Majida Ukani

Head of Marketing and Growth at the Travel Duet

Majida Ukani, Head Marketing And Growth At A Travel Duet

Majida Ukani is Head of Marketing and Growth at the Travel Duet. With an impressive background spanning over 17 years, Majida brings a wealth of expertise to the realms of luxury beauty, brand management, marketing, and e-commerce. Her journey has been one of success, marked by her adept leadership of global luxury brands within India and her instrumental role in propelling the growth of the luxury category across e-commerce platforms. Her professional voyage has been richly woven with threads of diverse experiences, encompassing Brand Management, Digital Media, Growth Marketing, and CRM. Throughout her distinguished tenure, she has left her indelible mark at renowned establishments such as Nykaa, Coty Prestige Beauty, and Shoppers Stop. In this conversation with Majida, she speaks in depth about marketing, marketing domain, content creation and the role of AI in marketing and content.

1. Can you provide an overview of your perspective on the marketing landscape?

The current marketing landscape is witnessing a significant macroscopic shift towards catering to specialized audience segments with distinct needs. Brands are adapting by employing digital strategies to seamlessly reach these scattered audiences. This evolution is exemplified by platforms like WhatsApp, which now serves as a messaging hub. Boundaries between consumers and marketers have blurred, with brands and advertising platforms closely monitoring actions, resulting in an environment of heightened transparency. This signifies a transformative change: marketing has evolved beyond its traditional role of brand-building and communication. It now encompasses intricate data analysis, predictive modeling, and resource optimization. The focus is on delivering measurable growth, as every action's impact can be quantified. The era of creating compelling ads that end with accolades is behind us; the emphasis now rests on Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) and achieving measurable results.

2. What components do you consider integral to an optimal marketing stack, considering the current discourse on tools and their impact on the marketing landscape?

Certainly! The ideal marketing stack, in my view, would comprise the following components:

- Starting Point and Customer Understanding: Establishing a unified source of truth across sales, marketing, operations, and customer service is essential. This foundation enables informed actions and insights. Before delving into technology, understanding the customer journey is crucial. Using basic tools like pen and paper to map out customer engagement lays the groundwork.

- Data Management and Integration: Crucial sales, customer, and interaction data must be efficiently managed. A robust Customer Data Platform (CDP) forms the core of this stack, aiding in visualizing the customer journey over time. This tool aggregates visitor behavior, transactions, repeat patterns, and customer values seamlessly.

- Segmentation and Personalization: The collected data facilitates effective audience segmentation. Segments can be formed based on behaviors or preferences, allowing tailored messaging. Tools like Google Drive or Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems aid in managing creative assets.

- CRM and Communication: A powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is pivotal, enabling the simultaneous sending of emails, WhatsApp messages, push notifications, and more. Tracking user responses (open rates, clicks, transactions) is essential for engagement evaluation.

- Content Management: A Content Management System (CMS) serves as a virtual notebook for website content. This tool is vital for businesses evolving with new content demands, such as updated information or new product pages.

- Ad Tech and Advertising Platforms: Advertising technology platforms like Google Ads and Facebook play a substantial role in driving site traffic. Integration with other tools is crucial, as messaging differs for distinct audience segments.

- Tag Management: Tag management serves as a bridge linking visitor sources to your website. This integration ensures accurate attribution of lead sources.

By employing this marketing stack, businesses can utilize tools like WordPress, Canva, InShots for content, Pepper Content for copywriting, and WebEngage for CRM activities. This setup offers a simplified yet potent framework, enabling audience understanding, personalized messaging, and impact assessment.

3. How do you perceive the potential impact of AI, which is a recurring topic on platforms like LinkedIn and Reddit? How might AI influence various aspects of our lives?

AI has certainly gained buzzword status, particularly on platforms like LinkedIn and Reddit. However, its substantial impact is undeniable, particularly in marketing. AI algorithms have revolutionized targeted advertisements, enhancing precision. Creative visuals and copywriting can now be generated without dedicated content managers. Even video creation and deep fake content are possible, reducing the dependence on costly celebrity endorsements. AI-generated avatars might replace traditional endorsements. The practical implications of AI in these areas are far-reaching, reshaping the marketing landscape.

4. What defines outstanding content for you, and how should brands integrate this into their strategies?

Exceptional content revolves around offering valuable insights that resonate with your target audience, enriching their knowledge or sparking their interest. This can be achieved through textual or visual means.

Creating impactful content starts with a deep understanding of your audience. Beyond your product, grasping their interests, challenges, motivations, and broader perspectives is crucial. This comprehensive awareness, beyond product-centric research, should guide content creation, addressing customers directly. Providing value is key; without it, you're not truly benefiting them.

In a fast-paced world valuing time, people seek added value from interactions. The giving mindset often outperforms the taking approach. The pull strategy gains traction, with content aligned to the brand's Unique Selling Proposition (USP). For instance, in luxury travel, showcasing unique destinations or exclusive experiences becomes compelling content that resonates.

In essence, thorough research underpins valuable content tailored to customers. Striving for relevance, appeal, and value ensures audience engagement, fostering brand affinity, and ultimately boosting traffic and sales.

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