Anum Hussain

Head of Content Marketing, Reforge; Co-founder of Below the Fold

Anum Hussain is the Head of Content Marketing at Reforge and the Co-Founder of Below the Fold. She is a passionate marketer who started her career as a journalist.

She has over 12 years of experience working in content and marketing. She has previously worked with brands including The Boston Globe and Hubspot.

The journey

Content was part of Anum’s life even before she did an MBA. She started off as a journalist and worked at various news outlets. Over time, she did her MBA while also working with Hubspot.

She started out as a content writer with the company while doing her MBA and then realized how much she missed media. She spent her MBA learning about business and entrepreneurship with MIT’s resources. But eventually, she got burned out and learned her passion for content. 

She rejoined Hubspot as a Content Strategist and, in four years, grew to be the Senior Growth Manager.

At Reforge, we believe that competition for eyeballs is plenty, so we need to make sure that we attract people through the value and quality of content versus the consistent publishing of content.

Content approach

Content approaches change with the audience, is what Anum finds. She says that HubSpot had just one audience, but Reforge has four. So the challenges are different. Moreover, Anum’s roles at both companies are different - at HubSpot, she would write, edit, and publish. At Reforge, her role involves weekly publishing, reiterating, and editing. 

She attributes the success of HubSpot to its being a content company from the start, where every employee contributed content. In-house content was also given a lot of emphasis. At Reforge, they have an extensive partner network and work both in-house and with expert operators to create and distribute content. 

Anum feels that knowing what your goals are matters when it comes to deciding where your company lies on the quality vs. quantity spectrum. She says that the world has evolved where quality and consistency matter.

Working in demand generation, Anum says scaling depends on goals and can be done in multiple ways. For instance, she says that at Hubspot, about a decade ago, they decided to scale by giving e-books for free. Today, scaling may mean something else altogether.

The world has evolved where quality and consistency matter.

Anum’s message for marketers

Don't be impulsive, because content takes time - both ROI and creation. If you jump from one idea to another, you will never know what strategy works. 

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