Jonathan Aufray

CEO, Growth Hackers

Jonathan Aufray is the CEO of Growth Hackers, a platform that helps teams and businesses grow rapidly through experimental marketing. He helps businesses with various aspects of marketing, including lead generation, user acquisition and retention, and sales. Till now, Jonathan has worked with businesses from over 90 countries and has lived in 7 countries.

His many skills include international business development, inbound marketing, A/B testing, analytics, events, public speaking, and branding.

The journey

Originally from France, Jonathan has been based in Taiwan for the past ten years. This is where he began his digital marketing journey. He has traveled the world while working for small to medium companies in digital marketing. These countries include the US, the UK, Australia, Spain, etc.

About eight years ago, Jonathan joined a startup where he worked on generating leads, user acquisition, and building revenue. He even went through an incubator company in Taiwan and an accelerator in the UK. He worked round the clock for multiple startups, including his own, and eventually took a back seat on the former to focus on the latter - Growth Hackers.

Today, Growth Hackers has clients from Western Europe, Dubai, and North America.

Content marketing is a lot about psychology. It is a lot about understanding how someone is going to react to a piece of content and what kind of questions people are asking for. What kind of problems people are having, so this way, you can find a solution, and you can find a piece of content to write. So it's always putting yourself in people’s shoes.

Views on content marketing

Jonathan believes that SEO and blogs play an essential role in the long-term journey of any business. He finds that setting expectations with clients at the start is crucial to a good working relationship. It is also important to share failures and mistakes.

Jonathan finds that SEO can be used depending on the nature of the business. He doesn’t recommend that early-stage startups work with SEO. In fact, he believes that they should focus on building brand awareness and publishing user-centric content. Established companies must use SEO because it plays a role in the long run.

Jonathan finds content marketing exciting and is constantly looking to update himself with the latest trends for his strategies.

When it comes to KRAs, he advises content marketers not to have unrealistic goals.

Content quality and scaling

Jonathan is a firm believer in the quality of content. He finds it better to create five pieces of content that will bring results than 50 pieces of content that nobody will even look at. Consistency is the key to delivering quality content, too. Jonathan also advises focusing on creating first and not forgetting to create more content.

Regarding scaling, Growth Hackers works directly with its in-house teams. In fact, Jonathan prefers hiring and not working with freelancers. In the end, he believes that your output is based on the results your content drive, not on the number of hours you work.

Look at what your competitors are doing. Get inspired, reverse engineer content, and create better content.

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