Sunder Madakshira

Chief Executive Officer - India of Rezolve Limited

Sunder Madakshira is the Chief Executive Officer - India of Rezolve Limited and has an experience of over 25 years. At Rezolve Limited, he oversees the growth aspects of the company’s business in India. He has worked with the best brands such as Wipro, SAP, Rezolve Limited, Adobe, and Infosys. He is also the Advisory Member of the National Digital Innovation Council of India, Government of India.

The journey

According to Sunder Madakshira, content marketing has always been present and played an important role in his career. His career in marketing commenced in 2001 when he joined  Hindustan Unilever as the Area Sales Manager.

Ever since then, he has built over 25 years of experience in marketing. Sunder highlighted that content has evolved over the years and each company has different charters and content strategies to reach its customers. He currently works as the Chief Executive Officer - India of Rezolve Limited. 

Pillars of content marketing

Sunder highlights three pillars of content marketing - leadership, education and entertainment, and engagement. Leadership aims at engaging people at a strategic level, providing them with a vision and sense of direction, and giving them an insight into the role, relevance, and importance of digital marketing in the real world. 

Education and entertainment aim to inform people about the company and answer their questions, solve problems, etc. Engagement implies a smooth and continuous flow of content to make sure that the customers stay up-to-date and relevant to their company’s developments.

Integrating content in a marketing framework

According to Sunder, the integration of content in a marketing framework starts with defining goals. These goals should be realistic and specific. Also, establishing checkpoints can help keep a track of progress, impact, and other metrics of the content. These checkpoints can be both short and long-term. Sunder suggests being smart with data to leverage its benefits. He also talks about picking an area and commencing with implementing content strategies.

The biggest value that marketers can add to a business is to give perspective to their consumers, helping them to make up their minds, delivering value from the product or service they are looking at, and ensuring that they are convinced of whatever purchase they have made.

Future of content

According to Sunder, the future of content seems promising. He believes that there will be real-time (CVPs) customer value propositions and experience platforms. Content will have a customer-centric approach. The future will also witness a shift in e-commerce platforms and will depend on the management of customer relations.

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