Karan Kumar

Chief Marketing Officer at DLF Limited

With over 20 years of experience, Karan Kumar is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at DLF Limited where he is responsible for marketing, pre-launch, and pre-sales. He has previously worked with companies like ITC and Fabindia. His expertise lies in brand strategy, digital marketing, marketing communications, content marketing, product management, etc.

Content marketing journey

Karan Kumar spent 16 years at ITC. From there, using his experience in the lifestyle and retail sector, he moved to FabIndia. Transitioning from the fashion retail division at FabIndia to real estate at DLF might have been an unfamiliar jump, but Karan managed to put his experience in marketing to use and take on the challenge head first.

Karan joined DLF Limited in 2019 and in his role as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Karan is responsible for brand strategy, community engagement, digital, advocacy, and social impact.

Evolution of content marketing in real estate

Karan believes that content has matured and become more engaging and educational in real estate. It aims at generating conversations around the product in the community. He says that authentic content is required to drive conversations. As customers have become more inquisitive, content is formulated to inform, connect, and facilitate feedback. 

When it comes to real estate, the information that customers seek stretches beyond the product description. Talking about marketing in real estate, Karan Kumar emphasizes the importance of inculcating trust among the audience. This can be achieved through storytelling. Karan says that each piece of content and story produced should be authentic and accurate. There is no scope for overestimation as it can be disruptive to the brand’s image. 

At the fundamental level of marketing and marketing-anchored business leadership, the challenges are fairly similar in product groups and customer segments. The challenges are for brands to be able to build trust, to be preferred over other brands, and that preference has to lead to closures, or sales, or revenue, or whatever the jargon is for each industry and sector.

Content distribution in real estate marketing

According to Karan, content distribution in real estate marketing precedes content creation. This is because it enables the formulation of an effective content strategy that aids the generation of unique, relevant, and platform-exclusive content. Better planning leads to successful execution, thereby increasing engagement, generating leads, and improving reach. 

Talking about content formats, Karan mentions that content distribution platforms in real estate are pretty standard and include channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. Additional platforms may involve 99acres or MagicBricks.

Stories should not be confused with taking creative liberties by reporting anything that is not accurate. The stories should be relevant to the category and help the consumer to make an informed decision.

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