Amy Higgins

Strategic Content Marketing Leader, Twilio

Amy Higgins is the Strategic Content Marketing Leader at Twilio. She has over two decades of experience working with various social media and marketing organizations. These include TEDxSFE, Google, Zendesk, Salesforce, and now Twilio.

The journey

Amy’s journey in content marketing grew as the role of content marketing evolved. She is an undergrad in textile marketing and got her Master’s in business in her 30s. Amy started her career in social media management and community building. From there, she transitioned into writing and public relations.

Amy was attracted by demand generation for business content and found a niche in this field. She gravitated towards metrics, definition goals, and perfecting things along the way.

Today, at Twilio, she leads the content marketing team and works on a full-funnel approach. She has revolutionized the brand’s content initiatives while focusing on quality over quantity. Amy loves the micro-moments that hit when you see that the content is doing its work.

As a kid, I always won at the national science fair. That was always something that I loved to do, like let me try and experiment and tweak it - and content marketing is a lot like that. Let me try something, see if it resonates, see if it helps our audience, see if it helps our business.

Approach to content

Amy believes that content marketers must mold themselves with the business. Their KRAs must include demand generation, brand marketing, thought leadership, and positioning. Regarding outsourcing content, Amy believes that managing content from in-house teams or external agencies depends on where you are in the business and what the business is.

For her, quality always comes first, and is hard to drive. Research is crucial if you want the content to make an impact. She also says that content is an iceberg, where what you see above the water is writing, and everything below is the research and education required to craft a piece. She focuses on in-house teams usually, because she finds that subject matter experts are rare at agencies.

Management (content) of in-house or agencies depends on where you are in the business and what the business is.

Building and scaling content

Amy compares content marketing to a locomotive - you're going in one direction; there are many cars on your way, but you have to do several things to stay on track. Repurposing and reusing are also essential in this endeavor.

Amy says that the secret sauce of Twilio's success is the people. Her advice to content marketers is to have fun with marketing, not stress about it, and to have a healthy mix between content and design.

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