Tracey Wallace

Content director at Klaviyo and Owner of Contentment

Tracey Wallace is the Content Director at Klaviyo and runs a content marketing newsletter called Contentment. She has expertise in various aspects of digital marketing and mostly works with technology companies.

Tracey has a background in journalism and has worked in fashion and beauty at Elle and Time Out New York. Her first stint in technology was as a reporter with Mashable in 2014. She then moved on to content marketing for tech companies and never looked back. 

The future of work is hybrid. And all of us can have a say in how it works.

Content marketing journey

Tracey has worked at big data and data rights companies and then BigCommerce, where she built their blog to an organic viewership of more than 1 million sessions in a month. She also worked on whitepapers with the brand that had more than 10k downloads in a month.

Tracey has helped companies like Eterneva land on Shark Tank, had their pandemic Instagram Live series feature in the New York Times, and gone viral on TikTok. 

She is now more of a manager and advocates freelance and contact hiring. She is also behind Contenment - a weekly newsletter on how to produce scalable content. 

Content repurposing can be really helpful. You can just produce far more formats and also produce less content at the same time.



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