Michael Bell

Chief Marketing Officer, Mail My Statements

Michael Bell is the Chief Marketing Officer at Mail My Statements - a technology-driven platform specializing in billing and payment solutions for healthcare providers. He is a dynamic leader with almost two decades of experience working with businesses and teams to meet their marketing goals. 

Michael is an experienced storyteller and has the unique ability to create, execute and generate results from ideas that bridge the gap between a brand and its customer’s expectations. Michael is the recipient of the 2019 Dr. Otto Sonder Chapter Advisor of The Year award.

Content marketing journey

Michael is a storyteller and strategist. He has been a people person since he was a child and was fondly called the “walking talking commercial man" while growing up. His background in sales has helped him understand that people love a good story they can relate to. And that story will have a ten-fold chance of success in closing a deal. 

Michael moved into marketing because he wasn’t satisfied with his years in sales and found marketing quite intriguing. He looks up to Joe Pulizzi and his work and is passionate about being a leader in the current world of content marketing.

Views on content marketing

Michael believes that content marketing has been around since the caveman because even they told stories. He loves traditional marketing but also finds the current form of marketing really interesting since it's about telling a story about a subject and leaving it open to opinion. He says that telling a story always plants a seed in the customers' minds.

Michael finds that being part of a client’s content marketing journey is the most exciting part of this business. Consumers enjoy engaging with a brand if its content marketer does a good job. The most tiring part involves enquiring with people after lead generation - understanding how they heard about a brand, what they found most interesting, and so on. 

Michael believes that quality is everything when it comes to content. He is a stickler for English proficiency in writing, which he places a lot of emphasis on. Visuals, he feels, are a nice backup to content. He also believes that content marketers must be knowledgeable in many areas. 

Foundation of a lean and mean content marketing machine

Michael believes content marketing is a commitment, especially to the team working on creating and putting the right messaging out there. He finds that using marketing tech makes team efforts even more seamless.

Regarding outsourcing, Michael focuses on how well the person communicates. Also, he finds that outsourcing really depends on the campaign. Sometimes, he says, you need to bring in people who know more than and about you. 

Quality is everything. Quantity means nothing without quality.

The secret sauce for successful content marketing

Less is more for websites. Michael advises building a narrative with blogs for seamless content marketing. Moreover, quality content will always answer most of the consumer’s questions. 

Michael finds that too many people on a team can make it challenging for everyone to be on the same page. As a result, he is always looking for new opportunities and technologies to make the processes easier. 

Content marketing is a commitment. It's a commitment as far as your yearly spend goes, but it's also a commitment to the people that are doing different things to make your messaging consistent.

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