Tanishq Juneja

Chief Executive Officer at AiTrillion

With over 13 years of experience, Tanishq Juneja is the Chief Executive Officer at AiTrillion, an eCommerce Marketing Automation. He also worked as Global Product Marketing Head - Email Business at Netcore Solutions. Tanishq was the co-founder and CEO at Pepipost, where he was referred to as “The Email Guy.” 

The journey

Email marketing caught Tanishq Juneja’s interest even before he knew what the term meant. From joining Netcore in 2009 as a sales executive to being promoted to Netcore’s Global Product Marketing Head - Email Business,

Tanishq has come a long way in the field of content marketing. Tanishq also co-founded Pepipost, where he was called “The Email Guy.” He currently works as the Chief Executive Officer at AiTrillion.

Every email we received, we loved it then; we did not know about the intricacies of the subject line. It was like a love letter from a brand.

Email marketing and the role of content

Be it a blog or an email, everything is content. Content planning and deployment decide the marketing strategy's success. From branding to conversion, good email content holds immense potential. 

When talking about email marketing, Tanishq says that the content should focus on building a connection with the customer and be meaningful, not forceful. Email marketing can offer opportunities to educate, engage, and build connections with customers with the right content. 

Growth hacks and measurement metrics

Tanishq offers some interesting growth hacks to boost email marketing efforts. These include using multiple channels to distribute content, paying attention to the subject line and opening paragraphs of the email, and having a persuasive form to attract subscribers. 

The success can be tracked through metrics such as user journeys, voucher redemption, subscribers and unsubscribes, website visits and no visits, etc. 

One of the biggest things you must do to scale email marketing is to have a very persuasive form on your website.

Mistakes in email marketing

Email marketing is not a piece of cake. If not carried out appropriately, it's fairly easy to get it wrong. A common mistake that brands commit is buying email lists. This not only results in futile marketing efforts but can also tarnish the brand’s reputation. 

Some other errors that brands may end up making include being overconfident with the email marketing strategy, letting go of inactive subscribers, and not taking steps to retain lost subscribers. 

Future of email marketing

Amid the pandemic, brands emphasized initiating conversations with customers instead of accelerating conversions. This remarkable consumer-centric approach to email marketing is here to stay. According to Tanishq, AI will play an essential role in the future of email marketing. Marketers will value customer experience, which will pave the path for hyper-personalized content. 

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