Stewart Hillhouse

Head of Content at Mutiny

Stewart Hillhouse is the Head of Content at Mutiny, a no-code AI platform that helps marketers convert their TOFU demand into revenue. He is an author and podcast host and often shares his insight into growth and content marketing. He is a fan of data and emphasizes the importance of including it in content marketing strategies. 

Humans have a natural limit to how well we can receive, interpret, contextualize, and respond to our surroundings in real-time. As a result, we can only be so successful at communicating and persuading our audience.

Content marketing journey

With years of professional work experience, Stewart Hillhouse is currently working as the Head Of Content at Mutiny. Previously, he worked as the Senior Content Lead at Demand Curve, Head of Audience Growth at Customer Camp, and Digital Marketing Manager at C-Therm Technologies Ltd. 

The opportunity for businesses with data in the coming year revolves around how we use the data to deliver personalized, convenient, and magical experiences to customers. Doing so does not require more data, it requires you to design your data to tell a better story.

He is the co-founder of GoDo, a Marketing coach at Maven, and a Columnist: Growth Marketing at TechCrunch. Stewart also hosts a podcast titled “Top Of Mind with Stewart Hillhouse,” in which he explores trends and insights into the marketing and creative industry with influential names in the field. 

He is an active contributor to publications and podcasts such as:

  • Creating Content Loops with Stewart Hillhouse

  • How to Build a Personal Brand Through Podcasting with Stewart Hillhouse

  • Fake it till ya make it | It’s all about practice - With Stewart Hillhouse


Balancing the Grind with Stewart Hillhouse, Senior Content Lead at Demand Curve

Stewart Hillhouse on Medium

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