Mark Kilens

Chief Marketing Officer, Airmeet

Mark Kilens is the Chief Marketing Officer at Airmeet, leading the company’s global marketing team. He previously worked as the Vice President of Content and Community at Drift and Vice President of HubSpot Academy at HubSpot. With over 15 years of marketing experience, Mark believes that a strong community can help content thrive. 

The journey

Mark Kilens discovered his passion for content about eight years ago. Ever since, he has worked tirelessly with companies like HubSpot, Drift, and Airmeet. He believes in the importance of a close alignment of content and community. 

Mark Kilens worked as Vice President of Marketing at HubSpot. During his term at the company, he felt a lack of educational resources around content marketing. This led him to establish the HubSpot Academy - an educational platform that provides training, certificate courses, and other resources around inbound marketing and sales. 

This notion of creating content to attract people to our website, to educate and to build trust, to help them understand more about who you are as a business, what you stand for, what you believe in, is a valuable way to generate and accelerate revenue.

As the Vice President of Content and Community at Drift, a conversational marketing platform, Mark leveraged the power of community and content to sustain a brand that helps businesses connect with customers through chat, video, email, etc.

In April 2022, Mark Kilens joined Airmeet as the company's first Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), where he leads the global marketing team. He is a connoisseur of event-led marketing and believes that event-led growth (ELG) can be an innovative way to facilitate a thriving, engaging, and immersive experience for customers and businesses. 

Building community through content 

Mark believes in the close alignment of content and community. According to him, good content can be a path toward building community as it has the potential to stir conversations, express the company's point of view, and tell a story. 

It is not just about the content. It is about the experiences that surround the content, and how you use your content to move someone, to turn that fan into a customer and that customer into a super fan.

Recipe for a good marketing strategy 

From blogs and graphics to videos and other resources, the plethora of content often gets overwhelming and is prone to mismanagement by companies. For this purpose, Mark recommends the mindful generation of content that reflects the company's vision. This can catalyze content marketing efforts. 

Mark believes in having teams with specified roles that can help facilitate a smooth flow of content at every stage. These teams may be involved in roles pertaining to community building, social media management, generation of thought leadership content, etc. 

Content distribution should involve partnering with various departments to comprehend the demand, consumer personas, success results of content, and other markers.  

Future of content 

Mark believes that the future of content will be an intersection of content and community. Marketers must address questions on making content more interactive and engaging, guiding people to the right content, and personalizing content. 

AI will play a significant role in answering these questions by measuring efficacy, distributing content, and helping teams be smarter while creating content. 

How do we get the right content to the right people? How do we measure its efficacy? How can we be smarter in how we create content? This is how I think AI is going to help content marketing.

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