Sonya Egoian

Senior Marketing Manager at Cruise

Sonya Egoian is the Senior Marketing Manager at Cruise, a self-driving ride-hail company. Her areas of expertise include content partnerships, marketing analytics, social media, business development, and media relations. She has previously worked with companies such as Bleacher Report and ESPN. 

Content marketing journey

With years of content experience, Sonya is passionate about sports and has experience as a sports reporter, writer, and editor. Before joining Cruise, she worked as the Digital Content Manager at The Relish Media Group, where she was responsible for designing and executing content strategy, marketing, and production activities.

She also managed a team of writers, video producers, and marketing interns. Sonya has also worked as a Content Programmer at Bleacher Report, Sports Video Analyst at The Sports Quotient, and Content Curator, Editor, and Writer at ESPN. 


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