Udayanathan Vettikkat

Chief Of Marketing And Head-Global at SEQURETEK

A Deep Dive into Tools, Tactics, and Future Potentials of Marketing with Udayanathan Vettikkat

In this stimulating conversation, Udayanathan Vettikkat, a renowned expert in the field, guides us through the dynamic world of the marketing tech stack, including discussing various tools needed for successful customer onboarding, social media marketing, content marketing, analytics, and more.

Agam Mathur, Director of Sales at Pepper Content, talks to Udayanathan Vettikkat, Chief Of Marketing and Head - Global at SEQURETEK, and strongly emphasizes providing personalized experiences and automating routine tasks to free up marketers’ time for more strategic activities.

1. Please tell us about your journey.

I'm the Chief of Marketing, Head of Global Channels, and Chief Product Evangelist at SecureTech. Over the past five years, I've driven global strategies and innovations, propelling SEQURETEK to new heights. Starting as Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, I've risen to my current role. With a career spanning 37 years, I've navigated esteemed organizations like Cisco, IBM, and more. Now, as Chief of Marketing, I focus on propelling SEQURETEK's cybersecurity products globally, competing with international giants. My pursuits include revamping branding, launching AI-based solutions, and gaining recognition from Gartner and Avasant Radarview.

Strategic partnerships, like with Intel, amplify our innovation. The collaboration aims to enhance product robustness and security using GPU technology. SEQURETEK's accolades include recognition as the fastest-growing company in Asia Pacific and contributions to Digital India and Atma Nirbhav Bharat. Before SEQURETEK, I wore multiple hats in leading tech firms, shaping product lifecycles and fostering international growth.

My journey is marked by achievements like cracking non-IBM accounts and expanding Star TV and News Corp. Recognized among the top 2% of global leaders for five years, I advocate for innovative strategies, including "zero-budget marketing," earning the Global CMO Award three times. SEQURETEK's growth—50% YoY, positive cash flow from day one, and upcoming Series A funding—is a testament to our transformation. Rooted in "Make in India," we shine globally as a tech innovation beacon.

I always believe that you should be able to eliminate non-performing assets and amplify and use more money behind the ones with better engagement and efficiency.

2. With your extensive experience, how do you see the evolution of marketing in today's rapidly changing landscape and its future implications?

Looking ahead at the marketing landscape's future impact, our present scenario of rapid technological advancements, demographic shifts, and pandemic-driven digitalization sets the stage for transformative changes in marketing and advertising. The surge in high-bandwidth technologies like 5G and potential successors fuels high-performance applications, propelling augmented reality, virtual reality, and AI to the forefront. Industry giants like Apple and Microsoft are embracing these shifts, investing resources to harness their potential.

Smart glasses and augmented reality introduce a new dimension to advertising, enabling interactive and integrated experiences like never before. The Metaverse, though facing uncertainties, holds promise, particularly in redefining virtual workspaces and experiences. Graphical processing units (GPUs) are pivotal, promising photorealistic visuals, advanced audio, and reimagining how we engage with ads. Voice applications will thrive, with smart headphones and augmented audio enhancing everyday interactions.

The Internet of Things (IoT) will continue to expand, revolutionizing sectors from supply chains to smart cities. Blockchain technology ensures security and interoperability, with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) paving the way for trusted digital identities and assets.

Automation emerges as a game-changer, streamlining operations, cutting costs, and optimizing decision-making. AI-driven insights refine data analysis, providing personalized recommendations and minimizing noise.

3. Could you share your insights on an ideal marketing stack's essential tools and technologies?

Starting with customer support, HappyFox and Freshdesk streamline inbound requests, enabling efficient team communication to resolve issues promptly. AppCues and WalkMe ensure personalized user onboarding experiences, guiding users effectively through dynamic content changes. Snapchat is powerful for engaging customers with short video clips boosting product awareness. Mention and Buffer track brand conversations, monitor influencers and simplify content sharing on social networks.

Analytics are vital, especially for SaaS companies. Moz Pro and Semrush improve search rankings, aiding data-driven decision-making by comparing mobile/desktop rankings and analyzing keyword databases. Tools like Formstack offer audience insights, enabling effective segmentation, A/B testing, and personalized messages for customer satisfaction. Animoto, Wistia, and Vimeo create and share engaging videos with unique filters and analytics.

In content marketing, HubSpot, WordPress, Trello, and more aid project management, editorial calendars, and performance analysis, enhancing content creation and optimization. Despite changes, Google Optimize aids A/B testing. Canva designs engaging content, contributing to a holistic approach, and enhancing strategies, customer experiences, and business growth for budding marketers.

If you combine AI with human intelligence and make it a combination and use people, process, and technologies as a joint activity, whether for cybersecurity products or marketing, it will become a very important thing.

4. Amidst the AI conversations, with a positive perspective, what level of impact do you foresee AI having on the future of marketing?

In my company, we work a lot with AI, ML, deep learning, and big data analytics. AI is essential for our products and how we promote them. I can't even imagine how we'd work without it. But AI isn't just by itself; it's much stronger when we use it together with human smarts and mix it with technology and ways of doing things. This makes it a powerful tool. It matters whether we're talking about keeping things safe online or trying to get people interested in what we're selling. AI is set to become a huge part of our lives, impacting lots of different areas.

I'm someone who works in cybersecurity, and I see AI making a big difference. But it's not only about cybersecurity. It's changing how we do digital marketing, advertising, and everyday tasks. Because of the pandemic, more businesses started using AI to change how they work. In the last few years, more people have learned about AI and are using it. In marketing and advertising, one of the great things about AI is that it can make messages that are just for you. Businesses can use machines to understand customers' likes and create ads just for them. This makes ads work better and makes customers happier.

Also, AI helps us do jobs we usually do repeatedly, like looking at data and writing reports. With AI doing those jobs, people in marketing can spend time on bigger things like coming up with new ideas and talking to customers. But even though AI is helpful, it also brings some challenges. We need to ensure we're using it correctly and not doing anything wrong with people's information. Following the rules like GDPR is important so that we're fair and honest when we use AI.

It's crucial to find a good balance between messages that are just for you and too personal. AI can understand the words we say and learn from them, which helps businesses know what we might do next. From guessing what might happen in the future to talking to chatbots and digital helpers, AI tools improve marketing and help us make more intelligent choices. But we must be careful about AI not being unfair or treating people poorly.

5. How do you craft compelling content and develop a strong content strategy as a marketer, considering its pivotal role in shaping brand perception and positioning?

When it comes to content, there's a distinction between good and great, much like movies. Just as there are films you watch repeatedly, exceptional content holds that allure and keeps drawing you back. The critical difference lies in how effectively it influences the desired actions. In our results-driven era, content's impact must continue from creation to measurable outcomes. Five pivotal aspects define this content journey.

First and foremost, generating effective leads is crucial in the B2B landscape. Each stage of the funnel, from awareness to closing deals, demands tailored content. A strategic approach to funnel management aligns content with audience needs and actions, from email campaigns to multi-touch strategies. Building credibility is the foundation of trust in content.

The third facet is enhancing brand awareness. Your content should captivate readers, making them want to explore further, experience the brand, and take desired actions, be it a purchase, trial, or engagement. Predicting readers' questions is vital to transforming content into an impactful tool. A great content writer can anticipate readers' queries and craft content that addresses them. Storytelling adds depth to your content, captivating readers by weaving information into compelling narratives.

However, the path to great content isn't without its challenges. It demands effort and attention. Ensuring content's authenticity through proper research and citation is vital in an era of information deluge. Furthermore, content must remain concise, relatable, and jargon-free to communicate effectively.

Each channel calls for a distinct approach. The channels you choose, whether YouTube, Instagram, or others, must be aligned with your content and brand strategy. Content must be managed, optimized, and continuously refined to be relevant and effective. Collaboration, brainstorming, and utilizing tools help in increasing content quality.

Ultimately, great content hinges on its ability to engage, educate, and persuade. It's not merely about creation but crafting a holistic content experience that resonates with the target audience, fosters trust, and sparks meaningful actions. This journey requires strategy, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to meeting and exceeding audience expectations.

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