newsletters help with conversion. But they are all related in some way or the other, cross-promoting content to the audience. 

And finally, it is important to know the value of outsourcing.

Every content marketing team must have a mix of people contributing to its ultimate goal. It's important to have a mix of people with expertise. Freelancers and agencies can help in creating quality content. 

The secret sauce for successful content marketing

You can’t really be pedantic about the quality over quantity debate, finds Mischa. As a startup, there will be a long time when content will not be how you want it to be or think it should be. But, you must go through quantity to reach a phase where quality can take the front seat. This changes when a business reaches different phases - starting up, growing, or established. Ultimately, the ratio depends on where you are in your journey as a company. 

Don’t try to figure it all out by yourself. Effective content is about collaboration. Everyone from product and customer marketing to content must synthesize their efforts and work to build cohesive strategies and narratives for the business’s goals. 

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