Rahul Bhatia

SEO Head at WOW Skin Science USA

How WOW Skin Went From Losing 80% to Winning 1169.18% Visitors

Get ready to plunge into the insightful world of Rahul Bhatia, SEO Head at WOW Skin Science USA, the ingenious innovator who's been shaping the contours of entrepreneurship with his ground-breaking strategies. Our vibrant exchange illuminates his journey from an aspiring young entrepreneur to a distinguished industry leader. This interview uncovers the secrets of his success, chalks out his perspectives on leadership, and explores his unique ways of problem-solving. Experience the dynamic interplay of determination, vision, and resilience as Bhatia talks about overcoming business challenges, harnessing opportunities, and building lasting legacies. Prepare to be inspired as we unfold the chronicles of one of the most influential business identities of our times.

1. Can you please introduce yourself?

I am a computer engineer with a penchant for creativity. While I grasp technical intricacies swiftly, I find myself drawn to the boundless realm of creativity. Presently, I serve as an autonomous SEO consultant and hold the position of SEO Head at WOW Skin Science, USA. Following my engineering degree, I embarked on internships with prominent agencies, affording me exposure to esteemed brands and companies.

During that era, the surge in SEO and digital marketing had yet to materialize; information on these fronts was scarce. Digital marketing was predominantly transactional, characterized by the purchase of likes and artificial product amplification. Recognizing the transience of this approach and foreseeing a future where individuals would undertake such endeavors independently, I delved into the realm of SEO. However, I quickly realized that mastering SEO was an extensive journey. Unlike a straightforward course of study, SEO's complexity is molded by hands-on experience and continuous evolution. Proudly, I can attest to having made a substantial impact in this domain. For the past four years, I have been affiliated with WOW Skin Science, USA, contributing as an independent consultant.

2. From losing 80% to winning 1169.18% visitors is quite tantalizing in itself. Tell us more about it.

Certainly, just as I mentioned earlier, mastering SEO is not an instantaneous achievement achievable merely through theoretical understanding. Proficiency in this realm is an evolutionary process cultivated through experiences and practical trials. Upon joining WOW, the initial three years proved tumultuous, characterized by a staggering 80% decline in visitor count attributed to a Google update. The company, aspiring to amplify its presence and reclaim organic traffic, entrusted me with the formidable task of diagnosing the issue. This endeavor unveiled that a critical challenge lay in the fact that 200 of the company's blog posts predominantly featured branded keywords. Additional complications encompassed speed and crawling hindrances, alongside backlinks being entangled with deleterious domains. Furthermore, a subset of exceptional pages suffered subpar optimization, while others attempted to encompass an excessive array of user intents. Identifying these setbacks marked the initial phase; subsequently, the focus shifted toward implementing viable remedies.

Our foremost action was addressing the backlink issues, disavowing toxic pages via the search console. Remediation was then directed at enhancing the optimization of pages that were previously lacking. Pages burdened with an undue profusion of intents underwent segmentation for clarity. Similarly-themed pages underwent amalgamation, while dormant or non-responsive pages underwent reinvigoration.

With content and technical intricacies resolved, we embarked on an extensive content scaling initiative, culminating in the establishment of a content pool, supplemented by the strategic utilization of infographics to bolster organic reach. Simultaneously, a comprehensive analysis of Google Analytics empowered us to refine our approach, optimizing data dissemination for broader impact. A subsequent pivotal juncture saw the founder's decision to rebrand the domain as WOWSkinScience.com, catalyzing intensified optimization efforts to preserve the gains achieved hitherto. The outcomes were remarkable: Within a year, new organic visitors surged by an impressive 77%, while blog post traffic witnessed an astonishing growth of 1169.18%.

3. Nowadays there is a lot of buzz around AI. What is your opinion? 

AI is currently a prevailing trend, comparable to gossip that initially captivates but loses its relevance over time. While some may believe that AI can single-handedly manage all aspects of SEO and content, negating the need for human intervention, this assumption is flawed. Google Analytics, a search engine rooted in "User Experiences," meticulously monitors website activity, encompassing organic traffic, content preferences, and duration of visits. Pages fostering a sense of connection and human engagement naturally retain visitors for extended periods. Although AI boasts exceptional capabilities, it cannot replicate the distinctive human touch, which ultimately affects its ability to sustain high traffic once this vital connection is acknowledged. Therefore, my perspective advocates for infusing AI with a human touch through our internal content and SEO teams, as this symbiotic approach holds promise; otherwise, a solitary Google Update could swiftly render AI obsolete in this domain.

Shortcuts in SEO do not work in the long-term.

4. What is one piece of advice that you would like to give to our budding SEO and content managers?

First and foremost, keep in mind that content reigns supreme; with valuable, user-friendly content, the necessity of backlinks for organic growth diminishes. Monitoring engagement, such as prolonged user dwell time and minimized navigational back-and-forths, signifies a positive trajectory. Steering in the right direction requires a grasp of audience preferences and aversions, warranting dedicated time and analysis. While disseminating content, maintaining a consistent rather than sporadic approach is crucial. Enhance content with visual aids like infographics and images, and capitalize on the free offerings of Google Analytics and Search Console to refine your strategy.

SEO is more about what you should not do than what you should do or what is working for you.

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